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RUSH:  You know, when I see what I just saw, I want to blow up.  And I know that blowing up isn’t effective, doesn’t persuade anybody.  And I’m already frustrated that, you know, we seem to have run out of ways to effectively persuade people of what this Mueller investigation really is and what a fraud and hoax it really is and how the actual criminals are being ignored and given a pass.  But then I see what I just saw, and it’s just like a cherry on the top of the frustration.

So I’m watching TV. I get up outta here to go, you know, grab a cookie and do what I do at the top-of-the-hour break. Check the stock price of various things, whatever. I come back in and there’s Christopher Wray, the FBI director. He’s on TV, and they’re being interviewed by Congress, some congressional hearing.  You know what he’s telling ’em?  That even as we speak today, that even as we are sitting here today, the Russians and the ChiComs are planning to meddle in the 2020 presidential election.

These people are so committed to this hoax that they have perpetrated that they now have to say that not only did it go on with Trump and Russia in 2016, but it worked so well, apparently, that the Russians and now the ChiComs are engaged. As though it’s a fait accompli they’re gonna meddle.  There wasn’t any significant meddling!  Of course, the Russians have always attempted to manipulate American society.  They’ve done it well by infiltrating universities!  How many college professors at Berkeley, for example, with essentially quasi-communists and for how long?

The communist influence, the subversion has been replete throughout our culture and society.  It’s just the difference is we were always wary of it. We always pointed it out. We always tried to stop it, defeat it. But that’s hardly the case now, as students are exposed to this stuff and they’re graduated thinking along those lines.  The point is, it isn’t new.  The Russians — the communists, wherever they are, the Cubans. They were all… Everybody’s been attempting to subvert America from the get-go.  But we’re acting like and we’re being told, “This is all relatively new stuff because of Donald Trump!”

That’s the unspoken thing here.

It didn’t have to be spoken.

They, for two years, have literally polluted the minds of the American people that the Russians affected the election in 2016, and that Trump colluded, and they are hell-bent on continuing that lie despite the fact there isn’t any evidence for it.  Now they continue that lie to further assist Mueller to sanction his investigation not ending, to keep it going.  Now we have the FBI director and various intelligence agency experts telling congressional committees that the Russians and the Chinese are already attempting to meddle and interfere in the 2020 elections.

Well, why don’t we just keep the Mueller investigation open in perpetuity, then, huh?

If this is the case, if the Russians and the ChiComs are every day trying to impact America’s elections, don’t we need a permanent special counsel to be able to investigate any of these allegations the moment that they are made?  Wouldn’t the deep state love that, to have, essentially, an extraconstitutional official acting like God who sits there and has an open-ended investigation — about which he never tells anybody anything — the purpose of which is to ferret out all of the meddling and all of the collusion?

And now we’re told that it’s gonna happen again in 2020 before it’s happened.

For what purpose are we being told this?

What are we gonna do about it?

I mean, you know, I think the effort here is to undermine confidence in all of these elections going forward.  You can’t tell me that that’s not gonna be a possible result of all this!  The more the deep state talks about the illegitimacy of American elections, the more lack of trust there’s gonna be in them!  And the mind-boggling thing to me is there isn’t any evidence of it, beyond what we know happened every day regarding Russian or Soviet or communist infiltration and attempts at subversion. But it’s not just elections. It’s everywhere!

You can’t tell me that there aren’t plenty of rabid communists in the American media, in American journalism!  You can’t tell me that they haven’t found positions of influence throughout every strata of our culture and society.  That’s what they do!  But we’re being told that the election meddling, “This is something brand-new — and it started with Donald Trump, obviously, and look at all the people we’ve indicted and look at all the…”  Yeah, but not a single one of them for anything to do with having anything to do with the Russians or affecting the election because there wasn’t any impact on the election.

The thing that boggles my mind is that there was no Russian impact on the outcome of the 2016 election.  So why are they continuing to tell us that the Russians are gonna continue to meddle?  Because 42% of the American people already believe the Russians did tamper with votes and did have an impact on the election results — 42%.  It may be a bigger number now.  That was the number in December.  So now they keep piling on with this, as those they’re ineffective. They’re up there testifying, “Yes, and the Russians and the Chinese are going to continue their meddling in our elections.”

What are you doing to stop them?

“Well, we’re trying to put Donald Trump in jail.  We’re trying to get him out of office.”

Well, no, what are you doing about it? He didn’t do it! Whaddya doing to stop the collusion?  That’s the one thing that we never hear.  “Well, we’re doing cyber checks, and we’re making sure that we get rid of Julian Assange and (muttering).” What are you doing to stop the Russians?  We never hear about what the meddling is and what these people are doing to stop it.  This idea that meddling in elections is something new and that it only started with Trump and now it’s become a common, everyday feature leads to the distrust of the outcome of these elections.

If I didn’t know better, the deep state’s not confident the Democrats are gonna win in 2020 and they’re already trying to tamper with the jury pool!  I don’t know, folks.  It just frosts the hell out of me.  Rather than tell us about this… If it were real, just be out there doing what you can to stop it. Keep it secret, like all of these so-called counterintelligence investigations traditionally have been.  No, they’re going public with all of this stuff. Except they never, ever display or show any evidence of whatever it is they are alleging that is happening.

“Well, you know, they’re doing cyber tricks, Mr. Limbaugh.  They’re hacking and they’re planting bots and they’re trolling Facebook and Twitter.”  Well, hell’s bells.  So is half the American population doing that!  The Democrat Party is probably responsible for more hacking and more trolling and more BS on Twitter and Facebook than the Russians could hope to achieve!  But there isn’t any investigation of that.  No, when we start investigating the Democrats, we exonerate ’em — and then we interview them, and we let ’em go scot-free.

And we claim we can’t prosecute ’em because we can’t find any intent to break the law.  Meanwhile, we start putting Republicans in jail that have nothing to do with anything and we’re trying to get rid of a sitting president, and it just is ongoing and never ends.  So now they’re setting up a circumstance where maybe we just shouldn’t close the Mueller investigation.  If we know, for example, that the Russians are gonna meddle in 2020, why not just keep the Mueller investigation open and everything would be fine?

We dump it on him, and if he can find any political collusion between Americans and the Russians or the ChiComs, then we put ’em in jail and Mueller never goes away! And when Mueller retires, we let Andrew Weissmann take over. And when Weissmann finishes, we go get Strzok, Page and these people. We bring McCabe back and let them run the thing.  We are being scammed.  We are being scammed.  I’m not suggesting that the Russians and the ChiComs are not bad actors.

But this idea that we’re so powerless and we’re defenseless and we can’t stop it and they’re so bad and it’s colluding? It just offends every sensibility I have about this, because this investigation into what happened in 2016 is so damn corrupt, so dishonest, so half assed. It’s so transparently obvious what it is.  It is a silent coup, and now they’re basically setting up the circumstances for these silent coup-type operations to never end because the Russians and the Chinese are trying already to meddle in our elections!

What good are these people in these positions of power at the intelligence agencies and the FBI if they can’t identify who’s doing it and stop them?  What good does it do us to go up there and testify to Congress, “Yeah, the Russians are gonna meddle in 2020.  We got pretty good intel on this.  Yeah, and the ChiComs are gonna be meddling in 2020 elections, too,” and we’re supposed to say (clapping), “Great work, guys! Great work.  Thanks for telling us this.”

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