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RUSH: Yeah, another thing that’s so frustrating to me about all this honestly, folks, is that Donald Trump has really made good on his promise to make America great again and then is in the process of reshaping the world. Do you realize…? Have you heard the ChiComs have agreed to start importing rice from the United States? Now, stop and think about this for a second. Donald Trump sold ice to Eskimos. He has just made a deal where the ChiComs are gonna import rice from American farmers.

The ChiComs on all of these arguments over tariffs are gonna be the ones who cave. They’re gonna be the ones to make accommodations because the United States is too important, too necessary, too needed to the rest of the world. This is what’s so — and it’s just an example of how the resurgence of the United States economy is causing massive changes for the good of not only us and this country, but around the world.

And in the midst of it are these never-ending efforts to destroy it and him and get rid of it for all of these ancillary reasons that have nothing to do with the substance of anything other than they wanted Hillary Clinton to win and they refuse to accept the results (still) of the 2016 election. And it’s still frustrating that there’s so little vocal support for Trump when it would be easily justified by other Republicans in that town.

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