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RUSH: If I were Kamala Harris today, I don’t know that I would like what’s going on. You never want to be the front-runner two years out. You got nowhere to go. You got nowhere else to go. And she had a rally in Oakland to announce her candidacy, 20,000 people showed up. Folks, I gotta tell you something. She was excellent. I’m just gonna tell you right now, she came off as a female Barack Obama, just in terms of the kind of things the left attaches value to.

Now, when I’ve watched Kamala Harris as a senator, say, on the Senate Judiciary Committee questioning judicial nominees during confirmation hearings, I’ve literally thought that she doesn’t have much of a brain. Her questions are stupid, they’re insolent, they are predictable, they are cliched, she doesn’t wait for answers, she’s speechifying, opinionating and all this, and I thought I was watching intellectual laziness.

But on the teleprompter at her rally in Oakland I think it was, over the weekend, totally different person. She seemed competent. Forget the madcap proposals. Her proposals are just as madcap and insane as Cortez. I’m not talking about the substance. I’m talking about the style, the appearance. You know, television’s largely about how you look, not what you say. The evidence for that is everywhere, people just don’t want to admit it. And the fact that she had 20,000 people show up, whether she paid ’em or not, the fact is that 20,000 is a bigger crowd than Obama ever drew when he was announcing his candidacy.

And it has come out that she was one of the many mistresses of the great Willie Brown, the Speaker of the California assembly. He’s married but has a list of paramours. It’s Clintonesque. In fact, he may have had more than Clinton had. And Kamala Harris was one of them. And so now there are headlines: “Willie Brown’s Mistress Announces for Presidency,” blah, blah, blah.

And so they asked Willie Brown (imitating Brown), “So what? I had an affair with her. So what? I’ve helped a lot of women. So what if I’ve had an affair with her. I’ve helped a lot of women in politics. I’ve helped Dianne Feinstein. I’ve helped Pelosi. I have helped Barbara Boxer.” He started listing all these women in California he’s helped after he acknowledged he had an affair with her, with Kamala Harris. “So what?”

“So what” exactly. What difference does it make on the Democrat side? What difference does it make anymore? It doesn’t make any difference. If it doesn’t bother Willie Brown’s wife, it doesn’t bother him, it doesn’t bother Kamala Harris’s current husband, whoever it is, not any big deal. But I wouldn’t want to be where she is right now, ’cause all the media, “Can she cut through the noise of all the other Democrat nominees?” Maybe, who knows.

But I can just tell you, year and a half, two years out, you don’t want to be the first one. There’s nowhere to go from there but down. And then you’ve got 19 others, a-ha, room to grow, get noticed, this sort of thing. It’s way, way early, but you can see media excitement. When some Democrat does a rally and draws a Trump size crowd, that’s all they need to see. That’s all they need to see. They can then diminish Trump. “See, Trump’s rallies are no big deal. Look what our people do.” And that’s the media talking about Kamala Harris.


RUSH: By the way, here’s Kamala Harris from her announcement in Oakland yesterday, a portion of her announcement of course, not nearly the whole thing.

HARRIS: We are here because the American dream and our American democracy are under attack and on the line like never before.

RUSH: By you! By you! That’s what’s crazy about this.

HARRIS: And we are here at this moment in time because we must answer a fundamental question: Who are we? Who are we as Americans? So let’s answer that question to the world and each other right here and right now. America, we are better than this.

RUSH: That means better than Trump. But, you know, we’re here because the American dream and our American democracy are under attack. Exactly right! By people like you! This isn’t even arguable. The American dream and American democracy are under siege by the American left, who do not like America as founded. This isn’t even, as I say, arguable.

Now, I find it fascinating that a radical leftist is trying to cajole other radical leftists to support her on something that they hate: the American dream. You know why they hate the American dream? Because they think it’s left them out by design. These people think that the American dream was for white Christians only. That the Founding Fathers set up America for white Christians only and that everybody else may as well be a slave or inhuman.

So the American dream, as they think of it, is not something they want restored. So I will be fascinated to see how that line plays. I know what you’re saying. You might think, “Rush, to them, the American dream still is the same to rest of us. Get rich.” Folks, he-he-he-he. Maybe getting rich is the American dream. But they don’t go about it the way you do. Getting rich to them is taking money they think from people that don’t deserve it, who have stolen it from them.

To you getting rich is working for it, coming up with some way to have a successful career and life and so forth. The American dream to these people is — you know, calling it wealth redistribution doesn’t even get halfway there in describing what these people want to do. The American dream and our American democracy are under attack, damn right, but by people like Kamala Harris.

But forget the substance of what she said, because something that is true that we’re gonna have to deal with, she looked good at that rally. She looked comfortable, confident. She looked like she belonged there, in her own mind. You know, you can see confidence in people, and you can see lack of it. You can see people scared to death of who they are and where they are.

She was neither. She sounded good too. Her voice sounds good, her intonation sounds good, voice is pleasant. The overall look, just the look was such there was nothing to pick apart, other than the substance, other than her ideology. And we know that didn’t work on Obama.

We told everybody under the sun who the guy was, and we were right. We told everybody what would happen to the economy. We told everybody what would happen with health care. We told everybody what an Obama presidency was gonna be, and they didn’t care. They voted for him irrespective of that. They voted for him because they wanted to shed the label they were racist, so voting for the first black candidate, have a chance to win, that’s all that mattered.

And… (sigh) And they hated Republicans because the Iraq war and the media hated Republicans because of the media, the media, the media — and the Iraq war — and McCain was a… (big sigh) Well, he was a walking mistake as a candidate. She may be intellectually deficient, and she may be as radical as the Weather Underground like Obama was. But she doesn’t look it and she doesn’t sound it. The only way you would know she was any of those things is if you happened to watch her questioning Kavanaugh or any other Republican judicial nominee.

Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton it looked like a rank amateur old maid compared to Kamala Harris. You know what they said about Hillary — Smartest Woman in the World — and I was surprised, because my impression of this woman watching her as a senator and seeing some of her comments and some of her question time, I thought she was dunce-like. But, see, there’s no teleprompter in judicial confirmation hearings, and she had a prompter, and she had a written speech — rehearsed, no doubt — and I’m just telling you, she could be very dangerous.

She punches a lot of buttons for the left. She checks off a lot of boxes: Female, African-American, identity politics extraordinaire. She’s had an affair with Willie Brown. They asked him about it and she said, “So what?” He’s right. “So what? So somebody had an affair. On the Democrat side, do you think that matters?” He’s laughing at people. “So what? I’ve helped a lot of women.” After acknowledging that he helped her after an affair, he starts ticking off other Democrat women in California that he has helped. She’s from a big state, minority, woman, leftist enough.

She could be Biden’s vice presidential nominee. But! But! Over here, if Michelle (My Butt) — Michelle (My Belle) Obama runs, then Kamala Who? and Joe Who? and Howard Who? and all the rest of ’em who? If Michelle — and I do believe that she’s thinking about it, and I do believe… I don’t think they’ve made up their mind yet.

But I think they are preparing for her to run. They’re surveying the land. They’re surveying the circumstances. And if the right shoes drop and the right things happen, I think Michelle (My Belle) will be in there, and the proof of the pudding is by the utter denial, but all the books and all of the speeches and the all of this and the all of that.

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