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RUSH: Man, oh, man. You know, I’ve gotten a lot of reaction to things over the course of my stellar and remarkable broadcast career. But the reaction I got from a monologue last week reacting to the news made by the New York State Senate where they gave a standing ovation to murder – they’re calling it abortion — I have received so many responses, favorable responses to that.

I don’t get feedback much anymore. After 30 years, people just expect certain things, and, when you deliver, it’s what’s expected, it’s normal. So I really don’t get a whole lot of feedback. I have been overwhelmed with feedback and apparently a couple of other websites picked up the story and ran the transcript of what I said. The Daily Wire was one of them.

I think it was timely because of a singular observation about it. And let me just briefly recap it, because it’s gonna serve as a transition into a further development of the whole idea, the topic, which is — I’ve got a piece here from I think it’s Power Line, one of the writers there said, “What’s happened to the left?” Nobody can understand what has happened to these people. Well, I do. I understand exactly what’s happened. They have become poisoned by a loathing hatred for us. I mean, it really isn’t any more complicated than that.

There’s a tweet here from Ben Stein. You all know who Ben Stein is? A well-known raconteur, Hollywood actor, does commercials, a lecturer. He has been a writer and editor at the American Spectator. His father was Herb Stein, chief economist, adviser for Richard Nixon.

And Ben Stein tweets: “We have a society in which there are an awful lot of people who have no idea that Stalin, Hitler, Mao Tse-Tung all came to power promising the same kinds of things that Ms. Ocasio-Cortez is promising. And it led to mass murder, it led to dictatorship, it led to genocide.”

Now, what would you call that? All that is true. It’s absolutely true. But it’s not just Cortez, folks. This is what the Democrat Party has become. Let me ask you something. Do you remember what happened to the kid, the Covington High School kids? Do you know of one person who stood up on the Democrat side and rejected the treatment that kid was getting from their supporters? There wasn’t one elected Democrat. They all piled on instead! There wasn’t one elected Democrat who stood up and told everybody on his or her side to calm down.

No. What happened was the actions against the kid, led by the media, were joined by others in the media and the Democrat Party and the kid and kids were then targeted as the perpetrators, as the guilty. Meanwhile, the congressional Black Israelites, who were the real perpetrators, the real vile, defamatory hate-filled people got a total pass, as did the aging and frail Indian chief, Nathan Phillips.

But the point is that there wasn’t one, not even in their diocese. There wasn’t one Catholic leader who stood up to defend them, at first. Everybody got on the role of blaming them. There wasn’t one person with the courage, other than some of us in the media, to stand up and oppose what was happening to those kids and to try to get the facts and the story right.

There wasn’t one Democrat. There wasn’t one elected or appointed Democrat anywhere who stood up and warned everybody, “Calm down, calm down, this is not looking good for us.” They all piled on. This is unchecked, unabated hatred for us.

Now, going back to the New York state Senate. You can go back — and somebody’s done this — pictures in 1965 on Easter, you had the Empire State Building and a couple of other tall skyscrapers. The only lights on in the building – and there are three of them in the picture — are the cross, signifying Easter. But last week, after the New York state Senate legalized murder, calling it abortion, the same buildings are lit up in pink, to honor who? Who has pink as their color? Well, the militant feminazis and the pro-abortion crowd and even pink is a color in the gay rainbow.

These are clearly different times, and here’s Ben Stein’s tweet about Stalin, Hitler, Mao Tse-tung, you could throw Fidel Castro in this mix. You could throw Pol Pot into this mix. Any left-wing dictator results in walls being built to keep prisoners, citizens in and to keep dissenters dead, imprisoned or shot. And yet today if you mention that to people like Ocasio-Cortez or any of these other liberals, they don’t even have to be Millennials. They can be the parents of these kids. “That’s ancient history. That’s old stuff. We’ve dealt with that. That’s never happening again.”

And then they focus right back on us. We are the threat. We, being conservatives and some Republicans, we represent the threat to them. They’re not worried about becoming Hitler all over again. They’re not worried about becoming Mao Tse-tung. That’s who they are, when you get down to it in terms of their totalitarian instincts, authoritarian instincts, they are Stalinist to the core. They are intolerant.

Let me read to you a tweet. There was… You know the writer Andrew Sullivan? He’s a liberal, and on occasion he writes pieces that go against the liberal grain, and he wrote such a piece about these kids at Covington and the media treatment and how aghast he was at how that whole story developed, where none of it was true and the media didn’t try to fact-check it and get to the truth. He said, “[T]he elite media seemed eager to downplay their role, referring to them only in passing, noting briefly that they were known to be anti-Semitic and anti-gay.”

These are the Black Hebrew Israelites that he’s talking about who were given a pass, and then he cites other media people who wrote just terribly egregious things about this. And he’s now being attacked for veering away from the required mind-set and viewpoint on this. They are intolerant of anybody who strays from the orthodoxy, and the orthodoxy is: That MAGA hat and the smirking 17-year-old kid is the enemy today, the target, the epitome of what needs to be vanquished.

So there’s a law school. The law school at George Mason University is called Scalia Law School, and somebody named David Bernstein there found a comment elsewhere on Andrew Sullivan’s piece. I want to read this comment to you. This is not an outlier comment. This is not something from the fringe. This is who they are — and by “they,” I mean today’s Democrat Party. I mean today’s American left. I mean the majority of today’s media.

