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RUSH: Up next is Steve in Detroit. Great to have you, sir. Glad you waited. Appreciate your patience. Hello.

CALLER: Thanks so much, Rush. I’ll get right to it. It’s not a new opinion, I’m sure, but from the get-go from day one whether it’s collusion up today through immigration and all that, I think this is really nothing more than just part of the ongoing resist-and-distract opposition movement. In essence, I think it’s basically nothing more than a four-year filibuster against Trump, just going and trying to just get to the next election and trying to win it at all costs through the syllabus of defamation, deceit, and distraction.

You could verbatim just play the sound bites that we’ve been hearing from 2009 up ’til ’16 about what they’ve all said about immigration and they’ll just flat-out deny that, saying they never said it. And if you get the shills from the Drive-Bys, they will believe ’em. And I appreciate you letting me get that out and I’d just like to ask anybody: Other than the verbiage that Trump uses and not liking his tone, how egregiously affected have their lives been because he threatens it? And, again, logic has no play in this. I realize that. But I appreciate the time. Thank you.

RUSH: You’re more than welcome. Was there a question in there? I could not…? (interruption) How egregiously has their life been affected? Whose people? What…? (interruption) Oh. Oh. Oh. Well, you know, that’s actual an interesting question. I guess his point is with all this filibustering, and obstruction and making sure that Trump accomplishes nothing, is anybody’s life better? Are these people’s lives better off?

The reason that’s an interesting question is because we have to then dig deep into analyzing how they define their lives being good or better or improving — and, folks, these people we’re talking about liberals. We’re talking about Democrat voters. The thing that I think you have to accept and understand is that the general concept of happiness and contentment is not something they attain on a daily basis. I don’t think they are capable of it.

They are permanently and constantly in a state of some degree of anger. It can approach rage — extreme, extreme anger and poisonous rage — and the way that stuff gets assuaged is when harm comes to other people or when other people don’t get what they want. I think this is one of the many things that we’re up against, while you and I live our lives as human beings are created and designed to do. We want to improve our standard of living, particularly for our families.

We want to have as much security as we can have for ourselves and our children. So we’re constantly reaching. We’re trying to improve, trying to get better, we are trying to advance. Many of us are doing under the rubric of pursuing excellence, trying to be the best we can be. That doesn’t describe them. Their happiness (to the extent that they ever experience it), their contentment is only when their enemies are suffering.

That’s what makes them happy, that’s what gives them satisfaction, is when they think we’re losing and when they think we’re in pain and when they think that we’re angry. That’s all it takes. They don’t have to be personally benefiting from any of this, such as Trump’s tax cuts. A lot of people, a lot of liberals have a lot more money to spend than they did. That does not make them happy. It makes them mad. It makes them mad that Trump won.

It makes them mad that so many other people support the tax cuts. It makes them mad that people have more disposable income, because that becomes a threat. Any time their ideas fail or any time our ideas succeed, they are not happy. So I would suggest to you that these people that support the Democrats and Chuck and Nancy? I think they’re ecstatic right now. In the midst of all their misery, they’re ecstatic when they think Trump has been stopped or frustrated.

It’s a weird bunch of people, folks.


RUSH: The media is in another state of rage, ladies and gentlemen. Apparently, Donald Trump Jr. said, “Hey, even zoos have walls.” So now, the Drive-By Media is in a state of apoplexy that the illegal immigrant community has been compared to animals in a zoo. This is… (laughing) I don’t know. If you have the right frame of mind, these people are funny every day. At the same time, it’s just…

It’s frustrating to be surrounded by this kind of idiocy. That’s what bothers me. There is so much stupidity out there. I mean, now it’s getting elected to office? People like Ocasio-Cortez, literal know-nothings who are heralded as upcoming stars. Thank God they’re not on our side, though. That’s one silver lining to this. Rose in Long Island in New York. Great to have you. Glad you waited. Hi.

CALLER: Hi. Pleasure to speak with you. So I have interesting proposition. Since we all know that Justice Ginsburg… Her time is coming to an end. As far as retiring, I know she’s holding out and hoping she can last until he’s done. But then he may get reelected and he may get to put someone on the court again. So how about offering the Dems a justice for the wall?

RUSH: No. These people are not… They wouldn’t —

CALLER: That would be their choice. “Go ahead. Have whoever you want on the court. Give me my wall.” The wall is permanent. Justices are not.

RUSH: Well, the wall… (sigh) Look, a Democrat president can come around and start tearing down walls any time he wants to.

CALLER: That would be so hard to do. Once it’s up… Once it’s up, it’s done. How would they ever go about trying to tear down the wall?

RUSH: It’s not hard at all! You get some wrecking balls and you tear it down. Democrats own construction companies. They have no —

CALLER: (crosstalk) — go on? There would be outrage of doing something like that, when —

RUSH: They don’t care about that!

CALLER: (crosstalk) — want a justice? Here. Go ahead; take it.

