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RUSH: Just a little word here on the Brexit vote yesterday in the U.K. This is very instructive here, because what the establishment has done to Brexit is exactly what the swamp would like to do to Donald Trump. If you remember, the people in the United Kingdom voted to exit the European Union. The people of the United Kingdom said, “We don’t want to be ruled by a collection of elites from other European countries in some distant capital that are not us.”

So they voted to withdraw from the European Union.

From the moment that happened, British elites have been trying to sabotage it. They’ve been trying to undermine it. They have delayed further votes. They’ve delayed programs coming up with policies on how to actually do it. It has been obvious from the get-go that this vote by the people was being undermined. This hasn’t been difficult to see at all. This Brexit vote was two years ago. They’re still not out, and they can’t come up with a plan for getting out.

So the prime minister, Theresa May, came up with a plan that ostensibly followed through on what United Kingdom voters voted for (i.e., get out of the European Union). So she created a plan that essentially did not pull the U.K. out of the E.U. Now, it ostensibly did, but it was not designed to pass. The true backers of Brexit would vote against it as well as the leftists who wanted to stay in the European Union; that’s exactly what happened. Her plan suffered the largest lopsided defeat in Parliament in British history.

After the vote, Theresa May agreed to hold a no-confidence vote on Wednesday. That’s today. But the kicker is that she’s a probably gonna win that vote because she’s actually done what everybody in the establishment wanted. All they wanted was to delay and delay and delay and screw up Brexit so much that it will never happen.

And that’s what she did — under the guise of trying to follow through on the will of the people. It is a microcosm of what the left is attempting to do with the Russian investigation, the Mueller investigation: To undermine Trump and to nullify the 2016 election. Now, the equivalent of stalling the Brexit vote would be impeaching Trump, and the elites of both countries are attempting here to deny the will of a majority of voters.

It really isn’t any more complicated than that. Now, you may have heard that Theresa May was simply trying to do what the voters of the U.K. wanted. She was trying to come up with a plan to get out, Brexit, because that’s what the voters wanted. But nobody in the elite establishment wants to get out of the European Union. They all opposed the whole Brexit idea, and they’re in the process of undermining it.


RUSH: By the way, did I not tell you, Theresa May won the no-confidence vote! Exactly because she did exactly what they wanted her to do. She made it look like Brexit can’t happen. I was right. Theresa May hangs on. If you believe the media, she was gonna be sent away in the most humiliating defeat because she just couldn’t make Brexit happen. BS.

She did exactly what they wanted. She made it look like people don’t want Brexit anymore, don’t want to leave the European Union. So the no-confidence vote she had to call because she lost 400 votes to 200 votes in Parliament yesterday, but she wins the no-confidence vote? Ha! Talk about the fix being in.


RUSH: We head now to Goleta, California. This is Les. Greats great to have you, Les. How are you doing today, sir?

CALLER: I’m doing great, Rush. It’s an honor to speak with you. Senior dittos.

RUSH: Thank you very much for being with us today, Les.

CALLER: Well, you’re quite welcome. It’s my pleasure. And I have a question about the wall.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: Because of the president’s new trade policy, replacing NAFTA, the trade deficit with Mexico is gonna diminish and the money that we will no longer lose to Mexico will more than pay for the wall. So my question is, couldn’t one say that the president’s kept his promise and Mexico will pay for the wall?

RUSH: Oh, yeah. I mean, the president’s already made this point I don’t know how many times over and over again, pointing out out — it’s all accounting anyway. I mean, if you want to say that Chuck Schumer paid for the wall, you can find a way to make it look like that happened accounting-wise. Of course the Mexicans are gonna end up having paid for the wall, either with the new NAFTA agreement that’s got a new name or, as you suggested, the difference in the balance of trade surplus with the United States and Mexico.

Again, it was an add-on. It was a laugh line at Trump rallies that Mexico was gonna pay for the wall. You know what that really meant? This is where the media and the left are just hopelessly ignorant when it comes to Trump. Folks, they’re hopelessly ignorant how real people talk to each other.

Look at examples of banter between people back and forth that the left thinks is outrageously offensive. Like Trump yesterday, when talking about the fast food burgers at the celebration event for the Clemson Tigers. He says, “Yeah, and the first lady might have made some salads.” Erin Burnett about lost her bra and panties over that. He’s just making a little offhanded stereotypically, inoffensive line joke, and it may not have even been a joke. She may make great salads, I don’t know.

But they get offended over that and then all these examples of the sheer hatred that guests of Erin Burnett utter about Trump don’t even get a rise out of her. So when Trump said Mexico’s gonna pay for the wall, he was just emphasizing that we’re gonna fix this and the people that are helping make this go wrong are gonna pay for it.

He was indicting Mexico as having a role in all of this and saying Mexico was gonna pay for the wall was tantamount to saying we’re not gonna let all of these nations get away with invading our borders! It was no more complicated than that. Here are the Democrats out there literally saying, “Trump said Mexico was gonna pay for the wall, and that was a lie.” This is such a lame effort at trying to convince people that Trump lied. They are so out of touch, it’s breathtaking.

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