Here’s the comment to the Andrew Sullivan piece. This comment is totally opposed to Sullivan looking at this case involving the Covington kids reasonably. Quote, “I don’t know who was truly the aggressor/bad guy in this situation … BUT I DO KNOW THIS: These were wealthy, privileged, white teenagers in MAGA hats marching against abortion. That is plenty of reason to want to [heck] all of them until there is nothing left but giblets and red jelly.

“I don’t hate them for smirking and (peacefully!) protesting against people they disagree with, and I don’t hate them for they did necessarily[.] I hate them for what they are and what they represent. F— these kids for their politics, f— them for their Catholicism and their kkkuntserveatism and their hateful hats. You shouldn’t need a video of some [excrement]heel with a punchable face to know that,” and then he goes on a little bit against Andrew Sullivan.

That’s typical. Folks, that’s who these people are, and one of the reasons they exist today is that we have never stood up to oppose them! Well, we have. The Republican Party has not stood up and opposed them. The Republican Party has sought, rather, their approval — and it’s not just the Republican Party. It’s all Republicans. It’s moderates that call themselves Republicans. It’s some in the conservative media that just don’t want the confrontation, want the acceptance instead. So these people have really never faced any opposition — other than at the ballot box.

That’s another reason why they hate people that voted for Trump. The only real opposition these people have is a certain segment of the American voting population. That’s all we have going for us. (Well, besides Trump.) They’ve become so accustomed to no accountability in the media and no serious political opposition from the elected political opposition (the Republican Party), that when there is any, they just freak out and seek to demolish it.

It’s been 20 or 30 years that they’ve pretty much been able to get away with whatever without any real accountability. I don’t know how many times I’ve told you… I was telling somebody earlier today, “There are so many times… I can’t count the number of moderate Republicans that came up to me, ‘You gotta get these Republicans to stop talking about abortion! We’re gonna never win election again! (sputtering)

“‘We’re — we’re — we’re — we’re social liberals and fiscal conservatives, and you gotta get them to shut up!'” I mean, everywhere I went, whenever the Republicans lost an election, it was assumed that was why. I always said to them, “Let me tell you something. If we’re not willing to stand up for life, what the hell else are we gonna be able to have any value in?” I tried to tell ’em that it was about so much more than abortion.

If you don’t have a government that is willing to stand up for life wherever it is, particularly of its own citizens — and if you have a population that is not oriented in the same direction — then you’re gonna watch the slow devolution of anything of value. If life is not worth fighting for… We all only get one, and if we’re not gonna even engage the battle to snuff out life — if we’re not even gonna be able to engage the people that want to get rid of “undesirable lives” — then what else is gonna fall by the wayside?

And that is what we’re seeing. Crime rate goes up; everything goes up. Daniel Patrick Moynihan: “Defining deviancy down.” So much perverted garbage continues to happen and we are unable to deal with it, so we all automatically eventually declare it “normal.” And as the fight against all kinds of crimes and injustices are suddenly given up or proclaimed normal, then we have the declining moral foundation of our society.

We’re living the practical results of it, and it was epitomized by standing ovations in the New York State Senate when they applauded the fact that nonmedical personnel can now do abortions even up to do a date. And if baby in the womb is intended to be aborted and survives the process, they can go ahead and kill it after birth. That was given a standing ovation too, and then they turn the lights pink on the buildings in New York City in celebration.

I’m just telling you: That is a degradation and a devaluing that I don’t know how you account for. But it didn’t happen overnight. This stuff has been creeping up on us, and there have not been… Well, I don’t mean to impugn people who have devoted their lives and have fought very hard against it, but in terms of the real commitment to this, it’s kind of been wavering. Now everybody’s asking, “Why were they applauding murder?” and I’ll tell you. The answer again is — ’cause here’s the big change.

This is another illustration of just how far our decline culturally and societally has been for all of those years. When abortion was discussed, it was always framed in terms of a civil rights issue or human rights issue for the mother. “A woman’s right to choose” is what it was about. Pregnancy is an illness. Pregnancy’s a psychological disorder, potentially. It was never… Whenever we discussed abortion, the fact that it was a human being was not permitted to be discussed. We couldn’t even discuss the concept of, “When does life begin?”

Because there wasn’t a life there. It was nothing other than a freedom issue. Civil rights, human rights. It was a women’s rights issue. That’s the way it was discussed. They couldn’t dare admit to what the practical results of this was. Well, all that’s out the window! They don’t even have to hide what they’re doing now. They’re applauding what they’re doing! The New York State Senate did not give a standing ovation to women’s rights being furthered or a woman’s right to choose being advanced.

They were applauding the ability now to abort a child up to the due date, and then snuff out the life of a child that survives the abortion. So they’re not even afraid anymore to be honest about what this issue is! They don’t have to mask it or camouflage it — and note, they’re not masking or camouflaging much of anything else, because they don’t think there’s anybody that’s gonna stop them. Because they know that if anybody does stand up and try to stop them…? Well, you want to know what your life would be like? Ask Donald Trump, and how many people are willing to put their lives on the line him?

Nobody wants to have the abuse Trump gets every day, elected official or not.

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