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RUSH: But one of the things that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has said… She was on Colbert last night, and Colbert actually asked her, “So…”

Folks, I can’t repeat this. It’s the F-word that he asked her in terms of, “So do you give a” F-word? He asked her (paraphrased), “How many f-[words] do you give a rat’s rear end about all these critics?” And her answer is… They bleeped it out. But he actually used the word in the telecast. She said so many stupid things, but chief among them was we only have 12 years… Now, this is not some wacko scientist — some phony, faux scientist from some faux university — who have been saying for the last 30 years that we’ve only got 10 to fix climate.

She said last night that we’ve only got 12 years. Now, she is a totally media-manufactured phenomenon. This is important to remember. The media is why anybody knows who she is. I’m not being disrespectful. I’m telling you, the media has built her up. The media is eventually gonna take this woman out. It’s gonna happen. I don’t know why, but it’ll be something.

If she becomes a threat to a Democrat they like more than they like her, something like that. They are gonna take her out at some point. I don’t know when. The media made her. They can destroy her when they want to, and they will at some point. But she’s out there saying we’ve only got 12 years — 12 years of climate change, and that’s it; we cease to exist as we know it. It’s the equivalent of world war… I saw a great response to this.

“Well, if this is the equivalent of a world war — if this climate change is something that’s gonna end life as we know it — then shouldn’t we invade the ChiComs and India?” Because that’s where the greatest damage (so-called) to the climate is occurring because of all the pollution, the CO2 emissions. The ChiComs and India are the two leading emitters. So shouldn’t we invade them, if it’s really life and death? But no, of course not, because the United States is the only problem. The United States is what needs to change.

Anyway, we got the Cortez stuff coming up.


RUSH: I just made an observation here about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and that is that she’s a media creation. Now, some people might disagree. “No, Rush, no. She came out of nowhere. She beat that old dinosaur, Crowley, in her district, and that launched her.” Do not… Do not make the mistake of thinking that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is anything but a media creation. She is thoroughly and totally a media creation, which means that at some point — and it will happen — the media is going to try to take her out.

Look, you know as well as I do that it’s not just media. This happens to be a tendency throughout all of our society and culture. We build people up, we build ’em up, we build ’em up — and then we love to see ’em fall. How many people wanted to see the Patriots lose Sunday just to see Tom Brady knocked off the pedestal? Come on. Admit it. You may even be one of them. It’s just the way we are. It’s human psychology. It just happens.

We love seeing the powerful fall. It makes us feel better about ourselves. I don’t want to get too deeply in the weeds on this, but the idea that it’s not a real thing is absurd. It is. But the media intensifies this in people that they have chosen to make. This is why they can’t destroy Trump; they didn’t make him. And, if I may, the reason why all their efforts to separate you as my audience from me have failed is because they had nothing to do with building this.

You and I did this together starting 30 years ago, and you’ve hung in here despite I don’t know how many attempts they have made to separate you from me, to get you not to listen, to take this program out. But with Cortez — and there’s any number of other examples like this I could give you. With Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, nobody would know who she is outside of New York City if it weren’t for the national Drive-By Media.

So the day’s gonna come. The day is gonna come when somebody is gonna tell somebody to take her out, and this is why so many people have been paying attention to the Democrat dinosaur leadership in the House reacting to her and this new band of Millennial freshmen that she’s leading around. Do not misunderstand something. The Democrats are thought to be unified, and they are when it comes to agenda items and objectives and their collective hatred for us.

But they’re like any other organization. There’s a pecking order, there’s a leadership, and it takes a lot of time and work and devotion and trust to get into that small leadership circle. This is one of the things that’s always amazed me about the left and journalists. The journalists have always pushed communist leaders and dictators. They’re somehow enamored of them. They envy their power. They would be the first people sent to jail in a legitimate communist takeover!

