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RUSH: I have a story here from the archives of the Fox News affiliate in Detroit, Fox News, Eyeball News 5. The headline: “Native American Claims Racial Harassment by EMU Students Dressed as Indians.” Now, who do you think this story’s about? This story is about our old buddy, the war drummer, Nathan Phillips. Essentially what the story says… I love paraphrasing these things rather than read the whole thing to you. Nine years ago, this same “Indian activist,” quote-unquote, Nathan Phillips claimed he was just walked along the street one day minding his own business…

I don’t know if he’s beating the drum or not. He’s walking along the street and he saw a fraternity house throwing an Indian party. How often does that happen to you? You’re walking down the street and there’s a fraternity right there throwing an Indian party? Why, it happens all the time. How many of you in college will be walking down the street and there’s an Indian party at the nearby frat house? Well, that’s what happened here.

He was walking along the street, saw a frat house throwing an Indian party, and rather than just walk on, he approached them, and he demanded that they explain themselves. Nathan Phillips claimed they called him racial epithets like “Indian.” He claimed that the frat boys hit him. He says he called the cops, but by the time the cops arrived all the frat guys had disappeared and there was no evidence of an Indian party.

Yeah, like there had never been a party, which makes me wonder if it all wasn’t in Mr. Phillips’ imagination.

By the way, the article mentions that the mascot for Eastern Michigan University — which is where the frat house is, Eastern Michigan University — used to be the Huron Indian. But they got rid of it some 20 years ago, and Phillips says he’s still fighting that battle even though they got rid of the mascot. Nathan Phillips says there was “a lot of hate behind” EMU, Eastern Michigan University, picking an Indian as a mascot. Why would a school choose a mascot of something they hate? This is something I’ve never understood about all these people claiming that these mascots are inherently racist or bigoted.

Why are they choosing names of things they hate? They’re not. It’s quite the opposite. At any rate, the guy is not as he is portrayed in the media. Like all left-wing mobsters are portrayed — by “mobster,” I mean rent-a-mob protesters. None of them are innocent and just happen to be walking by, minding their own business while white Christians do something to tick ’em off. It’s not it at all. But that’s how they’re always portrayed, be they Indian protesters or African-American protesters or women’s protestors.

And, by the way, there was a women’s march over the weekend, too, and you talk about a bomb? Madonna didn’t show up and talk about blowing up the White House again. And what’s her name, Ashley Judd, didn’t show up and say (shouting), “I am an angry woman!” She didn’t do any of that. Nobody showed up. It was a gigantic bomb actually, the Women’s March. It doesn’t matter. The media will report all those things as though they were massively attended –and reflected, by the way, the majority thinking of the United States.

I was finally… Kyle Smith in the New York Post had a good one yesterday. You know, one of my big bugaboos has always been how the media gets on some story involving the fringe left and something they’re ticked off about and they then cover that event or story as though all of America is as outraged as the fringe element doing the protesting is. Kyle Smith wrote about this phenomenon yesterday in the New York Post titled something like, “Why We Are All Outraged All the Time.”

And that is the objective of the media. There are just constant enemies, bad guys. No matter if they’re the bad guys or not, and that’s why… It’s so common and it happens so frequently, that why it’s not immediately spotted by people on our side for what it is, is beyond frustrating to me. Because, folks, this is the sum total of the battle. But of course the Never Trumpers on our side don’t even think there’s a battle! They were gonna vote for Hillary Clinton!

That’s how little they believe our country is in crisis, all because they wanted to maintain the respect of the Washington establishment and the Washington media.


RUSH: We go to St. Petersburg, Florida. This is Johnna and it’s great to have you. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Thank you so much for taking my call.

RUSH: You bet.

CALLER: Rush, I just want to tell you. I was so frustrated this morning. I went to church this morning, and my priest at the beginning of his hominy, he started chastising these Covington students, right? So I was, like, trying to keep my patience, and I listened to him give misinformed information about what happened. So I had to call him on the carpet. I asked him. I said, “Where did you get your news source from?” He said, “Some U.K. news story.” So I said, “If you would do me a favor, go to the YouTube video and look at the whole video, and then I’m gonna ask you about it tomorrow, and I want to know exactly what you think.” So I’m gonna follow up with him, but I wanted to let him know that he was misinformed about that video.

RUSH: Wait a minute. Is this a Catholic priest?


RUSH: Catholic priest. Does he know what YouTube is?

CALLER: Yes, he does. He does.

RUSH: He knows how to navigate. He knows how to find what you want him to see on YouTube.

CALLER: I said, “Are you familiar with the internet?” He said, “Yes.” I said, ‘Well, do you know about YouTube?” He said, “Yes.” I said, “Go there and look at the whole video, and then this I would like to discuss it with you tomorrow, because what I witnessed is that Nathan Phillips guy, that activist? He was the aggressor. Those young men were there for a pro-life movement, and we should not be chastising them. We should be defending them.”

