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RUSH: Here’s Rose in Visalia, California, as we head back to the phones. Hi, Rose. Great to have you with us. Thanks for waiting.

CALLER: Hi. It’s an honor, a deep honor. Okay. I gotta make it fast, he said. My concern is with this new AG they’re trying to get appointed, he supposedly is buddies with Bob Mueller, been friends for 30 years. And all these guys — him, Bob Mueller, Rod Rosenstein, Comey, they all seem to be super good friends, been friends forever. But they’re all gonna go against each other somehow or they all know that if they’ve been friends for years, they’ve all been talking, they know about all these fake documents, all these lies, and they still let it go on, and it’s still going on.

So I’m really concerned, you know, he may be the right guy, I hope he is, but he writes this long letter and says he agrees with Trump, he had every right to fire Comey. Then all of a sudden now he’s being, you know, looked at as the new AG and he’s best buddies with Bob Mueller, who Bob Mueller knows this investigation he’s been doing for two years and costing us millions of dollars was all phony and all phony documents and lies, and he still continues to do it. And Rod Rosenstein still right there with him and we know he’s in the middle of all these fake documents and lies and still there. He refuses to go to Congress to speak to them. He gets away with all this.

RUSH: So what is your point here?

CALLER: My point is that this new AG is supposed to be somebody that’s highly recommended but he’s super good friends with Bob Mueller —

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: — Bob Mueller’s been running this investigation for the last two years when he knows it should have —

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: — never been an investigation.

RUSH: But Trump chose him!

CALLER: Trump chose him on everybody’s advice for Trump. And he’s chosen some other of these people that we have not heard of —

RUSH: Do you think these guys are gonna gang up and put Trump in jail?

CALLER: I just wish they would do their job and they would be honest to us, and I’m still wondering why Rod Rosenstein has refused to answer to Congress, and he’s gotten away with doing that.

RUSH: The reason Rod Rosenstein refused to answer Congress is simply because they couldn’t give away what they have been doing. No more complicated. Your instincts on this are exactly right. Rosenstein was holding out, figuring on the fact that the Democrats are gonna win the House and every bit of the demands being made against him would end. He was just running out the clock.

The entire Mueller investigation is a cover-up of everything that Hillary Clinton and the Obama Department of Justice and the FBI did. That’s the purpose, I’m convinced, of the Mueller investigation. It’s the cover-up. There isn’t any criminality they can find. There’s not even a crime that they were told to investigate. Because there hasn’t been one committed by Trump and his people. The criminal activity all took place on the Hillary Clinton, Democrat National Committee side. That’s all being ignored. The Mueller investigation is the cover-up for it.

Now, as to the appointment of Barr, all I can tell you is I have no idea what’s gonna happen with it. Trump chose the guy. You have faith in that or you don’t. If you want to say, “Well, he was advised to do it,” then you’re ultimately saying Trump can be fooled by people, in which case you shouldn’t have that much faith in Trump if it’s this easy to put something over on him, if after two or three years he still continues to hire these people out to get him.

It’s the swamp. And the only thing that’s comforting about Barr is he wrote a memo — you called it a letter — but he wrote a 17- or 18-page memo out of the blue. Nobody asked him to do it, it wasn’t commissioned, he just wrote it because he was deeply concerned over the obstruction of justice angle of the Mueller investigation. The obstruction of justice angle got started when Trump fired Comey. And Barr’s memo said that’s no justification for obstruction. The president can fire anybody in the executive branch. And he essentially writes a 17- or 18-page memo about this. He said there is no obstruction here.

There cannot be any obstruction when he fires the FBI director, fires the deputy AG. He can do whatever he wants. There’s a political price to pay for it, but not legal. Constitutionally authorized to do it. Barr writes a memo basically saying so. He was queried about it at his confirmation hearings left and right.

I’m just gonna tell you, the Democrats are worried that Barr is gonna go in there and clean this all up. Barr is now in charge of the Mueller investigation. Barr is in charge of what the Mueller investigation report says. Barr is in charge of how much of it’s released. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens here.

We’ll find out in due course if another wolf in sheep’s clothing has been hired here. Some people said, “Well, Barr wanted to work for Trump so he writes this memo basically sucking up to Trump.” And Barr said (paraphrasing), “Look, if I wanted to work for Trump there’s a lot of better ways to go about it than to write an 18-page memo that I hope he reads.” So he tried to knock that back.


RUSH:  Now, speak of the devil.  We’re just talking here about Bill Barr, the attorney general nominee, and it was reported about 20 minutes ago, audio clip of Chuck You Schumer saying that he has reservations about Bill Barr and cannot vote to confirm him because he, Chuck You Schumer, cannot get enough assurances that Barr will not interfere with the Mueller investigation.  Apparently they had a private meeting, and Barr did not slit his wrist and swear that he would get rid of Trump.  Which is what they were asking the guy.

Did you watch any of this?  (impression) “Mr. Attorney General Designate, will you promise not to interfere with the Mueller investigation?” 


“Will you promise that Mueller will be allowed to go as long as he needs to dig up whatever dirt he can on Trump so we can get rid of Trump?” 

“Yes, Senator.  That’s my intention within the bounds and the rules.” 

“Mr. Barr, will you guarantee that Trump can’t fire Mueller?” 

“I’ll do everything I can under the terms of the Constitution, Senator, to make…”

“Will you make sure that the Mueller report says what we want to hear, that Trump colluded with Russia and that he’s gotta go?” 

“I’ll do whatever the special counsel tells me is proper under the rules.”

That’s what it was.  The arrogance of these people!  As though Mueller is God and nobody’s gonna get in the way of writing the Ten Commandments!  It’s obscene and it’s offensive to me.  And apparently, Chuck You Schumer was not satisfied enough. In his private conversation with Barr, apparently Barr would not commit to standing aside and letting Mueller do whatever he wants and say whatever he wants and report whatever he wants with no involvement by anybody else.  So take that for what it’s worth. 

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