They would not be invited to all the cocktail parties and the policy discussions. They’d be packed off to jail along with their computers, typewriters, phones, and whatever else they use to report the news. They would be silenced and shut up. They’re the first to go, and they do not realize this. Well, in the Democrat Party leadership, Nancy Pelosi… I don’t care what you think of her. You may think she’s out to lunch. She may be turning a little out of it and so forth.

But make no mistake about something: She runs that place, and there’s no upstart little crumb cruncher that’s gonna come along and change that. If these upstarts go too far in challenging her, they are gonna be taught a lesson. As is the case with all young upstarts, they are fearless and think that the old people are just a bunch of old people that don’t get it anymore. Their time has come and passed, and it’s just a matter of time before they wield control of the baton from these aging dinosaurs.

But these aging dinosaurs are like anybody else with power. They never willingly give it up. It just doesn’t happen. So the day is gonna come where she’s gonna make somebody mad or she’s going to be too successful and will legitimately challenge somebody that has more power than she has, and they’re not gonna be interested in working with her and welcoming her in because they’re not gonna trust her. So they’re just going to take her out. This happens.

I mean, Soviet leaders were routinely targeted for assassination. They tried to kill Gorbachev during perestroika and glasnost. He couldn’t believe it, but they did. You know, the left… We have this vision of them that they’re all friendly, that they’re all committed and that they all love each other and that they’re all unified in support. But they are not. They never have been. Like any other group of people, they’ve got the good guys, the bad guys, the bad actors. They’ve got people nobody trusts.

Like any other group of people, some people are just disliked; other people are liked a lot. It’s no different. Their usefulness is what is the determining factor — and when there is a decision that their usefulness has come to an end, then they’re gone. It may not be ceremoniously. But still, it’s a vicious, vicious bunch of people. And having political power is one of the rarest and rawest forms of power in this country.

And you’re not gonna just let a bunch of upstarts that really don’t know what they’re doing come in and take it from you. Now, the media loves her because they think she’s good copy, good story, this or that and the other thing. Good guest. I don’t know what. Their value judgments on these things are suspect. (interruption) Yeah, that’s right. Whoopi Goldberg has already slammed Ocasio-Cortez one time. The babes at The View are classic.

They’re not gonna sit here and let this babe become more popular and more relevant in their world than they think they are. And, by the way, I don’t have to say this, but when it’s women, they can be vicious. They can be just as competitive and vicious and cutthroat as the next guy. That’s not something widely said, but it is widely understood. So it’s gonna happen. I don’t pretend to know when, and I don’t pretend to know what’s gonna cause it, but I can tell you that there are already signs out there of trouble.

Smoke signals are being sent up from various areas in the Drive-By Media, for example. Tom Brokaw… (interruption) Mmmm. I don’t know if Whoopi would be first or Tom Brokaw. But Tom Brokaw has just, I think, been sent out by the Democrat old guard to issue a warning. He went on PMSNBC today, which is Ocasio-Cortez’s playground. Brokaw went over there today to blame “both sides” for the shutdown. Let me translate that for you.

When the old eminence of the Democrat Party under the guise of the anchor of the NBC Nightly News Tom Brokaw, in the midst of the shutdown — in the midst of a shutdown in which the Democrats and the media are totally trying to blame Donald Trump — all of a sudden, here comes Tom Brokaw on MSNBC blaming both sides for the shutdown, that is Democrat speak for “we’ve got a political problem here.”

Brokaw is saying that the Democrats “find themselves now in a risky situation,” and he followed it with this: “You’ve got the young people running through the halls who are the new members of Congress who are conducting pep rallies every day instead of getting together with the more moderate people.” Let me tell you who he’s talking about. Who do you think he’s talking about? He’s talking about none other than Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

“You’ve got the young people running through the halls…” So this means there has been a message sent. The leadership itself doesn’t want to be seen as having issued this warning. So they call somebody they think is unassailable in areas of trust and reputation. They called old Tom Brokaw and they said, “Tom, what do you think of this wild bunch of teenagers that’s running around chasing down Mitch McConnell and so forth,” and gave a little guidance of what to say and he goes out there and says, “We got some political risk here!”

