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RUSH: Here is Nicholas in Houston. Nick, glad you waited. Welcome to our program. Hi.

CALLER: (garbled cell) Hello, Mr. Limbaugh. Mega dittos from Houston, Texas.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: I am… (unintelligible) I am a TSA officer here in Houston, and two days we heard rumblings of why they want to reopen the government temporarily. If I may, can I just lead you to the answer real quick or do you want me to give you the answer?

RUSH: Okay, go. I’ve got about a minute and a half here so, yeah, tell me what you know.

CALLER: Okay. All right. I’ll hurry up. Atlanta is the airport where they’re having a shortage issue and the wait times are around two hours plus. But what’s happening next month, early next month in Atlanta? The Super Bowl. They just want us to open so we can process the Super Bowl passengers back and forth and then close it down.

RUSH: A-ha. A-ha! That’s right. The teams arrive at the Super Bowl on Sunday and Monday, and then the fan base overpaying for everything will start arriving on Monday and through the week and they gotta get Atlanta open and operating with full TSA to be able to process all those people getting into Atlanta. There’s stories today that LaGuardia is pulling back on flights because of shortages of personnel and air traffic control.

And the way CNN’s reporting that is, “Yeah, if you had your own jet like a lot of these rich Trump supporters do and you’re unable to get into New York, you’re damn well gonna demand that the shutdown end.” You may be on to something out there, Nick. So we reopen things and we pay people long enough to get people into the Super Bowl (laughing) and then we shut down again until it’s time to get ’em out of Atlanta. We’ll see. We’re gonna know here in a few short minutes. I’m glad you called.

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