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RUSH: Hi! I’m a guy in golf shirt, Palm Beach, running the country with today’s update. Earlier this month, a “Jane Doe” filed suit against Texas Democrat Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee. The unidentified woman says she was raped by Shelia Jackson Lee’s chief of staff in October 2015. She reported the incident to police and others.

“Jane Doe” says that when the Congresswoman found out about the allegations, she was fired in retaliation. These are serious charges. Very serious. A woman victim is accusing Sheila Jackson Lee of siding with her rapist, and re-victimizing her.

Sheila Jackson Lee happens to be leader of the Congressional Black Caucasians Foundation. After the lawsuit was made public, the CBC Foundation board of directors asked Congresswoman Jackson Lee to quit her leadership position.

Her response? Lee told the CBC board to get lost. She’s not going anywhere. Screw them, and anybody else who wants to hold her to account!

And let that be a lesson to all of you. This is how elite Democrats respond to this #MeToo business! They couldn’t care less! And if any of them did, it may as well never happened.

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