He’s totally aiming that allegation at Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Why, what this means is that the Pelosi-Steny Hoyer leadership in the House (Democrat leadership in the House) is getting concerned over the fact that this woman is out of control and is becoming a bigger personage than any of her achievements warrant — and, as such, is becoming the face, and thus a target for the opponents to point to as:

“Hey, if you really wonder how nutty these Democrats are, just check out Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.” And then she obliges by going on Colbert last night saying, “I give zero F-[bombs] about criticism from Democrats.” So she’s responding to it! She knows the Democrats are not happy with her, but she doesn’t care. She went on with Colbert last night, said she gives zero F-bombs… She used the word. They bleeped it in the show, but she used the word: Zero F’s about the pushback she’s received for challenging establishment Democrats.

Colbert asked her, “Okay, on a scale from zero to some, how many F-[bombs] do you give?” Ocasio-Cortez: “I think it’s, uh, zero.” Now, right now the media is protecting her from scrutiny. They’ve made her a star. She thinks media and social media attention is due to her credibility and her intelligence and her accomplishments. But it’s not. She is the latest vessel that the left can use to make socialism even more attractive than they’ve been able to make it and to sell it. She’s young. Some people think she’s attractive.

An oddball election gave her a platform. So she’s become an overnight celebrity, like Christine Blasey Ford, David Camera Hogg — and she thinks her celebrity makes her credible. But it doesn’t. It makes her valuable, until she isn’t — and she’s not going to be the one to determine when she’s valuable or when she’s not, and it’s only a matter of time before this happens.

So let’s go to the audio sound bites. This is yesterday in Harlem. This is the fourth annual MLK Now celebration. Journalist and author Ta-Nehisi Coates (who is a rabid leftist so-called intellectual) was interviewing Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and the journalist and author Ta-Nehisi Coates said, “Talk about marginal tax rates.”

CORTEZ: It’s an economic question, but it’s also a moral question.


CORTEZ: Are we comfortable with a society where someone can have a personal helipad while this city is experiencing the highest rates of people experiencing homelessness since the Great Depression?

COATES: Mmmm-hmm! Mmmm-hmm!

CORTEZ: Should those two things coexist at the same time?

COATES: Mmmm-hmm!

CORTEZ: Where do we draw the line in excess? Idealizing this outcome of maybe one day you, too, can be a billionaire —

COATES: Mmmmmmm!

CORTEZ: — and own more than millions of families combined —

COATES: M’yeah.

CORTEZ: — is not an aspirational or good thing.


CROWD: (applause)

CORTEZ: A system that allows billionaires to exist —


CORTEZ: — when there are parts of Alabama where people are still getting ringworm because they don’t have access to public health —

COATES: Mmm-hmm.

CORTEZ: — is wrong.

RUSH: Okay. So a system that allows billionaires to exist. Here’s something I’ll guarantee you she doesn’t know. How many socialist, communist leaders in the world do you think are billionaires? And the answer maybe would surprise some of you. It’s astounding how many of them are, and you know how they did it? They plunder their own nations’ economy. This utopia that she thinks exists in this imaginary place where socialism and communism are perfectly implemented? It doesn’t exist.

There is no such place, and the way you become a billionaire in these places is to be the dictator and a member of his family, and then you have 90% of that nation’s output. Look at Fidel Castro in Cuba. Nobody ever talks about the wealth of the communist Chinese leaders, but it would make you gasp how much money they’ve got. Nobody talks about the wealth of dictators in African countries, but it would stun you. Hugo Chavez in Venezuela? Why do you think Venezuela’s broke? Why is there no money?

Because the people that ran it basically stole it all! This is what socialism and communism result in. This is why leaders want it. It’s the fastest way to wealth ever. You just steal everything that your nation’s people produce. She doesn’t even understand that! She’s out ripping a nation which has created the highest standard of living in the history of humanity as immoral. She is out ripping to shreds a nation that has created the most advanced health care systems, the most advanced technological systems, the most advanced standard of living in the history of humanity as immoral.

