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RUSH: Now, this government shutdown. You know what? This such a great opportunity. The media’s now doing tug-at-your-heartstring stories about the hardships being experienced by people because of the government shutdown. I’ll tell you, this is a great teachable moment. We’ve always believed in smaller government, reducing the size of government.

Listening to the complaints — I saw something on CNN just before the program started. And it was about I think farmers or people that work in agriculture somewhere who may not be able to go on without government subsidies. My initial quote, “Why are they getting government subsidies in the first place? I don’t get any government subsidies.” How many of you get a government subsidy to keep doing what you do? Unless you work for Elon Musk, unless you work for stupid solar or wind, what kind of subsidy do you get to survive every day?

All these people on the government dole one way or another are now starting to complain and whine and moan about it? I don’t expect it to happen, but it’s an excellent opportunity for people to find out just how corrupt this government is in terms of how it’s buying and leveraging support.

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