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RUSH: A left-wing wacko group that helped elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is preparing to battle the entire Democrat Party.

Last week, the “Justice Democrats” released a video featuring Ocasio-Cortez, calling for a rebellion. The group wants young activists and community organizers to become candidates, specifically to run against incumbent Democrats. They want the old, moderate, establishment Democrats to face primaries by young leftists, and get thrown the heck out of office.

Ocasio-Cortez says in the video that even if young progressives serve only one term, that’s fine. Because leftists can make “ten years’ worth” of radical change in one term. One term is two years, for those of you in Rio Linda.

I find this fascinating. What we have here is a real, credible threat to the Democrat establishment. And if you think the Democrat Old Guard will just bend over and grab the ankles for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (some of them might, actually)  and her band of rebels, you’re don’t have a clue. This means war! They’re not gonna sit there and let this happen. You watch.

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