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RUSH: You know, during the midterm elections everybody was pondering, “Gee, what’s gonna happen if the Democrats win the House?” We all guessed correctly that they would just do nothing but investigations. In fact, you want to hear this? Pencil Neck Adam Schiff! When the BuzzFeed story came out last Friday and it was simmering out there — it was kind of exploding, actually, all day long — and then finally the office of the special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III, Esq., debunked the story and said that it wasn’t true.

And the Drive-By Media had a collective depression and all of their acolytes had a collective depression. (laughing) And so now Adam Schiff and some of these other Democrat committee chairmen in the House said, “You know what?” I need to add one thing. Who was it? Jonathan Karl of ABC News said that he had heard that people had better be prepared for a report from Mueller that is anti-climactic. Meaning: It ain’t gonna be what everybody’s hoping. Meaning: It isn’t gonna have evidence in there that Trump needs to go.

So I have detected that there is more and more of this sentiment that whatever Mueller ends up reporting, it isn’t gonna be bombshell. It isn’t gonna be blockbuster. And, of course, if it was always based on the evidence, we could have told you that from before the day Mueller started. The question here is whether this has ever been about evidence or not, because actually it hasn’t. There wasn’t any collusion. You know the drill on that.

So the Democrats, now (in further evidence that they are afraid Mueller’s got nothing) are announcing new investigations, even additional investigations from what we know that they’ve said they’re gonna do. Adam Schiff has said that if the Mueller report is unsatisfying, they’re just gonna start it themselves. They’re gonna start their own investigation all over again. They’re telegraphing that if Mueller doesn’t have anything, that’s not gonna be the end of it, that they’re going to impanel new committees.

I’m trying to think. What more do they think they will be able to get than the CIA can get, than the FBI can get, than the DOJ can get, than MI5 and MI6 can get? I mean, they’ve turned this earth upside down looking for evidence that Trump colluded with the Russians, and there isn’t any evidence of it. And these people have gotten so accustomed, their expectations are so high, that if now… They’re being asked point-blank, “Well, what if Mueller’s report doesn’t have anything?”

(sputtering) “Well — well — well that — that — that just means that we’re gonna have to kick in our own investigations here,” and the assumption is that Trump will have done something to bottle this up or what have you. I mean, it’s pure irrationality on parade, and if they do this after the Mueller report, no matter what it is? If they’re unsatisfied with it and then double down and start process all over again, I’m guaranteeing you that more Americans than you can possibly calculate are gonna throw up their hands in frustration and totally oppose it.

I mean, the lunatic Democrat base will be all for it. But the point is, we knew this is what they’re gonna do. I’m just trying to tell you that you’re gonna do even more. They’re gonna do even more investigations depending on what Mueller does have and comes up with. But in all of our prognosticating, in all of our forecasting, in all of the imagining what the Democrats would do, how many of you ever assumed that after they won the House, that they would shut down the government and then try to prevent Trump from giving the State of the Union address?

I didn’t! Those two things never crossed my radar. But here we are, and so now Trump has made a proposal to The Turtle, Mitch McConnell, the leader in the Senate, of ways to get the government back up and running and get the wall built. He’s offered Democrats much of what they have claimed to have wanted, but it contains money for the wall. The Democrats are saying, led by Pelosi, they’re not even gonna talk to him. So now there’s some breakage in the ranks.

There are a couple of prominent Democrats who are saying, “Come on! Just give him the money and let’s open the government back up!” Other Democrats — and they’re freshmen — say, “Come on! You’ve got talk to him. Get in the room and talk to him!” But Pelosi is intractable. Pelosi will not budge. Steny Hoyer has broken away from her yet again on all of this, and I just find it fascinating. You know, Hillary Clinton was talking about once the Democrats get back in charge it’s gonna be the “return to civility.”

Ha! Return to civility?

Now, she may have been talking about once they win the White House again. But they’ve won the House, and there isn’t any pretense of civility happening out there. Not on their side of the aisle. We have a continued disintegration of our culture, continuing disintegration of our society, a culture war started by them and continually waged by them. They’re never happy.

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