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RUSH: This is Brian in Monroe, Louisiana.  You’re next.  It’s great to have you, sir.  Hi.

CALLER:  Good afternoon, Rush.  Like I said, I do live in the South, and I work for the Federal Aviation Administration as a technician.  And I am for President Trump building a wall.  I think it’s necessary for our safety of our country.  I do believe that.  But I also feel that Representative Pelosi and him, they need to sit down and talk this out and don’t use the government’s workers as pawns.  I mean, we should not be involved in it.  That’s something they need to discuss on their own and come up with a conclusion and not to affect all the people that work for the government, for the people.

RUSH:  Let me ask you a question.  There’s no right or wrong here.  This is asking you your opinion.  Do you think Trump is willing to sit down with her and chat about it?

CALLER:  Well, I think originally he was, and she shut him down.  And I don’t think that was appropriate, you know, I don’t think that was appropriate for her to shut him down.  I know that she doesn’t want to give up any money, supposedly, even though a few years ago —

RUSH:  It’s not about the money.  It’s not.

CALLER:  Well, I know that.  When Clinton and them, when they all wanted the wall and she wanted the wall, too, but I really feel this right now is just — and this is my personal opinion — she doesn’t like Trump, and she wants to make it rough for him. But they need to sit down and talk this out as adults and as comprehensive or good leaders for this country, because it’s not appropriate what they’re doing.  It hurts a lot of folks.  We got young air traffic controllers here and other places throughout the country, that it’s really hard. You know, nobody has like four and five and six and $7,000 in the bank to live on while you’re trying to get through this.

RUSH:  I understand – (crosstalk)

CALLER:  We don’t want to take loans. We want to be able to take care of ourselves.  I’m sorry.  Go ahead.

RUSH:  No, no.  I understand all that.  I want to try to have as many people as possible understand what is really going on here.  And the first thing that I have to tell you, and I mean this from the bottom of my heart, and I’m not exaggerating, and I’m not trying to be provocative, and I’m not trying to make anybody mad. Nancy Pelosi doesn’t care one whit about the hardships of anybody or anything during this shutdown.  Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat Party care about one thing:  making sure that nobody like Donald Trump ever tries this again.

The message being sent here is that somebody Washington disapproves of being elected president is going to be shut down and will not be cooperated with and nothing will ever get done because the objective here is twofold.  It’s to get rid of Donald Trump and then to paralyze Donald Trump. Paralyze him first, get rid of him, and then send the signal, you Republicans better never, ever send somebody like this, because it’s gonna end up being like this every damn time, ’cause we’re not gonna do business with somebody like this. We’re not gonna let somebody like this ever be legitimate.

That’s what this is.  It is nothing about the shutdown.  It’s nothing about the hardships that are being faced.  It’s not even about the wall!  Pelosi and the Democrats, as you said, have supported a wall in the past.  This is about making sure, about doing everything they can do to make sure that this guy who they despise does not have one demonstrable success so that nobody like him will ever, ever try this again.

This is a long-term message to everybody outside Washington, everybody outside the Washington political class, the elites, whatever, you’re not welcome here, and we will damage whatever it takes to make sure none of you ever end up here again.  And those of you who voted for this, don’t you ever do this again.  Your votes are wasted.  You’re not gonna get one thing you want, you’re not gonna get anything, and we’ll be glad for all this destruction to send the message that you don’t get to do this.


RUSH: Right after I just made my point to the last caller and to — let me briefly repeat it. Nancy Pelosi and most of the Democrats have a singular message in all this, and it has nothing to do with the wall or with the money or any of this. We have two years until the — actually less — ’til the next presidential election. And that’s all this is.

This is Pelosi and the Democrats swearing that no matter what Trump wants, if it’s gonna make him look good, presidential, if it’s gonna help the Republican Party, it isn’t happening. But there’s more than that. This is really about Nancy Pelosi — I cannot — I’ve tried to describe this numerous times. I’ve tried a bunch of different ways. I cannot, I don’t believe, adequately describe for you how personally despised and resented Donald Trump is and those of you who voted for him.

I mean, folks, there is visceral hatred. Donald Trump being elected president, not just beating Hillary, but just being elected is the equivalent of a killer virus being released in Washington. And they have stop it. They have to kill the virus. That’s Trump and you who voted for him. This was never supposed to happen. The governed are never supposed to have this much influence over what happens in that town. You’re not supposed to have anywhere near this much say over what your government does. You’re not supposed to have much say at all.

You get to vote, but beyond that, (raspberry) you. And Trump brought you with him to Washington. Trump is doing everything he can to keep every promise he made. I cannot tell you how offensive that is to them. I can’t tell you how disruptive it is. I can’t tell you how they are livid about it. And this whole government shutdown and the intransigence that Pelosi has, the unwillingness to even negotiate anything here is purely and simply about making sure that none of this is ever seen as legitimate.

It’s always, if she has her way, gonna be seen as one of the most oddball things that ever happened in American history that was a pure quirk of fate, it was abnormal, it was not supposed happen, and because of that, it’s not going to be legitimized. The previous two years have been all about that, not legitimating President Trump, his agenda, his voters, especially now, ’cause everybody’s racing to get ready for the 2020 presidential election.

As far as Pelosi and her side are convinced, it’s all about getting rid of Trump and it’s all about erasing these past two years, it’s about erasing the two years of the campaign that led to Trump. And it’s personal. And it is literally governed by a visceral hate. This is why there is no compromise here. Some of you are saying, “Well, how do you think Trump can win?” I think the longer this goes on, the more people are gonna see this for what it is. The longer it goes on, the greater opportunity for people to finally see the Democrat Party as they are, who they are and so forth. Not a slam dunk.

But there is no way in my book they get away with delegitimizing you and your votes in 2016. There’s no way they get away with essentially saying, “You don’t really count. You count on Election Day if you vote the right way, but other than that we couldn’t care less about you.” The Democrat Party agenda is aimed at undermining everything you believe in. The Democrat Party is championing everybody who isn’t you. Sanctuary cities, open borders, anything that disrupts the foundational structure of this country — and I mean foundational, from the days of the founding — that’s their agenda.

So here’s the tweet from Charles Grassley, senator from Iowa. “Good news for Iowa farmers: USDA will reopen 37 Farm Service Agency offices in Iowa during partial govt shutdown. Seems to me Trump admin trying to help ease burden of shutdown & Pelosi trying to maximize + refusing to negotiate or even show up.”

Exactly! Exactly! I got this tweet during the break, after I had made my original point, but he’s exactly right. Pelosi is trying to maximize the burden on everybody so you’ll not never do this again. She wants you getting hurt! She wants you suffering! She wants you thinking you’re responsible for this. You elected Trump! This is what happens when you send somebody to Washington they don’t prove of. You deserve to be suffering, damn it, for this act of insolence of yours. It’s bad enough when you elect a traditional Republican like George W. Bush, but this? You’re going to pay.

And Grassley here is exactly right. And it is about exactly that, folks. It’s, “I wish Pelosi would negotiate, we need to put the air traffic controllers back, certainly some –” Pelosi doesn’t care about the air traffic controllers! She doesn’t care! In fact, the more chaos and the more disruption, the bigger the opportunity for her and others like her and her party.

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