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RUSH: There’s a story here the Washington Times, headline: “Most Americans Unwilling to Spend $10 per Month to Fight Climate Change — Most Americans are willing to chip in [$1] each month to help fight climate change, but they draw the line at $10.” This is an AP survey and it “found that 57% of Americans would vote for a $1 fee added to their monthly electricity bill to ‘combat climate change,’ but only 28% would agree to pay an additional $10 per month.”

So you know what this means. This is not just a bunch of people in the media trying to take the temperature of people on where they stand on climate change. They’re looking for the sweet spot. They’ve already decided that they’re gonna add to your electricity bill. That’s already been decided. They can’t add to the phone bill, ’cause you’re already paying for stuff in the phone bill you have no idea about. Do you realize you’re still paying for farmers to have long-distance phone service and you’re paying for farmers to have internet access? You’re paying for rural access to rotary phone lines.

You’re paying for rural access to touch-dial phone lines. You’re paying for rural access to the internet. All these hidden little fees. Now they’re gonna add this to your electricity bill if it happens.” So just looking for the sweet spot now. You won’t pay 10 but I will pay one. “So would you pay five?” So by hook or crook, whether you agree to it or not, they’re gonna find a way to make you pay for the destruction of this planet that you have furthered. It’s time to make us all pay for the damage that we have caused.

They’re upset that you won’t pay 10, but they’re happy that you will pay one.

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