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RUSH: Supposedly when people talk about the weather, there’s nothing else to talk about. If a man and woman meet on a dating site and meet at a local bar and if the conversation involves the weather, you know it’s not going right, right? Well, folks, we have a serious, serious weather problem that’s gonna be affecting the Upper Midwest of this country on Tuesday and Wednesday, primarily, and lingering into Thursday.

It’s gonna be colder in places like Des Moines and Chicago and Minneapolis than it’s gonna be at the North Pole. I was over in the Bahamas for the weekend. I had a business trip over there. (interruption) Don’t smirk. It was. It included golf both days. On Saturday… Now, get this. Saturday, it’s 68 degrees and spitting rain with a 16-mile-an-hour wind, and every employee over there — every native Bahamian — is looking like an Eskimo. So I made a point to talk to them. You know, I talk to people, all kinds of people.

“What in the world…?” They’ve got sock caps on and these massively layered Michelin Man parkas. I said, “What are you doing?”

They said, “This is so unusual. This is freezing to us.”

I said, “Well, where’d you get the coats? Where’d you get this gear?”

There’s no heat in any home or office or building anywhere in the Bahamas, and they said, “Well, we had to start buying this stuff three years ago.”

I said, “Why then?”

“Well, because that’s when it started getting cold like it’s never been cold here — in our lifetimes anyway.”

I said, “What about global warming?”

They said, “We don’t buy that.”

Talk global warming — mention that — to people in Chicago; Des Moines; Minneapolis; Madison, Wisconsin. They’re going to have wind chills of minus-52 degrees. The real temperature will be minus 25 or 30. That’ll be the real temperature on Tuesday and Wednesday nights.

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