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RUSH: Here is Jack in Monroe, Connecticut, as we start with the phones. I really appreciate your patience, and welcome, sir.

CALLER: (static) Hello, Rush. Thank you for taking my call. (pause) Can you hear me?

RUSH: Yeah!

CALLER: Okay. Rush, I think I follow a fair amount of news. A headline I don’t think I’ve seen — and I don’t understand this with all these immigrants. Whether you’re in favor of the wall, not in favor of the wall, they’re coming from countries whose governments fail at providing for and protecting their citizens. Why is there no condemnation from the U.N., the Vatican, somebody about how bad a job they do in Honduras or El Salvador or Mexico taking care of their citizens? This isn’t a problem Trump or any other president ever created.

RUSH: Ahhhh, there’s the rub.

CALLER: (garbled)

RUSH: There’s the rub. So you just inadvertently there swerved into the answer to your question. Let me translate here, folks. Jack here wonders why it is in the face of all these caravans and illegals and unaccompanied minors… Look at where they’re coming from. Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Mexico and so forth. Why isn’t there any condemnation of these countries? Why is it just accepted that we have hellhole nations in Central America so bad that their populations have no choice but than to leave?

And, of course, there’s nowhere else to go but here. And the answer to the question is multifaceted. But from standpoint of the left, there’s no point in criticizing those countries. There’s no point. Those countries have governments that the left advocates. Those governments are demonstrable failures, as you pointed out. The left doesn’t want people to know that the things they advocate are overall failures. But more importantly, the left blames the United States for the status of those countries.

We’ve stolen their wealth; we’ve discriminated against their people because we’ve had racist Republican presidents and regimes. We have sent the CIA to these countries to sponsor overthrows of their governments so that multinationals can take over the natural resources of these countries to enrich themselves. So it’s basically the United States’ fault. The United States is a big superpower; it’s our fault. The justification for all of illegal immigration is that it’s our fault. We created this! We stole what these people once had.

Mexico? California used to be Mexico. We stole it. In fact, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is saying that illegal immigration to California is not possible because it’s actually Mexico. You can’t illegally immigrate to your home country. (laughing) I’m not making this up! We are the ones who are guilty. The United States as founded — and let me specify: The United States as founded by white Anglo-Saxon Protestants, WASPs, white Christians. That is what must be overturned.

Anything to do with the founding of America because it was founded by such people, means the entire the United States is unjust and immoral because it is built on a foundation of discrimination and racism and poverty. So there’s nothing about the United States that makes us morally superior. Therefore, we don’t have the right to tell other people this or that. We have no right to export our way of life because our way of life is unjust and immoral. So, an endless parade of uneducated poor people fits the bill that the Democrats and the media want and demand.

A parade of people whose lives are what they are because of the injustice of the United States of America. And that then becomes justification for letting them in. We created these circumstances in their hellhole countries. It’s our obligation to allow them into the country so that we can make reparations, so that we can make reciprocity for them. So it would not serve any purpose whatsoever to be critical of these Central American countries. It would not serve any purpose to adapt a foreign policy designed to help these countries become economically viable so their populations would not have to leave, ’cause the Democrats want them to leave.

Now, when the Democrats are in charge of things, that’s when walls would be built and that’s when criticism of certain illegal immigration would be made. But when Trump’s in the White House, anything that could serve to reelect him in 2020 will not be furthered or assisted. But essentially that’s why you’re never gonna hear any criticism. Besides, it’s why you’re not gonna hear condemnation of any minority. It’s just not done. It’s just not right. They can’t possibly be responsible, because, as a minority, they’re an automatic victim of us.

They can’t be responsible.

Victims can’t be responsible for anything. That’s why the Democrats like to make everybody a victim of something.

RUSH: Larry in Canton, Ohio. Great to have you with us, sir. Hi.

CALLER: Hello, Rush. It’s starting to dawn on me that maybe this is nothing more than a numbers game with Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic Party. If there are eight million illegals in California, that equates to 11 seats in Congress, all Democrats. The more illegals born in the blue states, the bigger the representation numbers in Congress.

RUSH: This is quite true.

CALLER: Yeah. So ergo, why build a wall? Let ’em keep coming in. You’ll never regain the House. The Senate will probably always be Republican, but you’ll never regain the House of Representatives. So again, don’t build a wall. That’s all I had.

