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RUSH: This is one of the best weekends of the year for National Football League fans. By the way, we talked about this earlier. The NFL is… Well, it’s not all the way back but it’s trending back, and you know why that is? Donald Trump. Donald Trump. I may not be exaggerating it to say that Donald Trump helped to save the NFL. Remember when all that kneeling began, all the protesting of the flag began, there was one person of any consequence that mocked it, made fun of it, protested it, and tried to stop it and that was President Trump.

Had he not, it would still be happening. The league would not have been able to do anything about it, the league would have been afraid to do anything about it. The league would have tried to solve it by allowing it to continue but paying off people to try to get them to stop it and so forth. The attendance would have continued to drop, TV ratings would have continued to drop. But Trump called it out, criticized it for what it was, and brought the kneeling to a screeching halt.

He stopped the protests of the flag during the national anthem, and the fans are returning to the NFL, primarily through television ratings now, game attendance, regular season, there were still some fans disguised there as empty seats. But the TV ratings are starting to trend back. And fans are free to be fans at a game. You don’t have to worry about tuning in, listening to sports announcers preach to you about politics and social justice and all this garbage that nobody wants to hear about while watching football or baseball or hockey, basketball, doesn’t matter.

So this weekend has returned to the fans, and you’ve got the divisional playoffs going on now, and the championship games will be next week, and these are some good games on. Let’s see if I can remember this. Tomorrow night, the 8 o’clock game is the Rams and the Cowboys. Tomorrow afternoon it is… Now, wait. Hang on a minute. Let me check something really quickly here. I don’t have it memorized. Yeah, the Chiefs and the Colts tomorrow afternoon at 4:35 and then the Rams and Cowboys tomorrow night.

Then Sunday at 1 o’clock is the Chargers at the Raiders, and then Philadelphia and New Orleans, the 4:30 game on Sunday afternoon. And this is one of the few years the New England Patriots have not been the number one seed. They still got a bye week, but the Chargers are given a half decent chance to beat the Patriots on Sunday, which is unusual. It’s gonna be 36 degrees. It’s gonna be tough for the Chargers. But you know the Chargers are 9-0 on the road this year, including a home game they played in London.


RUSH: So I got an email here, “Mr. Limbaugh, what do you think of the Browns’ head coach choice?” I tell you, I’ve become, you know, a miniature fan of the Browns ever since Hard Knocks last summer. I love it. I think Freddie Kitchens — I love this kind of hire, somebody that’s never done it before, only been a coordinator for 10 or like — I think it’s great. I have great high hopes and expectations, and I hope it works.

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