RUSH: Hey, look, it wasn’t… Let me tell you something, Johnna. It’s not just your priest. Are you ready for this? The kids’ own school condemned ’em! Without a moment of investigation, without a moment of looking into it — in a pure, knee-jerk reaction — their own school threw them overboard and then under the bus. Their own school!

That’s how afraid (snort!) their own school is. That’s how afraid all of so many people on the right seem to be of the mainstream media and of the left and the Democrat Party. This hurry, this rush to be seen as condemning rather than take a moment and maybe realize the kids at your own school didn’t do what’s being reported. I don’t know. This stuff… I pull my hair out over all this.


RUSH: It occurs to me that it might be helpful to run through what exactly happened here — kind of like with a timeline — regarding the Covington school kids in Washington. This is Covington, Kentucky, by the way. Partial video footage — the initial footage that the Drive-Bys showed and from which still shots were culled — showed the students from a Catholic high school allegedly harassing an old, feeble, scrawny, Native-American veteran after the anti-abortion March for Life rally in Washington over the weekend quickly went viral.

The video was viral. This caused widespread condemnation of the kids and then a whole lot of media people piled on, and then the cesspool of Twitter called for them to be “doxed,” which means their names, addresses, as much personal information about them as possible be made public. Then they demanded that they be shamed and punished. School administrators at the kids’ school said they would consider kicking them out of school!

This crap has gone on for way too long, and it always happens one way! It’s always targeted at Republicans and conservatives! And the people — adults — who are supposed to be protective, pile on without even taking a moment to figure out what actually happened. It’s one thing for an uninformed priest in St. Petersburg, Florida, to pile on. But for these kids’ own school district to threaten to expel them just to satisfy the mob, just to satisfy Twitter, just to satisfy the media and social media?

So it was really just the seconds that everybody has seen. The kid is sitting there and he’s smiling as the scrawny, aging and elderly Indian Vietnam War vet is pounding on his war drum — and there were stories about how the kid was smirking and was a smart ass and was taunting. His real crime was that he was white, and his second real crime was that he was wearing a “Make America Great Again” red cap. Well, it turns out that there was hours of video, not just the 30 seconds or so that was originally seen.

There’s two hours of additional video that shows conclusively what happened before and after the encounter with the frail but valiant Indian protester. Far from engaging in racially motivated harassment, this group of kids from Covington remained calm and restrained. They are the ones that didn’t do anything! They didn’t even hurl any insults! They did not react! They behaved as well-mannered teenagers should. They’re the ones that had class in this whole thing.

And, as such, I would think the Never Trumpers would be their biggest champions! Why do the Never Trumpers hate Trump? Because he’s got no manners, because he’s gauche, because he’s impolitic, he’s impolite, he’s a boor! Well, these kids were models of composure. They were models of restraint. They were polite. They were respectful. They were everything the Never Trumpers say Trump isn’t, everything that we need in leadership — and they’re being thrown overboard.

And they’re the ones who deserve the accolades in this whole encounter. They’re the ones who were well-mannered! They’re the ones we hope become future leaders in this country, not this ragtag bunch of protesters surrounding ’em. They were subjected… I don’t know how many people know this. These teenagers were subjected to some of the most vile, racist, homophobic verbal abuse that you can imagine. They were called the F-word. (You know, slang for homosexual.) They were called murderers. It was said they are what’s wrong with life.

“You should have been aborted,” ’cause they were at a pro-life rally. And the people throwing all of these insults around was a group called the Black Hebrew Israelites. The Black Hebrew Israelites. You know, I first encountered these people at Times Square. You may have forgotten this, but in the early days of this program I actually did a television commercial for the New York Times, and it had me arriving in the back of a cab somewhere on 42nd Street reading the Times, and I said something, you know, clever and funny out the window.

We showed up to film this thing, and these Black Hebrew Israelites were down there raising hell. They’re there every day. It wasn’t because I was there for that. They were just there all the time. I remember asking, “Who the hell is that?” “Ah, that’s just the Black Hebrew Israelites.” Well, I’d never heard of ’em. But they’ve been around since the nineteenth century. They are a cult. They are a cult of black nationalists, and here’s what they believe.

They believe that they are descendants of the ancient Israelites of Moses. They always condemn white people. They condemn Christians. They HATE homosexuals. There’s a big group of ’em in Washington. The D.C. organization of the Black Hebrew Israelites are known to spout particularly vile bigotry, and they are just assaulting these kids from Covington with every despicable insult that you can imagine.

