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RUSH: Try this headline: “South Dakota Considering Legislation Barring Transgender Students from Competing Against Opposite Biological Sex.” Do I need to translate that for anybody, do you think? Do you think that’s…? Well, let me set this up. We now have men who say that they identify as women when they’re outside restrooms and female locker rooms — and other places too. I’m not trying to cause trouble here. We have men who say they identify as women.

And they have begun to say they identify as women while competing against women in sports. And these men — the protected transgender class who identify as women — now competing against women in sports are beating their pants off. So to speak. Not literally, that we’ve seen. Now, women have been kicking, they have been screaming, they have been complaining, they have been demanding over the years that they be treated as if they are as good if not better than men for decades in everything.

That has been at the heart of the feminazi movement. I think it’s the biggest mistake the feminists ever made was to try to move their agenda forward by essentially acting like men — and then once in that universe, claiming they’re better than men. But they’re the ones who put themselves there. They are the ones who cast that agenda and they’re the ones who now find themselves living the ramifications. Title IX and all of that.

So now transgender men come along… I’m sorry, what is it? Transgender women. Men who identify as women — and they’re protected! As a minority! I mean, if some guy comes along and says, “I identify as a woman,” he automatically is; you can’t criticize him. You’ve gotta let him do what he wants to do; otherwise you’re a bigot. And so these guys… (sigh) Well, women. These men as women are competing against women, and they’re creaming ’em, or wiping ’em out in athletic competitions.

The women of America, the feminazis, roiled college athletics with Title IX all in an effort to gain a more equal advantage in funding at the expense of men’s programs. They didn’t like the fact that the men’s football programs got all this money, men’s basketball. They wanted their share of the money. They did it on the basis that women are being discriminated against, Title IX came along. The women demanded; the women got. Now, men who are unquestioned when they identify as women.

(chuckling) Thank you, feminazis. Men who are unquestioned and unchallenged because you can’t question them or challenge them when they identify as women, are literally stealing athletic accomplishments from real women. Real men identifying as women one day walk in there and compete against women in athletic endeavor, and they’re wiping ’em out. And the women can’t say a thing about it. They have to be silent, because you can’t question any aspect of transgenderism.

You cannot. You have to accept it as real, because we’re dealing with victims, real victims of an evil America. They are victims, and we must have sympathy, we must have understanding, and we must promote that which they want to be. Men wanting to be women? Fine! We have to promote it. I mean, the transgender cabal will rip your head off if you complain about it. So they’ve kind of made their bed and they have to lay in it now.

It’s being proven, by the way, in the midst of all this that women cannot compete against men in athletic endeavors without standards being lowered, as they have been in fire departments, as they have been in the military, as they have been at the FBI. So inside they’ve gotta be mad as hell. They made all of this happen. They have promoted, they have sanctioned, they have permitted this very circumstance, which is now resulting in men who identify as women competing against women in athletic endeavors and other places just wiping ’em out.

So South Dakota, to show you… I mean, that’s what this story’s about. “South Dakota Considering Legislation Barring Transgender Students from Competing Against Opposite Biological Sex — On Monday, two Republican legislators in South Dakota introduced a bill that would throw out the South Dakota High School Activities Association’s 2015 policy allowing transgender students to join sports teams of the gender they choose, instead of their biological sex.”

So no longer — if this passes, in South Dakota — will men who identify as women but really aren’t women be allowed to compete against women in athletic endeavors, which is dealing a very serious blow to one of the objectives of transgenderism. Now, if they can do this, if they can come up with legislation saying, “Look, I don’t care. You’re a guy. Even though you say you feel like a woman, you’re a guy, and we’re not gonna let you compete against women when you’re a guy,” how far are we away from, “We’re not gonna let you go into the bathroom that’s for women when you’re not one”?

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