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Jan 11, 2019


New York Times: Washington’s Strong Economy, Financed by Taxpayers, Takes Hit From Shutdown
CNSNews: Democrats Contradict Pelosi and Schumer, Say Border Barrier Would Be ‘Useful’
AP: Trump Closer to Declaring Emergency; 800,000 Won’t Get Paid
USAToday: Pentagon Prepares Options to Build Border Wall as Trump Weighs Emergency Declaration
CBS: Trump Floats “Path to Citizenship” for H-1B Visa Holders
Breitbart: San Diego-Based KUSI: CNN Disinvited Our Journalist Because We Reported Border Wall ‘Does Work’
CNSNews: Pelosi Laments ‘Subsidies’ and “Food Stamps, All the Rest, Being Held Up by President’s Petulance’
New York Post: Chocolate Is A Better Fix For Your Cough Than Medicine: Study
DonSurber: Shutdown Reaches the People-Will-Die Stage
Politico: Exasperated Democrats try to rein in Ocasio-Cortez
UKDM: ‘New Party, Who Dis?’ 29-Year-Old Ocasio-Cortez Mocks Aging Joe Lieberman, 76, for Hoping ‘She’s Not the Future’ as Frightened House Democrats Scramble to Deal With Twitter Star Who’s Plotting Primary Campaigns Against Them
CNN: As Robert Mueller Writes His Report, a Potential Battle Brews Over Obstruction of Justice
Wall Street Journal: Polaroid. Walkman. Palm Pilot. IPhone?
CBS: NFL Ratings Go Up: Here Were the Five Most-Watched Regular Season Games of the 2018 Season
Daily Caller: ‘We Need To Finish The Job’ — Border Patrol Sector Chief Explains Firsthand Why A Border Barrier Is Desperately Needed
The Hill: Some Dems Like Trump Emergency Declaration — at Least as Far as Reopening Government
National Review: A Weak Attack on William Barr’s Nomination to Be Attorney General – Andrew McCarthy


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