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RUSH: The Democrats en masse are down in Puerto Rico and having a big party on the beach while all of this is going on. The question asks itself. You’re the American people, you are an American person, and you’re watching this. On the one hand you see Donald Trump, arguably, in town working, trying to solve a serious problem of an open border. And the next picture you see is of the Democrats on the beach in Puerto Rico. What reaction do you have to this? You’re an average viewer watching. What’s your reaction? Because you’re told every day Trump’s an idiot and a buffoon and he’s a lying sack of you know-what.

And the Democrats are the ones that care so much about everybody and everything. The Democrats care about you — love and compassion, human rights, civil rights and all this. Yet the Democrats appear uninterested in even dealing with this problem, and yet Trump cancels his vacation, stays in Washington, does everything he can to try to fix the problem. In a sane world, the Democrats would have stepped in it big time here. But the Democrats are never gonna think they step in it big time because of the cover that the media provides.


RUSH: Okay. Back to the phones to Baltimore. This is Greg. I’m glad you called, sir. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. First-time caller. Everything that you are speaking about as far as the investigation is absolutely true. But these stories were released for another reason altogether. The reason they were released is because support for Donald Trump and the wall is going up, not down. The reason they were released is because the Democrats decided to take this vacation to Puerto Rico instead of working on it, and it’s not very good for them. So they have to reenergize their propaganda machine. They had to create a whole ‘nother scenario for their stupid people that believe everything that’s out there, that Donald Trump is in fact in cahoots with Russia. They can’t cover their own tracks. They told so many lies that they have to go back to their original Russia, Russia, Russia point.

RUSH: So your theory is that the stories happened in the New York Times and the Washington Post over the weekend on Friday because Trump is winning the public opinion battle on the wall and who should be working and what we should do about it?

CALLER: Yes, sir, I do believe that. I believe Trump is winning the issue on illegal immigration and the wall. That the reports that you see on the polls and all are not true and that most Americans see through this. They realize this, and the support is much higher, so they have to create another narrative.

RUSH: Have you seen anything that validates your thinking on this, or is it just —

CALLER: Yes. Yes, I have. I happened to notice polls that even NBC, CBS, ABC are putting out. If you look at it, the Democrat Congress, the numbers against the congressional actions being taken are going up, not down. The way they write the poll, the three questions they ask indicate that not only do they not like Congress, which is both Republicans and Democrats, but the Democrat dislike numbers are going up and not down.

RUSH: Well, I will take your word for it. The only polling data I’ve seen — in fact, I made an observation last week that following Trump’s Oval Office address there weren’t any polls. There were zilch, zero, nada. There were no flash polls. There were no scientific, three-day rolling average polls. There were no exit polls. There were no any kind of polls. Which led me to believe not good for the Democrats, not good for the media. Otherwise they would be reporting it.

Now, today the lead headline at the Drudge Report: “Poll: Trump Approval Lowest in Year.” And yet Investor’s Business Daily is out today with a poll saying public disdain for Russia probe intensifies, impeachment talk called premature, Trump approval climbs, in their poll.

People are fed up with the politicized investigation. They’re fed up with trying to rein Trump in. They don’t want to hear anymore impeachment talk. And Trump’s approval number climbed three points to 42% in the Investor’s Business Daily poll, 54% saying they disapprove of the job that he’s doing. But it’s still, in their poll, that is an increase in job approval.

Well, you may have a point. I mean, the stories could be because they didn’t get any negative polling reaction after Trump’s Oval Office address. The Democrats going down to Puerto Rico, they’re down there with a bunch of lobbyists. They’re down there with a bunch of lobbyists and donors is what they’re doing and it’s no accident that they’re in Puerto Rico, devastated by hurricane that the Trump administration didn’t care about and didn’t try to offer any meaningful assistance. And so the Democrats are down there doing what they can to revitalize Puerto Rico, and that’s I’m sure what their rationale and reasoning would be.

But the photos are still inescapable. They’re down there on the beach partying while ignoring a problem. It’s patently obvious the Democrats are perfectly fine with what is happening. They’re perfectly fine with illegal immigration. In fact — let’s see — remember that gal that ran for the governorship in Georgia? Her name is Stacey something or other.

She was interviewed over the weekend on a PBS show. And she was asked if she was in favor of illegal immigrants being given the right to vote. And she said if it were city and municipal elections, that she would have no problem with it because city and municipal elections are much closer to home. And those elections affect people at the local level more than any other elections. And even though illegals are illegal, they’re here, and they’re alive, and they’re living, and many of them are working, and they are part of the community and the municipality.

So, according to her, they should be able to vote. You go to California and they’re allowed to register to vote. And the Democrat Party there is seeking to legalize illegal alien voting. Democrats, the point is, are perfectly fine with all this illegality. And we all know the reason why. They need a permanent underclass. They need a permanent group, and growing, of people who are dependent and incapable of supporting themselves. And it’s insidious and hideous, which means the Democrat Party is perfectly fine with destroying American society, American culture, and the American economy.

And they’re doing this out in the open now, folks. They’re not trying to hide this anymore. They are very proud of it. They think that they are on the side of the majority of Americans. While they’re doing this, they’re conducting a never-ending assault on WASPs, white Anglo-Saxon Protestants, and Christians with white privilege. By the way, Victor Davis Hanson has a really brilliant piece on that. I’ll delve into it when we get back. Thanks for the call out there.


RUSH: I’ve got some people commenting on the polling data here showing that people blame Trump for the shutdown but it’s not nearly as bad. Stephanopoulos is here warning Democrats these numbers are not nearly as bad as you think they are and you’d better not be cavalier about it. But there. I just told you. Who needs to hear Stephanopoulos? Here’s Mark in Los Angeles back to the phones. Hi. How you doing, sir?

CALLER: I’m well. Thank you. Hey, where does President Trump’s free speech end and Rush Limbaugh’s free speech begin? What I mean by that is when President Trump releases documents or discusses Mueller’s Russia thing, that’s an impeachment offense. But you and the conservative treehouse release documents and discuss it every day. Yet you’re not bludgeoned to plead guilty to something or tied to the whipping post. So why the difference is free speech?

RUSH: I am confused.

CALLER: Well, Trump discusses — (crosstalk)

RUSH: No, it’s not you. It’s not you.

CALLER: (crosstalk)

RUSH: No, no. No, no. Wait. It’s not you. It’s my hearing. I’m just not quite sure what you’re asking me. I know you’re adversarial, and that’s why I want to be precise about what you said. What are you saying I’m doing that is wrong or…?

CALLER: No, I… No, no. Not you. I love Trump. I’d kiss him on the forehead if I had a chance. What I’m saying is if Trump discusses Mueller, that’s an impeachable offense. If you discuss it, you’re not required to plead guilty to anything. Why can’t Trump (unintelligible)?

RUSH: Oh! Oh, oh! I get you. Okay. My bad.


RUSH: My bad. I misunderstood, and I’m now out of time. But I’m gonna trying to get this addressed tomorrow. My first answer to you would be, I’m not the target of any investigation that I know of and Trump is. Therefore, Trump is accused of tainting and tampering with the jury. This is the kind of crap that they say, ’cause they don’t have anything. Bottom line.

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