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RUSH: There is an op-ed in the New York Times today by a columnist who goes by the name of Farhad Manjoo, and Farhad Manjoo’s premise in his op-ed is that we all just should sign on to the concept of no borders ’cause that’s where we’re headed.  It’s gonna happen, just like there was a time when nobody thought marijuana would be legal, and it is. Just like there was a time nobody ever believed that gay people would actually be able to get married, and it’s happened.

And there used to be a time nobody really believed that a bunch of people would buy into climate change, but that has happened.  There used to be a day when nobody, nor near a majority of people, ever thought the government would be running health care, and that has happened, although I’m one of those people going back to the 1970s who thought that was inevitable.

But the point here is that open borders, getting rid of borders, is something that’s happening globally, and there’s nothing we can do to stop it, just like we can’t stop gay marriage. We can’t stop whatever’s gonna happen with LGBTQ. We can’t stop government-run health care.  All these liberal issues that are based on human rights, civil rights, fairness, and equality, cannot be stopped.

And borders are inherently discriminatory, and what we’re doing is getting rid of all discrimination, we’re ridding America of all vestiges of discrimination because that’s what the left is trying to do, purify and perfect the United States and get rid of all of the evils of the past, including borders, because what do borders do?  Borders keep out people you don’t like.  Borders keep out black people, brown people, Native American people. Borders keep out whatever else you’re prejudiced against, that just won’t fly in the modern era.

And his premise here is why a brave Democrat should make the case for vastly expanding immigration.  This is what we are up against.  This is the New York Times, it’s an op-ed page that Farhad Manjoo I think — now, don’t quote me on this, but I think he’s a tech writer or spends a lot of time writing about tech.  I may be confusing him with somebody else.  He may be on their editorial page staff.

The bottom line is there’s nothing wrong with open borders.  In fact, they fix a lot of the imperfections America was founded with.  They get rid of the dominant WASP culture.  They allow people who’ve been discriminated against and punished by America to get into this country, to finally experience the benefits they have been denied.

When you look at it that way, while it might sound depressing, there’s some truth to it in the sense that how many of you ever thought gay marriage would actually happen in your lifetime?  How many of you thought all the other crazy, corrupt, screwball social justice things would ever happen?  Maybe some of you thought dope would be legalized, marijuana and so forth at some point.  Maybe some of you even wanted it to be.  I don’t know.

But there are a lot of things that a lot of people thought were never gonna happen, and many of them have.  And, if open borders becomes the big cause celebre of the left, there’s no stopping it, this guy says, you may as well just agree to it now.  Globalists, United Nations aficionados, European Union, they all want to get rid of borders.  When you get rid of borders, you eliminate immigration problems.  When you get rid of borders, there aren’t any immigrants.  Just anybody who wants to come in comes in.  And whatever they want, they get.  See?  You eliminate all kinds of things by having open borders.

“The internet expands the bounds of acceptable discourse, so ideas considered out of bounds not long ago now rocket toward widespread acceptability. See: cannabis legalization, government-run health care, white nationalism and, of course, the flat-earthers. Yet there’s one political shore that remains stubbornly beyond the horizon. It’s an idea almost nobody in mainstream politics will address, other than to hurl the label as a bloody cudgel. I’m talking about opening up America’s borders to everyone who wants to move here.”

And he goes on to make the case for it and suggest that a brave Democrat could probably be elected president by adopting this as one of a few key agenda items.


RUSH: That story earlier, Farhad Manjoo, New York Times, advocating just like we’ve got gay marriage and just like we’ve got legal marijuana now and just like we’ve got boys using girls’ bathrooms, we’re gonna get rid of borders. It’s only a matter of time. The left is gonna get this. And his column in the New York Times is advocating this and suggesting that the next Democrat nominee, if he or she really wants to win the presidency, run on a no borders agenda, not open, but no borders, that that’s the wave of the future.

Well, I thought I recognized the name. Farhad Manjoo is a tech journalist. He used to be a tech writer for the Wall Street Journal. Now he’s been appropriated by the New York Times as an op-ed guy and a reporter and he still does tech reporting for the New York Times.

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