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RUSH: Grab sound bites 1, 2, and 3. I’m gonna do something I seldom do. I’m going to play two sound bites here with no commentary. I just want you to hear them. The first one I might comment on because it’s me. I want to set this up. This is one week ago on this program. I was discussing that I think American culture, our society is at a crossroads. The foundational morality, the guardrails, the definitions of right and wrong, the general sense that Americans are unified on America and what America is — unified on proper behavior, manners, rudeness. We’re not, and I wanted to explain why this is the case.

So this little sound bite was an attempt to address that. This is from last Monday, one week ago

RUSH ARCHIVE: There’s a larger element here to me, and it is the increasing failure of trusted institutions to get things right and to be fair about it. The greatest example right now of this being bastardized is the FBI leadership under Barack Obama, the Department of Justice leadership under Barack Obama. … The Department of Justice is the epitome of where people expect there to be no political corruption and fairness. It’s already… If you find yourself up against the government in trial or in some kind of legal case, you’re already up against the 8-ball because they have all the money in the world and you don’t have any. … And everywhere you look… The Catholic Church is letting down its parishioners in ways after ways after ways, and all other religions are doing the same thing. They are failing to stand up for church teachings and they are bowing to societal political pressure.

RUSH: That was a comment, in part, on the Catholic diocese. Not the school, but the diocese in Covington when they threw the kids overboard without even bothering to dig into what happened. They were just reacting to the media report. So quick. I mean, there’s an institution that these kids and their families, you would think would have their backs. And not just their backs, but, you know, everybody. Institutions have survived because they stand for things. They are bulwarks against whatever temporary trends there are in society, particularly downturns.

They hold firm. They stand firm in what it is that defines them, their belief system or what have you. The DOJ, the Barack Obama DOJ and the FBI, this ongoing Mueller investigation… Does anybody even know what he is doing? We don’t even have a charge memo for this man! He was not even, according to regulations, given specifics! We do not even know what he’s doing, other than what we know he’s ignoring. He’s ignoring the absolute actual crime that has occurred on the Democrat side in this whole so-called Russian collusion scandal!

You know we’ve got a two-tiered justice system, and you could almost say we’ve got a two-tiered climate change system. For example, in the heat of summer in July and August — when it’s always very hot — the left says, “See? Evidence of global warming! See? Evidence of climate change.” Hurricanes come. “See? Evidence!” Now, we have an arctic air mass approaching the Upper Midwest that’s gonna give wind chills in Minneapolis; Chicago; Des Moines; Madison, Wisconsin, of minus-50 to minus-60 degrees.

The real temperatures at night are gonna reach down to minus-30 to minus-35 degrees. The National Weather Service in Des Moines said, quote, “This is the coldest air many of us will have ever experienced — and if you are outside, avoid taking deep breaths and minimize talking.” The coldest air many of us will ever have experienced in the midst of climate change and global warming. And if you point this out, what does the climate change crowd say? “You can’t do that! You can’t confuse weather with climate!”

Yet they do it every July and August. They do it with every hurricane. So we’ve got a two-tier climate change system. They can claim the weather represents climate but we can’t. They can allow the Democrats to commit crime after crime after crime and not even be pursued. Whereas investigators will be impaneled to find crimes that do not exist on the Republican side. This is a massive failure in institutions! If people cannot trust something as basic and simple as institutional accountability and fairness in things like this, then nothing is gonna be trusted!

And just think. Incandescent light bulbs and SUVs have caused this massive, massive freeze that’s gonna be encompassing the Midwest. That’s what they want us to believe. Burning fossil fuels so heats the atmosphere, the greenhouse effect. So much pollution — largely emitted by the powerful and evil United States. So much heat, so much greenhouse effect that we’re gonna have colder air than many of us will have ever experienced.

Okay, now the next two sound bites. I’m just gonna play these. I’m not gonna comment. But along the lines of we are losing our institutions, today on Fox & Friends, Steve Doocy and the gang had the archbishop of New York Timothy Cardinal Dolan on as a guest, and they took questions from the audience. The audience could submit questions, either call in or write in or whatever. Steve Doocy to Cardinal Dolan. “Here’s a question from a viewer named Debbie. She wants to know what the church’s stance on a mother who decides to get an abortion.”

