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RUSH: TheHill.com. Here’s the headline: “Trump Trails Several Possible 2020 Democrat Opponents in Latest Poll.” What is this? It’s January 22nd, yesterday. The story came out last night. It’s January 23, 2019. The election is 23 months away. The things that are gonna happen between now and the election are unpredictable. We can’t possibly know.

They’re gonna have an impact on the election. I mean, we don’t even know who the Democrat nominee is, and we’ve already got polling data: “Trump Trails Several Possible 2020 Democrat Opponents in Latest Poll.” Seriously? Seriously? Here are the numbers, and it’s from our old buddies, the left-wing rag of polling, Public Policy Polling. Trump trails Senator Kamala Harris by seven points. I guess that means Trump should just give up. Trump trails Fauxcahontas by six points. That’d be Elizabeth Warren. Trump trails Kirsten Gillibrand!

Kirsten Gillibrand doesn’t have a prayer of getting the Democrat Party nomination. She’s too blonde and she’s too white and she’s not too bright. She doesn’t have a prayer. Biden’s not gonna get it because — and they are saying this, not me. Biden isn’t gonna get it because of age and health. I’m not saying that. I don’t know Plugs. But they do, and that’s what they’re saying. I can tell you right now, it’s not gonna be Kirsten Gillibrand. (laughing) So it doesn’t matter whether Trump’s trailing. It doesn’t matter any of this — and yet there it is, a big news story.

It’s picked up by the AP, picked up by Yahoo News, picked up all over the place. And then Twitter starts reacting to this, and by two hours after this is published we’re totally out of control again. Trump “also trails several top progressive leaders who are speculated…” Why, Trump’s even behind people that haven’t declared. Do you know that? Trump is so hated, Trump is so reviled, Trump is so disgusting that he even trails Democrats and “progressives” that haven’t even announced their nomination attempts yet!

He trails Biden. He trails Bernie Sanders.

Trump’s approval numbers, you know what they are? They’re 45%. In the midst of all of this! Two years of everyday, multiple-times-a-day character assassination, slander, and libel on issue after issue after issue — and 92% negative media coverage solid every day, every week, every month for the whole year — and he’s at 45%. But it doesn’t matter. He’s already lost. He’s trailing every Democrat who wants the Democrat nomination. I mean, it’s sophistry. It’s insulting to our intelligence. But that’s what we have to deal with.

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