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RUSH: Last December, the 2019 Eureka, California Women’s March was called off. The organizers of the California event decided to pull the plug on the January 19th march because participants would be overwhelmingly white.

So instead of an event “with crucial voices absent,” i.e. people of color, the organizers canceled the too-white women’s march, and promised to do some community outreach instead.

Well. That was last month. But today, the 2019 Women’s March will take place now in Eureka, California after all. New organizers stepped in. They don’t care if the participants are overwhelmingly white. They don’t care if they’re too white. They don’t care if they’re near white. They don’t care if they’re half white. They don’t care if they’re all white. They don’t care if they’re zero white. They don’t care if important crucial voices from other communities participate or not.

They are going to march, because that’s what progressive women do. They march. And when they get through marching they’re going to organize another march so that they can feel good, even if they are too white. All I want to know is are they going to be wearing the vagina hats? Are those too white?

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