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Jan 9, 2019


Daily Wire: Pelosi, Schumer Trolled For Worst Optics Ever During Rebuttal
Washington Times: What, Exactly, Are We Losing from the Government Shutdown? Not Much
Federalist: Media’s Angry Response To President Trump’s Oval Office Speech Comes Up Short
Daily Wire: Fact-Checkers Work To Tear Down Trump’s Big Wall Speech, But There Are Some Big Problems
Daily Caller: NYT’s Maggie Haberman Claims Trump Never Wanted To Make Speech, Doesn’t Want To Go To Border, But Advisers Pushed Him
AP: White House Tries to Hold Jittery GOP in Line on Shutdown
AP: Schumer Pulls Back Offer of $25 Billion for Trump’s Wall as Immigration Fight Continues – 01.23.18
Breitbart: Flashback: 7 Democrats Who Once Endorsed Border Fence, Tougher Border Security
FOXNews: Mattis, Kelly Marched to the Establishment Beat. Trump Aas Right to Fire Them – Steve Hilton
Daily Caller: Flashback: 2008 Democratic Party Platform Calls For More ‘Infrastructure’ On The Border, More Agents
Daily Wire: David Hogg Responds To Trump’s Immigration Speech, Gets Blasted Online
CNN: Rosenstein, Who Picked Mueller, Plans to Leave Justice Dept. Shortly After Barr Confirmed
NewsBusters: BOOM! Kellyanne Conway Nukes ‘Smart***’ Jim Acosta When He Delivers Low Blow
Washington Free Beacon: Ocasio-Cortez Accuses ICE of Systematically Violating ‘Human Rights,’ Causing ‘Death’
Daily Wire: Fact Fail: CBS Deletes ‘Fact-Check’ That Proved Trump Right


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