She claims that the fact that there are billionaires is the definition of immorality, proving that she hasn’t the slightest idea how they became millionaires or what they were before they acquired their wealth. To her, it’s just the fact that they’ve got it. It doesn’t matter how. It makes things immoral. This woman is a dunce, folks. She’s got an economics degree from Boston University, and she is a genuine dunce. Yet wherever she goes on the left, the media and leftist audiences — rank-and-file leftists out there, the American people who are leftist Democrats — just think she is the greatest thing in the world, and they are celebrating and applauding pure ignorance.


RUSH: You know what’s ironic about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez? As she’s sitting here discussing in this sound bite, she’s discussing New York. “Are we comfortable with a society where someone can have a personal helipad while the city is experiencing the highest rates of people experiencing homelessness since the Great Depression? Should those two things coexist same time? Where do we…?” But the communists are running New York City.

What does she think de Blasio is? De Blasio is not Mr. Capitalist. He’s not John Galt in there. This guy is a descendant of some of the greatest socialists and communists in the world, and they’re leading the league in homelessness. They’re leading the league in income disparity and inequality. They are leading the league in failing infrastructure. They lead the league in traffic. (It’s a close tie there with Los Angeles.) I mean, she can’t point… This is the crazy thing!

The places that have implemented her utopian dream ideas are disaster areas — she lives in one of them — and she’s out criticizing a place that’s been run by leftists for I don’t know how long. How somebody like this ends up being presented to the people of the nation as a role model and somebody that we should all aspire to be is just mystifying.

It really is. There’s nothing to learn from her. There is nothing she’s done yet that would make you say, “Oh, I want to be her,” except she’s famous, and that’s what so many people young people want to be is famous, for everybody to know them and so forth. And clearly being dumb and stupid may be the fast track for that.


RUSH: Let me do just two more Ocasio-Cortez bites then we’ll come back to the phones. I want to keep these going in some semblance of connectivity. So we just heard her. She was asked to explain by Ta-Nehisi Coates: Tell us what marginal tax rates are. She didn’t say a word about marginal tax rates. She started talking about how there’s too many homeless people in New York and too many helipads.

We’ve got immorality, too many millionaires, billionaires. In fact, billionaires are immorality. People still getting ringworm in Alabama it means that we’ve got major, major big time problems. Didn’t say a thing about marginal tax rates. I don’t think she knows what a marginal tax rate is. Now, I think a lot of people don’t know what a marginal tax rate is, but she has a degree in economics from Boston University. I don’t mean to embarrass. If somebody asked you to explain the marginal tax rate, could you do it? (interruption)

Doubtful. Not as good as I could. (interruption) Okay. I guarantee you. That’s what he asked her. She didn’t even go there. I’ll tell you in a minute. It’s not the point. The next bite Ta-Nehisi Coates at the MLK Now Celebration in Harlem. “So how do we escape, for instance, the perils that overtook us during the New Deal which actually, in many cases, opened up a wealth gap?” Now, stop and think of what’s going on here with this question.

The New Deal, up until this crowd came along, was the signature achievement of the Democrat Party. It was FDR. The New Deal is what formalized the idea that Democrat voters are forever dependent on Washington and thus the Democrat Party. The new deal launched the idea that government could provide for, take care of for everybody who can’t take care of themselves and the numbers of people that can’t take care of themselves will grow exponentially as the Democrats start making the illusion they’re taking care of people.

The New Deal was the thing Democrats were the most proud of. It was the thing that sent them on to party dominance. The New Deal. FDR. You can’t find a bigger hero. And here comes this guy, Ta-Nehisi Coates, who’s also a race activist as well as being a so-called left-wing intellectual asking Ocasio-Cortez, “How we escape the perils that overtook us during the New Deal, which actually in many cases opened up a wealth gap?