DOLAN: A mom who has an abortion, we’d say, “Mom, we love you. We might not, uh, particularly condone what you just did. But we love you, and, uh, we’re not about to judge you.” It used to be people that said we should excommunicate the mothers that did that. We don’t do that anymore. You’re welcome back in the church. If you have a sense of shame and regret about what you’ve done — and I presume you might — uh, come and ask for God’s mercy and it’s yours for the asking. So the blame doesn’t need to go on the mom here.

RUSH: And Steve Doocy then says, “Have the rules changed within the Catholic Church?”

DOLAN: It used to be that an abortion would cause the excommunication not only of the one who did it, [but] people who encourage it, and the one who had it. The church in the last 50 years — beginning with, uh, Pope John Paul II and especially intensified under Pope Francis — has said, “I don’t know if that’s gospel values, here, because mercy trumps everything.” And even though we would be uncompromising, uh, in our teaching about the horror of abortion, we would also be uncompromising in our teaching about God’s mercy.

RUSH: I play these bites because a lot of people saw this and had questions about it, and wonder why somebody like Andrew Cuomo, who’s leading standing ovations for abortion any time on demand even after the baby survives the abortion…? How is somebody like that allowed to remain a Catholic? I’m not Catholic; so I can’t begin to tell you. So I just wanted you to hear that. You can judge it on your own.

I will say one thing. Everybody knows that when the cardinal said here, “We’re not gonna judge you,” that’s correctly God’s doing. Correct, true. (sigh) But the point is when rules don’t matter… Whoever makes them, whoever’s rules they are, when they don’t matter, you ask, “Why have them? You know, what is their point?” So we’re in the midst of a time where it seems like there is nothing to fall back on.

I don’t know if the rules have been changed for murder and rape. I don’t know if we stop judging murder and rape. I would guess that we kind of have stopped judging, because our society has become very, very much absorbed in the idea of remorse. You can do a lot if you just express the proper amount of remorse. (sobbing) “I didn’t mean to do it! That’s not who I am. That’s not who I was. That’s not what I do.” Even though you just did it and it is who you are. (mewling regretfully)

But it all you have to do is express the proper amount of remorse, except if you are a conservative Republican, you can express all the remorse in the world you want and all it’s gonna get you is a bigger and bigger pile-on. No forgiveness whatsoever.


RUSH: Charlie Kirk, Turning Point USA, has tweeted some stats. “Female unemployment is the lowest it’s been in 65 years. Trump’s Small Business Administration lent $500 million more to women-owned businesses in 2017 than Obama did in 2016. Trump launched the Women’s Entrepreneurs Finance Initiative to promote female entrepreneurs. What are feminists resisting, exactly?”

Charlie, allow me to answer. None of that matters. You could tell ’em till they’re blue in the face that this is happening. They wouldn’t care. Trump is Trump. He’s a conservative Republican in their minds, they hate him. And also they are resisting abortion ending. Charlie, that’s what it all comes down to, militant feminazis.


RUSH: This is Gary in Wausau, Wisconsin. Great to have you with us, sir. Hi.

CALLER: Hi. Nice to talk to you, Rush.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: The voice extraordinaire. I have a quick question for you.

RUSH: Yes, sir.

CALLER: And that’s, if the Democrats think that abortion is acceptable, do they also think what Dr. Kevorkian, what he did was illegal or legal?

RUSH: Not the question. Whether it’s illegal or not — by the way, this is an excellent question. It is an excellent question. The Democrats at large supported Kevorkian. For those of you don’t know, Jack Kevorkian was assisting people in suicide. In some cases he was actually facilitating it. And he became a star. He was on the National Press Club, he was on C-SPAN, and he was giving detailed justifications for what he was doing.

“You know what happens when you die?” he would say to an audience. “You begin to rot. You stink. You become repulsively ugly.” He was enamored of death. The Democrat Party supports — and I believe it’s their support for abortion which then be made death at the other end of the life spectrum also amenable to them. Assisted suicide. “My grandma wouldn’t want to live this way. You gotta let me offer. I can’t stand.” Kevorkian was the guy you went if you wanted — and what was happening is that people who were not ill, who were just depressed, were going to Kevorkian and saying, “Off me. It’s not worth living.” And he would do it! In that case it was illegal and he was charged. He had a crackpot lawyer out there defending him.

It became a civil rights issue. And the Democrat Party was the party that was defending it and of course they had their political reasons. The more seasoned citizens who perish, the more money there is for others. In fact, it got encapsulated into Obamacare. That’s what the death panels were, folks. The answer to your question is “yes.”

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