So in the midst of all this, here comes the frail, aging, wonderful Vietnam veteran Indian leader, Nathan Phillips, banging his war drum — and he’s doing some kind of a chant. In the video that I saw, your first reaction is maybe the Indian group is coming over as allies of the kids because the Black Hebrew Israelites are out of control here. I mean, they’re shouting… It’s vile stuff. So Nathan Phillips and the Indians, they put themselves between the Covington teenagers and the Black Hebrew Israelites chanting and pounding that drum, and then the confusion set in.

The teenagers couldn’t quite decide whether the Indian was on their side or not. But they then started their own school cheer, and it was a chant. So the Indians were chanting and the kids are doing a school cheer, and the media said, “My God! These kids are now mocking the aging Indian hero. My God! He’s over there pounding his drum and he’s chanting, and now the kids are making fun of him.” I mean, it was outrageous what these people reported.

One student did not get out of way of the aging and frail Indian leader as he marched pounding his drum, and that’s the kid that you’ve seen smiling. It was being reported, “He stood his ground and he stared down the harmless, lovable, aging Indian leader!” His smile was said to be “creepy, insulting and taunting — as though this white kid knew he was better than the Indian old man.” This is how this garbage was reported!

It was that moment where this kid standing there smiling, not saying anything aw Nathan Phillips was pounding the war drum and chanting and getting closer to his face… This teenager was called the product of a hate factory. He was likened to school shooters. Yeah, the Black Hebrew Israelites were shouting, “You’re school shooters! You’re future school shooters. You’re from the Klan! You’re members of the Klan!” They were shouting all kinds of vile stuff.

The Indian guys come up and join all this, and then Phillips — the aging Vietnam veteran, frail, Indian leader — walked away after a few minutes. And the Black Hebrew Israelites continued to insult the crowd, and nothing else happened. From all that, everybody started dumping on these kids — including their own school, including much of the conservative media world — because they were so intent that the media not think ill of them. (sigh) Now, there is a continuation of this, because what’s happening now…

Since the truth of this has finally been revealed with independent evidence (i.e., two hours of video)… After the Drive-Bys drove around these kids and the Indians to promote yet another fake news hoax following on the BuzzFeed hoax, CNN is now attempting to do PR damage by shifting the subject. This is from Breitbart: Headline: “CNN’s Dave Briggs: Catholic Student Doesn’t Look ‘Considerate’ of Native American Culture — CNN Early Start co-host Dave Briggs said Monday that Covington Catholic High School student Nick Sandmann does not appear ‘appreciative’ or ‘considerate’ of Native American culture…”

So even after the truth is known, CNN is still trying to report that the kid in the video is an absolute creep who does not respect Indians, does not respect elders, does not respect Nathan Phillips, does not respect an Indian guy standing in his face pounding a drum at him! (translation) “So even if we got the original story wrong, we can still see that this kid is a racist, bigot, white supremacist.” They gotta do damage control somehow.

You know, the modern era of all this began with the Trayvon Martin story, that whole incident, and it’s just continued to descend. Some of you might say it started prior to that. But everybody on our side ought to be condemning these people in the media and the school where these kids go. These kids were the model of proper parenting. They behaved impeccably properly. They were respectful. They were not confrontational. Everything they did was designed to lower the temperature of this entire thing.

They didn’t do one thing provocative, and yet that’s what the media’s now trying to say. “Oh, that kid might not have done anything, but looks at that face! That’s the face of a white supremacist bigot who doesn’t respect Indian culture.” (Snort!) People think this way! People who have been poisoned by a combination of exposure to American education and American media, and it is they who harbor all the hate. It’s they who harbor all the bad manners. It is they, them, who are incapable of even being concerned with finding the truth.

Now, you can say that a lot of this is due to their personal disgust and hatred with Donald Trump, and it’s true. But this predates Trump. The fuse for all this stuff was lit long ago. Trump may just be the explosion. These people on the left have been trending this way for I don’t know long how long. We’ve been laughing at it most of the time thinking nobody’s gonna ever fall for this kind of belief or philosophy. But, sadly, we were wrong ’cause there’s a bunch of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez dingbats running around who’ve fallen for it hook, line, and sinker.


RUSH: I checked email during the break. “Rush, you’ve been very critical of conservative media for jumping on these kids. What do you mean? I haven’t seen any.” Okay. I’m glad you ax’d me. Slate.com. Now, Slate.com is not necessarily conservative. In fact, it is never conservative. But I just want to share with you what was said about the teenager that you’ve all seen now in the video who’s just standing there smiling while the frail and gaunt, valiant Vietnam War vet Indian activist, Nathan Phillips, is pounding on his war drum and chanting right in this kid’s face.

