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RUSH: Folks, my tech blogs were giddy last night. These little Millennial tech journalists, they were giddy. They were practically… In fact, this news helped them rebound from the news that Netflix is going to become $2 a month more expensive. I have to tell you. Netflix announces that the most used monthly rate is 11 bucks; it’s gonna go up to 13, and the tech blogs… I mean, they were filled with vitriol.

You hear story after story, “How long’s it gonna be before Netflix dies?” ‘Cause these cheapskates can’t come up with two additional dollars a month to devote to how they spend 90% of their time, watching stupid-ass TV reruns on Netflix! It’s 90% of their time and two additional dollars a month sent them into conniption fits. But then they were revitalized later with a news story… Are you ready? The ChiComs have found a way to grow seeds on the dark side of the Moon.

They were so happy. These young little tech bloggers were so happy. Headlines all over the place, every tech blog — headline, deadline, four-stars, whatever — “Seeds Grown for First Time on Moon!” Why is that such big news? ‘Cause it means we can leave Earth someday and go there. It means we can now colonize and live on the Moon to escape the horrors of Earth because now we can grow seeds — or, rather, the ChiComs have figured out how to grow seeds, which would beg the question: Did seeds really grow or did the ChiComs…?

They’re a bunch of communists!

Did they take them up there and plant ’em and say they’re growing?

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