Folks, this is driving me crazy. The wealth gap that occurred during the New Deal is exactly the kind of thing wealth gap that happens in socialist countries! The leaders take all the money! The wealth gap, the wealth gap! The Democrats don’t talk about any wealth gap that they created! FDR didn’t create a wealth gap! FDR didn’t do anything about inequality!

FDR came up with all of these things. Social Security was the foundational building block of the New Deal. It made people Democrats forever and for the rest of their lives. Now all of a sudden here comes these upstarts with the idea that there was some kind of wealth gap because of the New Deal. I can’t wait to hear what Ocasio-Cortez says about this.

CORTEZ: People think about reparations as reparations for slavery. But really, economically speaking, reparations are for the damage done by the New Deal and redlining because that is where we saw a compounding of the existing inequity from the legacy of slavery where we drew red lines around black communities and we said white communities will get home loans and they’ll get access to the basic bedrock of wealth in America, and this will be your heirloom.

RUSH: What?

CORTEZ: And we gave white America an heirloom that appreciated over time that people still benefit from today and we did not give that to African-American, Mexican communities, Puerto Rican communities.

RUSH: Oh, man, this is news. The Democrats abandoned people of color in the New Deal? You young-uns out there may not realize the blasphemy that she just said. The New Deal was the Democrat Party’s signature achievement. Before the Great Society and all the other garbage that LBJ did, the New Deal was the gold standard. Now here comes this bunch claiming that it left out African-Americans, that it left out Puerto Ricans, that it left out Mexicans, and it gave the heirloom to white Americans, and…

The inequities, the legacy of slavery drew red lines around the black communities? And they say Trump doesn’t know what he’s talking about? Red lines around the black…? She doesn’t even know what a red line is! We drew red lines around the black community? You can find them on the map. She’s probably saying she’s go looking for the red lines around Harlem. They’re there. You’ll see ’em if you get the right map.

White communities will get home loans and they’ll get access to the basic…? Does she not even know what caused the financial crisis in 2008? It was mortgages for people that couldn’t pay them back, and this access to money for home loans will be your heirloom and we gave white America an heirloom that appreciated over-time…? So people that have anything didn’t work for it. It was given to them by the New Deal, but the New Deal shafted minorities.

Folks, you get people like Brokaw or Pelosi or any of the other of ’em hearing this and this is panic time. “We can’t allow this…” I mean, the Republicans haven’t been able to damage the New Deal, and the New Deal was a disaster for America. Don’t misunderstand. It was an absolute disaster! Because it created the whole idea… The purpose of the New Deal was to create Democrat voters in perpetuity. The New Deal was to Americans as illegal immigration is to the Democrats today.

It was about creating a permanent underclass that would forever vote Democrat by giving ’em just enough to not have to eat medicine for food, just enough, just enough to keep ’em out there and voting Democrat for maybe a couple of more crackers next year, all the while blaming Republicans for not giving you five crackers when the Democrats can come up with three. So it was about creating a permanent Democrat majority via creating a permanent underclass, and they’re redoing the New Deal here with amnesty for illegal immigrants.

But she’s coming along and ripping the whole concept of the New Deal as racist. Ha-ha. Republicans can’t even get away with this, and we’ve tried. Okay. There’s one more, and this is the piece de resistance. Talking here to Ta-Nehisi Coates interviewing Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and I’ve warned everybody that the millennial population of this country has been poisoned. They’ve been propagandized and brainwashed that the nation is ending, the world is.

By the time they’re 65, they won’t live. The country, the planet will not sustain human life because of climate change. You’d be stunned the number of young people that believe this. They’ve been lied to about it, but they believe it, and it’s become a life and death matter. That’s why they go nuts when they find out that some seeds were grown by the ChiComs on the Moon! I think I mentioned to you last week.

My tech bloggers, these little kids, they went bonkers with the idea, with the news that you could grow food on the Moon. “Now there’s someplace to go! There’s someplace to go when climate change destroys. God! We’re so happy! There’s somewhere to go now! We don’t have to go to Mars! We can go to Moon! We can plant food on the Moon! We can take our instant pots and we can go to the Moon!”

