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RUSH: There is a fascinating story here, folks, in an obscure website called EurekAlert.org. I don’t know if they specialize in it, but they focus on science news on this website. There is a post from… Let’s see. Da-da-da-da.

I think it was the 22nd … so it would be yesterday, and the headline: “The Feminization of Men Leads to a Rise in Homophobia. Researchers at something called UNIGE, the University of Geneva, “have shown that some men turn to homophobia as a way of reasserting their masculinity” after having been deballed by women. Emasculated by women. So after women have feminized ’em and chickified ’em, the tendency to still be a guy is still lurking in there, and according to this research, it comes out in the form of homophobia.

I’ll give you a couple of pull quotes. By the way, this research, it’s gonna be used to trash men at large. Don’t think that this is gonna be helpful. Couple of pull quotes. “Femininity is no longer considered to be a characteristic that is unique to women since men are becoming more sensitive and emotional,” and they’re being urged to explore their feelings. And this is causing more men to become feminine. “But this acceptance of the feminization of men seems to be happening at the expense of homosexuals, because masculinity is now affirmed more by heterosexuality.”

So the theory is that as more and more women, more and more feminazis demand that men be more like women, be more sensitive… In other words, as they de-masculinize, as masculinity is stripped away from ’em, that men still feel the urge here to fight away from that. And they do so, they express their masculinity as part of their heterosexuality. “I’m a real man. I’m straight.” So they become homophobes. Another pull quote: “The feminization of society is delaying the acceptance of gay rights.” The University of Geneva.

“The feminization of society is delaying the acceptance of gay rights. These results reflect the fact that our Western societies, which are establishing gender equality as a fundamental principle, are still reluctant when it comes to the rights of homosexuals. “The more we even up the genders, the more difficult it becomes for ‘traditional men’ to manage this equality and continue to construct their masculinity. As they can’t differentiate themselves from women any more, they see homophobia as a way of restoring their manhood,” concludes Professor Falomir.”

Good Lord. What are the students of this place being taught? It’s perfectly fine that men are being emasculated. That’s cool. It’s perfectly fine that men are having their masculinity stripped away. That’s fine and dandy. The feminization of society is a wonderful thing, but now we’ve discovered a potential problem: “delaying the acceptance of gay rights,” because as more and more men can’t differentiate themselves from women, they see homophobia as the way to act like men. This is the great fear.

Let me ask a question of you men in the audience. How many of you don’t know you’re different than women now? How many of you men are unable to distinguish yourself from women in any away, in any way? Physiologically, psychologically, psychically, in any way? How many of you men think that you have become women or are on the way? Because this is the overall claim from the brilliant scientists at the University of Geneva.

Yet, you see, before the feminazi revolution “In the late 1960s, men largely built their identity on traits that opposed those assigned to women.” And that was unacceptable. We can’t have men being men and women being men, can’t have that inequality. It’s just not fair, it’s not right. So before we straighten things out, men built their masculinity on traits that oppose those assigned to women… Men didn’t build masculinity! It was there! You don’t go to masculinity class! You either have it or you don’t. You’re either browbeat or you’re not.

You’re either emasculated or you’re not! But this thing claims the feminist revolution… Before the feminazis came along and asserted themselves, men were different than women! Imagine that! But since feminazism, society has been moving more towards gender equality. Men can no longer rely on this anti-feminine norm. ‘Cause they’re not. They’re like women now. So what are the effects on this shift of masculinity, affirmation? Well, researchers the University of Geneva have revealed that some men assert their manhood by stressing their heterosexuality in order to compensate for their own feminization.

So women have emasculated them, turned them into a bunch of quivering masses of jelly; so they have to have some way of being different, and the way they do it is become homophobes. And there’s a subhead here: “Masculine construction: in need of guidance… As well as focusing on their careers, women can now be self-sufficient and strong. Meanwhile, men are allowed to show their emotions. Men are allowed to take care of their families.” Men are allowed to be like women!” The anti-feminist norm can no longer serve as a model for constructing male identity. Men can no longer being be men. Men can no longer be heads of the household. Men can no longer be whatever men have been. They can’t be. We’re changing that. And it’s generally overall good. The downside is there’s more homophobia out there.

These people I’ll tell, folks, we’re dealing with lunacy.

We’re just surrounded by it.

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