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RUSH: Well, here we go again, this time in New York City. On December 31, New York liberals got what they wanted once more. The minimum wage went up, from $13 bucks an hour to $15 an hour.

Now, it doesn’t take rocket science to predict what happened next.

The restaurant industry started “making adjustments.” Just like the restaurant industry did when liberals drove the minimum wage up in Seattle.

Restaurant owners are raising costs of menu items. Food is getting more expensive. But that’s not enough to offset their new labor expenses. So they’re giving employees fewer hours. IE: They’re earning less money. In some cases, they’re laying them off. That means ‘being fired’. But you people in Rio Linda know that.

It’s the same story, with the same results, everywhere and every time. Raise the cost of doing business, and it’s consumers and employees who ultimately pay the price.

The only people who don’t get this are the brain-dead liberals who see this same lesson replaying over and over and over again, but somehow refuse to see what happens and refuse to accept the truth. They’re destroying their own supporters. And their own supporters are being destroyed and still voting for them.

Are we screwed or what?

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