By the way, they’ve got Instant Pot for a big price reduction on Amazon. That’s what they care about, the Instant Pot. Do you know what the Instant Pot is, Dawn? Dawn, do you know what the Instant Pot is? (interruption) If you read tech blogs, you would. It’s a pot. It’s like a crock pot. It’s the latest craze among Millennials, and whenever it’s on sale for a dollar… (interruption)

What kind of cooker? It’s a built in pressure cooker. I don’t know what it is, but whenever there is a dollar or 50 cents off on the Instant Pot on Amazon, it rates breaking news on the tech blogs. ‘Cause they’re all starving! You have to pay for food in America. It’s so immoral. So they got these Instant Pots. Well, now they can go to the Moon. They can grow seeds on the Moon! There’s somewhere to go! They’re so happy!

They really believe this, some of them. So Ta-Nehisi Coates talking to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez about the end of the world and climate change. And this is what she said about that.

OCASIO-CORTEZ: Millennials and people and Gen Z and all these folks that come after us are looking up, and we’re, like, “The world is gonna end in 12 years if we don’t address climate change,” and your biggest issue, your biggest issue is how are we gonna pay for it, and, like, this is the war… This is our World War II. For younger people, we’re looking at this, and we’re, like, “How are we saying, ‘Let’s take it easy,’ when 3,000 Americans died last year? How are we saying, ‘Let’s take it easy,’ when the Nth person has just died from our cruel and unjust criminal justice system? How are we saying, ‘Take it easy,’ when the America that we’re living in today is so dystopian when people sleeping in their cars that they can work a second job without health care and we’re told to settle down?”

RUSH: All right. Now, folks, we didn’t edit that. We didn’t take anything out; we didn’t add anything. This is what American higher education has become. She is insistent and sincere, dead serious about this. Let’s unpack this. “Millennials and people in Gen Z and all these folks who come after us are looking up and we’re, like, ‘The world’s gonna end in 12 years if we don’t address climate change.'” And there’s some applause in this audience of crackpots.

(impression)) “And your biggest issue is how are we gonna pay for it? That’s immoral. It’s destroying us. We’ve only got 12 years. You’re worried about how we gonna pay for it and, like, and, like, and, like, this is the war, this is our World War II! This is our world war,” proving she has no idea what World War II was or World War I or Vietnam or the Gulf War. She doesn’t know what the War on Poverty was. She doesn’t know anything.

It is stunning and striking! As an acquaintance asked, “Well, if this is your World War II, don’t you think it’s about time to invade China and India?” “Why? Why would we do that?” “Because they’re the ones destroying the planet. They’re emitting more pollution and CO2s than we ever did and ever hope to. It’s not even a contest!” Yet to her, the United States is guilty. The United States is evil. The United States needs to be overturned and transformed.

Twelve years, folks. Twelve years. But they can grow seeds on the Moon now, Instant Pots. There’s a future finally, Instant Pots on the Moon! They’re so happy. (summarized) “For younger people, we’re looking at this and we’re, like, we’re like, we’re like, y’know, how are you we saying ‘take it easy’ when 3,000 Americans died last year.” Three thousand died from what, climate change? More than 3,000 died? I mean, the wheel claimed 48,000. Opioids claimed about the same.

Three thousand people died from what? (summarized) “How are we saying, ‘Let’s take it easy,’ when the Nth person just died from our cruel, injustice criminal justice system, ‘Take it easy’ when the America we live in today is so dystopian, people sleeping in their cars so we can work a second job?” Is that right? People living in their cars so they can take a second job. Isn’t it living in their cars ’cause they can’t find a job? Of course, she’s describing New York. She talks about all this dystopian stuff that she’s describing… By the way, dystopian, for those of you in Rio Linda, is the end of the world.

Utopia: perfect, harmony.

Dystopia: discord, disaster, disease, mass deaths.

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