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RUSH: On Wednesday morning, the Drive-By Media declared Nancy Pelosi victorious. Hardcore lib Peter Beinart had a piece in The Atlantic titled “Nancy Pelosi Is Winning.” He said Pelosi beat Bush on Social Security, and she’ll beat Trump on the wall.

Likewise, TheHill.com gushed over Pelosi’s refusal to meet with President Trump. They said her snub was evidence of her “grip on Democrats.” They were all in lockstep under Speaker Pelosi.

That was Wednesday morning. By Wednesday afternoon, Nancy Pelosi’s magic grip had slipped a little bit. Seven Democrats, including five freshmen, visited the White House to talk with President Trump, about the shutdown and border security. Meaning: the wall.

Afterwards, they said the meeting was respectful. New York Democrat Congressman Max Rose called the talks “very sensible,” and said trust was built. Minnesota Democrat Dean Phillips said the meeting provided “a little bit of daylight through which we can walk.”

“Respect”? “Trust”? How can this be? Democrats and Trump?

Apparently, the Drive-By-Media’s “Queen Pelosi” propaganda campaign has some holes.

And now Trump cancelling her trip, and asking her to stay in town, ha! You have to love it folks!

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