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RUSH: I told you that’s why there’s value in reading the stupid tech stuff.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, in an interview with the Washington Post, she used a term that suggests she’s going to force her agenda on people “akin to gang rape.” It is a term popular among Millennials that she used that you probably — well, if you have a Millennial kid, you might know the term. She said, “So enjoy being exhausted for the next two years while we run train on the progressive agenda.” Have you heard that term, Scott, “run train”? Dawn, have you heard that term, “run train”?

Well, see, I, as a highly trained broadcast specialist and a man of words and expression, know what that means. “Run train”. Go look it up in the nearest online dictionary that defines slang terms. You find the Urban Dictionary would be one example. “Run train” means to gang bang somebody with several other people. That’s definition of run train. Something that Brett Kavanaugh would no doubt know. Ahem! According to these perverts on the left.

So here is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. “So enjoy being exhausted for the next two years while we run train on the progressive agenda.” Meaning we’re gonna gang rape you with it. We’re gonna force it on you. You are going to be powerless to stop it. It’s exactly what it means, folks. Her comments have been blasted by law enforcement people and others on Twitter, including Dan Gainor at the Media Research Center who tweeted, “I think her plan targets are people we call Americans.”

And The Daily Wire has the story: “Ocasio-Cortez Uses Violent Sexual Term To Describe Her Far-Left Agenda.” And USA Today has a story: “Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a social media star, to school House Democrats on Twitter use.”

Well, we have some Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez sound bites. One of the reason I’m glad Trump’s State of the Union address is canceled here, and I hope it really doesn’t happen in the House, because I know for a fact that Cortez and everybody would run train on Trump in that address.

I mean, they would show up with protest signs, probably have their buddies up in the gallery, and they’d get up and walk out, they would hoot and holler, they’d do everything they can to disrupt Trump. I guaran-damn-tee you that’s what they would plan, and this sound bite is an example, I think, of what Trump would be subjected to at a State of the Union speech. This is last night in Washington. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and other Democrats walked around the Capitol looking for Mitch McConnell. They were unable to find him. She spoke to reporters and said this.

OCASIO-CORTEZ: We’re here, now we’re on the Senate side.

Unidentified Woman: That’s right.

Ocasio-Cortez: Now we’re on the Senate side. We’re – we’re roving out (laughter) to the Senate side because, the thing is, we went to his office at the Capitol. We went to his office here in the Russell building. We went to the floor. We went to the cloakroom. He’s not in the cloakroom. He’s not in the Capitol. He’s not in the Russell building. He’s not in the floor of the Senate. And 800,000 people don’t have their paychecks. So where’s Mitch, is my question.

RUSH: They’re running around looking for Mitch McConnell to make some big show of the fact that 800,000 people are not being paid. But you have to go to the Fox News Channel, Peter Doocy on America’s Newsroom, to find out exactly what happened with this.

DOOCY: They couldn’t find him because those lawmakers went to the wrong office. McConnell works out of the majority leader’s space in the Capitol, which the lawmakers would have needed to pass on their way to the Senate side to try to make their point.

RUSH: In other words, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez went everywhere but where McConnell is. His office is actually in the Capitol. So is the speaker’s office. The speaker’s office is actually in the Capitol building. So is the Senate majority leader’s. Other Senate offices are in the Russell Senate Office Building and some of the others. And you gotta take the underground tram to get from your little office all the way over to the Capitol building. They are very palatial offices, and they’ve got great views.

I was in the Speaker’s office when Mr. Newt was Speaker, overlooking the mall. You can imagine, it’s spacious and gorgeous. But she didn’t know that. She didn’t know that the Senate majority leader’s office is in the Capitol. She’s running around all these other buildings with her train looking for McConnell.

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