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RUSH: “Are you a citizen?” That’s the question an Obama-appointed federal judge, Jesse Furman of the Manhattan District Court, is forbidding the Trump administration from asking in the 2020 Census. They cannot ask, “Are you a citizen?”

This question, by the way, was routinely asked before the 1960s. Aside from conducting the census every ten years, the Census Bureau also conducts the American Community Survey, and they’ve often asked about citizenship on that survey. No problem.

But Democrats are afraid that if the citizenship question is asked in the 2020 Census, illegal aliens won’t participate — and Democrats’ big, blue cities would suffer a huge loss of federal funding and political representation. Especially in sanctuary cities, where Democrats welcome illegal aliens with open arms.

The left is terrified that if illegal aliens aren’t counted in the Census, Democrat power will shrink.

So an Obama judge has now declared it illegal for our own government to ask if people taking a government census are citizens. It’s an affront to every thinking, legal, law-abiding citizen in this great republic. But there’s nothing new about that when the American left and the Democrat Party is behind anything — or in front of it, or depending.

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