RUSH: Look, there’s no question that the Democrats look at all these people as future voters. In California, they don’t even wait to become citizens to extend to them voters’ rights. They’ve tried it. In some places, they have succeeded. You couple that with ballot harvesting, which is a relatively new fraudulent procedure the Democrats perfected in Republican districts southern California. They think it’s all a slam dunk. Absolutely correct.


RUSH: I erred in the last hour. I said that it was Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who said that you cannot be an illegal immigrant on land that you used to be yours. You know who said that? It wasn’t Cortez. It was David Camera Hogg, the kid from the Marjory Stoneman Douglas school where the shooting occurred. By the way, did you hear that this guy got accepted to Harvard? His family doesn’t have the money to go to Harvard. Remember David Camera Hogg had applied to a lot of places and announced on Twitter that he had not been accepted anywhere?

Harvard heard about that and extended him a scholarship. They said, “You are exactly what we at Harvard think is needed for the American future.” I’m not kidding. I may have some of the words wrong. It’s not an exact quote, but it’s damn close to what they said to him. “You are the future that we at Harvard envision and we want leaders like you to travel through here.” So David Camera Hogg has been given a scholarship, and he’s gonna go to Harvard.

As I say, it’s paraphrase, but it’s close. Anyway… He’s a huge fan, by the way, of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and he tweeted, “Reminder: No one’s illegal on stolen land.” So Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, California. All stolen! See? Folks, do not doubt me on this. I know liberals and liberalism better than they know it. I know why they think in the perverted, corrupt ways that they do. They may not know why. They just do it. I know why.

I also know that this is why they are miserable and despondent and outraged. Their lives are spent in anger, and that anger is fueled by people that get hold of them to influence them. What Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said was, “The women and children on that border that are trying to seeking refuge and seek opportunity in the United States of America, with nothing but the shirt on their backs, are acting more American than any person who seeks to keep them out ever will be.” So you see, these people coming here (impression), “With just the shirt on their backs!

“Oh, my God, they’re so poor. (sobbing) Oh God! (sobbing) It’s so terrible!” They — by breaking the law, seeking refuge and opportunity — are acting more American than you and me. See how this works? What has happened here — and I made this point to the veep, and I’ve said this a number of times. You and I know that among other things involved here in illegal immigration is the word “illegal.” This is, hands down, a law-and-order issue before it becomes anything else. Everything else about it is ancillary and icing on the cake.

We have well-constituted, enforced-now-and-then, very clear laws on how you become a citizen, very clear laws on how you legally enter the country and how you don’t. And none of that matters. The rule of law has been tossed out. The fact that illegal immigration is seen as no different from any other kind of immigration — in fact, that illegal immigration may, in fact, be more morally justified than legal immigration — to these people, is one of the primary reasons we are so outraged by it. The rule of law is crucial!

We have a piece of paper that keeps this country held together, the Constitution, and people honoring it. Do you realize how lucky we are that for over 200 and-some-odd years we haven’t elected a dictator in hiding, a dictator saboteur that has tried to take over this country? Maybe a couple have, but it’s been amazing. Respect for the words on a piece of paper. If that ever goes, if anybody ever comes along and says, “That doesn’t mean anything to me! Look at who wrote that: A bunch of white Christian men discriminating against people! That doesn’t mean anything to me.”

Well, we’re getting close to this. This is why so many people are opposed to illegal immigration, because the issue of the rule of law is being erased and turned upside down! And with it all claims of morality. The Democrats and the left simply are incapable of making any kind of moral distinctions here, and that does not bode well. It has nothing to do with racism! It has nothing to do with bigotry. It has nothing to do with poverty. It has nothing to do with anything. It has to do with preserving the United States of America.

Even that is considered now to be a fault. Racism and all that tied into it? It’s sick and perverted, and that’s why this crap cannot win. And that’s why people do not abandon Donald Trump over any of these silly things. So Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez with a full embrace of open borders, an emotional appeal to suspend borders, an emotional appeal to suspended immigration law. This is the socialist Democrat Party. No winks, no hints, no hidden agendas. They are embattled and empowered to carry out Obama agenda.

Candace Owens of Turning Point USA nailed it. “The most important part of the #TrumpAddress was his reminder that those most negatively impacted by illegal immigration are Black and Hispanic Americans. From abortion to open borders, never forget that rich white Democrats ALWAYS fight for things that hurt minorities.” Bingo! (“A-bah-shon,” for those of you in Massachusetts, by the way.) So, she nails it.

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