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RUSH: Well, folks, it gets increasingly comical here. I just spent three minutes watching CNN. I subjected my mental health — for the sake of you and this program — to three minutes of CNN. Let me give you the upshot here of what CNN is having a major, major moment of crisis about. Apparently, Michael Cohen, Trump’s rat — you know, “the fixer,” lawyer — was supposed to testify somewhere, somehow, and he has postponed his testimony claiming that there have been threats from Trump.

CNN Cohen Threats

And CNN is running with this as though it’s now descended into a mob case, and it revolves around Rudy, Rudy Giuliani and recent TV appearances. Cohen is now saying, “I’m not testifying! I’m not testifying! Did you hear what Giuliani said? Giuliani threatened me. Giuliani is threatening me, and that means Trump is. They’re threatening my father-in-law, who’s Ukrainian! They’re threatening me! I’m not testifying!” Now, Cohen is going to jail in March, and Cohen is doing everything he can to get his sentence reduced.

So he’s saying anything that he thinks prosecutors at the Southern District of New York and even the special counsel — the estimable, irreplaceable, Robert S. Mueller III — might hear and decide that this guy is being so helpful and he’s going so far out of the way to help us nail Trump that maybe we can reduce his sentence. He’s got one month, ’cause basically… Well, six weeks. Five weeks. Five weeks before he gets sentenced. So he’s pulling out all the stops now.

Now, I didn’t have enough time to gather what specifically Rudy has said on TV recently that constituted the “threat” message to Cohen from Trump, only that it resolves around Cohen’s father-in-law and organized crime. So now CNN’s asking expert guest after expert, “Does this constitute witness tampering? Is the president of the United States tampering with witnesses?” The guests say (impression), “Well, no. It’s not witness tampering. I mean, uh, in the old mob days they would say, ‘Gee, I hope you’re able to see the sunshine again,’ or, ‘Gee, you know, can you swim with a cement swimsuit? You may have to learn how someday.’

“But those kinds of things were part of the parlance and they were not regarded as witness tampering.” (laughing) So the upshot… (laughing) There’s nothing! Mueller doesn’t have anything, it’s clear. The Democrats and these committees are not gonna get anything, and so they just keep throwing things up against the wall. So now Rudy, who… He has been saying some strange things on TV. “So what if Trump talked to Cohen? Trump can talk to Cohen whatever he wants!”

Apparently, something Rudy said constitutes Cohen being scared to death, that whatever Rudy said is the equivalent Trump threatening Cohen. Cohen is saying, “Look, I’m not testifying anymore! I’m not testifying. (sputtering) I — I — I — I — I…” So I think this is just the continuation of Cohen turning rat and doing what he can now for himself, and he can read the tea leaves. He knows what all these people think about Trump, and so he’s trying to feed them anything that will ingratiate him to them for the purposes of having his sentence decreased.

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