RUSH: They don’t care about… Well, A, I wouldn’t… (sigh) They’re not gonna make that deal. You gotta understand. Chuck and Nancy don’t think — the Democrats do not think — that Trump has any leverage at all. They don’t think that they are anything other than 1000% in the commander’s chair on this. They are not of the mind to make any deal. They’re not about solving any problems here. Now, I get your thinking.

Everybody on the left is paranoid that Ruth “Buzzi” Ginsburg is not gonna be able to continue on the Supreme Court, and the Democrats are panicked over this because if for some reason she’s unable to continue her work and there becomes a vacancy, Trump would then be able to nominate her replacement and it would be someone… We know who it’s gonna be. It’s gonna be Amy Coney Barrett.

We know who it’s gonna be. The left is already ramping up for it. We know who it’s gonna be. Dianne Feinstein and her crowd are getting ready to destroy her. DiFi already tried once when she was going through confirmation hearings for a lower court appointment. But there’s no way that they would make any kind of a deal like that. Frankly, I wouldn’t support one of that natured being offered. “Hey, we’ll trade you a judge for the wall.”

They might take it if they get to nominate a leftist judge, and then come tear the wall down the next time they win the White House — and don’t think that they won’t try to do that. If their whole position is that the wall that gets build is unconstitutional ’cause Trump does it by national emergency, what they can do is they can declare an end to the emergency and say that there is no more illegal immigration — there’s no more need for the wall — and tear it down.

You misunderstand something. I don’t mean to sound condescending here. But today’s Democrats do not care about public opinion. It doesn’t matter to them. What anybody will think of what they did is not a determining factor in their establishment of policy. They’re not doing what they’re doing because they think that’s what their voters want. (sigh) I mean, they… Well, they do. Their voters determine a lot of their behavior.

I mean, they know their base is deranged, lunatic outraged and so they have to service that. But in terms of public opinion? You know, they’ll give lip service to the notion of public opinion during elections. But even at that, even at that, it’s of no concern to them. Public opinion, they’ll make a big show of caring about it during elections. But outside of that, it doesn’t matter to them what you think or I think. They’re not in business here to stay elected on the strength of popular opinion.

Power does not weaken itself by giving others a veto over it, and that’s what voters are. Voters are a veto on power. The Democrats are not gonna purposely set themselves up where voters could vote them out. They know it’s gonna happen anyway. People win elections and lose them. (sigh) My point here is rooted in your proposal: Give them a judge and they give us the wall. That’s not a mind-set that they’re…

You know, satisfying somebody so everybody ends up happy in a deal?

That’s not at all what their mindset is here.

Trump gets nothing. Trump’s voters get nothing. The only thing Trump gets and the only thing Trump voters get are defeat and disappointment and maybe Trump being impeached. That’s all that matters. There is no concern for what the American people want or care about in any of this that Chuck and Nancy are doing. In anything being factored in the House of Representatives when it comes to legislation, the opinion of the American people is of no concern.

What their ideological demands and concerns — everything they do is going to be designed to creating dependency, creating as many people as possible that do not have to have jobs, that do not have to work, that do not have to be anything other than dependent on government. That’s the purpose of all Democrat liberal policy; to grow the government, to create more and more dependents. That’s why they want this never-ending flow of uneducated, unemployable people crossing into the border, can’t even speak the language. The Democrats are never gonna have to worry about these people figuring them out. That’s what they want.

Now, to the extent that it looks compassionate, “Oh, they care about the homeless and they care about the hungry and they care that everybody has health care.” They don’t care a whit about that. That’s just what they say. They don’t care. If they really cared about what’s best for people, they wouldn’t be liberals! Liberalism is not about what’s best for people.

Liberalism is purely and simply about the acquisition and holding of power and creating as much idiocy in the electorate as possible, dumbing down education to the point that people are not able to provide for themselves and increase or enhance their standard of living, that they depend on government for all of that. That’s what all of their policies, every damn one of them, is aimed at, under the guise of compassion.

What they want is everybody to end up thinking of themselves as a victim of some unfair aspect of this country, some unjust or immoral aspect of this country, and they want as many people as possible thinking that the only way they can even have a shot at fairness and happiness is voting Democrat and letting the government get even with all of these enemies. It’s not about improving people’s lives. Liberalism can’t and doesn’t.

Liberalism denies dignity, it denies humanity, it denies opportunity. It snuffs all of that out on the premise that nobody’s capable of it anyway. Liberalism requires that liberal leaders have contempt for average people as being incompetent. They don’t know how to spend their money the right way so therefore they shouldn’t have much. They won’t spend it the way liberals want them to. They won’t live the way liberals want unless they have no choice.

They don’t hate guns so much that they’re gonna ever get rid of their own. They’ll just make sure you don’t have yours. And they really, really think and claim to believe in climate change, but they’re just gonna stop flying private. And they’re never gonna stop driving their gigantic cars and SUVs. You will.

You’ll give up your gun, you’ll have to live the right way to protect the planet. They won’t. It’s a gigantic scam. And that they get away it under the premise that it’s all based on compassion and understanding and tolerance is one of the biggest jokes ever on a civilized group of people.

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