Slate.com said that the student had “the face of self-satisfaction and certitude, of edginess expressed as cruelty.” The kid was smiling. He was not trying to be provocative. He was trying to tone down the circumstance. He was trying to lower the temperature of things. He was smiling rather than glowering. For this, he’s called self-satisfied. He looked too certain of himself. What the hell is a crime in being certain of yourself? What, is confidence now a crime to the left? And it is.

One of the primary objections to me, from the get-go, is nobody is that sure of themselves. I’m not… I don’t often express enough vulnerability or insecurity, folks, so I can’t be a real person. It was especially female criticism from the early days. “Nobody is that sure. He just thinks he knows everything.” Well, I do! Anyway, Slate then went on to link this teenager to Donald Trump’s criticism of Elizabeth Warren, calling her Pocahontas. Well, she’s the one lying to the world about having 1/1024 Indian blood coursing through her ice veins.

She’s the one claiming to be a person of color until she was exposed. We’re not allowed to make fun of liberal frauds? Trump calls her Pocahontas. We call her Fauxcahontas, F-a-u-x-ahontas. For crying out loud. Bill Kristol tweeted that Donald Trump should condemn the school. A writer at National Review declared that the students might as well have spit on the cross. I think that story has now been deleted at National Review.

I mean, they’re all over the place, examples like this of how the conservative media just cannot wait. The conservative, Washington media just can’t wait to pile on to make sure — they have to make damn sure — that nobody’s gonna confuse them with Trump, to make sure nobody is gonna mistake the conservative media for these vile kids. Gutless, gutless wonders. People who would just as soon lose gracefully than actually engage in this battle.

Now, here, listen to Crazy Bernie. Crazy Bernie was in Columbia, South Carolina, the annual Martin Luther King Day. This is another thing that irritates me today: All of these people on the left running around co-opting Martin Luther King. They’ve got nothing in common with Martin Luther King. The “content of your character” being that which speaks for you? Not to today’s left. Today’s left is pure identity politics. You are no different, no better than your skin color or your sexual orientation or your gender or which bathroom you want to use.

That determines whether or not you are credible as far as the left is concerned. Content of character? If content of character mattered, these kids from Covington would be heroes today! You have all these leftists running around claiming solidarity with Martin Luther King! That poor man has had his legacy hijacked and redirected into something that it never was. I’m dead serious about that.

What these people have done to the legacy of Martin Luther King, claiming it themselves… We have all these people out there running around trying to convince African-Americans that they should continue to support the Democrats because they respect you and your heroes and so forth — and, meanwhile, their lives never improve. Their lives never substantively improve unless somebody like Donald Trump comes along.

Here’s Crazy Bernie at the Martin Luther King Day rally in Columbia South Carolina…

SANDERS: Today we talk about justice and today we talk about racism — and I must tell you, it gives me no pleasure to tell you that we now have a president of the United States who is a racist.

RUSH: Damn you, Crazy Bernie, because that is an out-and-out lie. It’s a character assassination. It’s insulting. There is no modern American president who has done more to lift up African-Americans and Hispanics than Donald J. Trump! In fact, did you see the polling data over the weekend? Trump’s approval rating among Hispanics during the government shutdown is up 19 points. His approval rating among Hispanics is up 19 points. Black unemployment, all-time record low! Hispanic unemployment, all-time record low!

Not during Bill Clinton.

Not during Lyndon Johnson.

Not during JFK.

Not during Barack Hussein O.

No, they didn’t even get close to record-low Hispanic or African-American unemployment, but records have now been set under the presidency of Donald J. Trump who (impression), “I have no pleasure in telling you that we have a president of the United States who is a racist.” The racism in this country, I firmly believe, is the exclusive possession and providence of the American left. After all, they openly advocate identity politics!

If that’s not racism, I don’t know what is!

You are who you are based on your skin color. You are who you are based on what bathroom you want to use. You are who you are because of your sexual orientation. You are who you are because you wear a vagina hat or not. You are who you are because you support open borders and let the country be flooded with people who are not interested in becoming Americans. Somehow, you claim to hold the moral high ground? Sorry. Not here.

All right. Here is, ladies and gentlemen, the president’s proposal. (interruption) No, I didn’t make that up. The National Review article said what these kids did to that poor Indian guy was the equivalent of spitting on the cross, and it’s gone now. It was deleted or erased or what have you. (interruption) No, I don’t know who wrote it — and if I did, I wouldn’t embarrass whoever it is by mentioning them. But I guarantee you, they’re a Never Trumper. I will guaran-damn-tee you they are a Never Trumper.

I guarantee you they have written vile, hateful stuff about Donald Trump from the supposed pedestal of moral superiority and preening. Guarantee you! They probably fell for the BuzzFeed story, too, because they wanted it to be true! They want it to be true that Trump lied to Cohen and told Cohen to lie to Congress and so forth. They want this collusion stuff to be true, even though they know it’s not!

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