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RUSH: Republican minority leader in the House Kevin McCarthy is really ticking off Pencil Neck Adam Schiff, delaying Schiff’s investigations into the Russia scandal. This is great.


RUSH: The thing that Kevin McCarthy is doing here, the Republican leader in the House, he has not seated any Republicans on Little Schiff’s committee! The House Intelligence Committee Schiff runs now instead of Devin Nunes, McCarthy has not assigned any Republicans to the committee yet so Schiff can’t start!

Schiff’s anti-Trump investigations and hearings have been brought to a screeching halt because he can’t do anything if there aren’t any Republicans seated on his committee. And, what Schiff’s plan was to go out and do all these interviews, find all these witnesses and turn over whatever he found to Mueller? That’s what Schiff is gonna do ’cause he thinks Mueller may not be finding as much as he, Pencil Neck, can find.

What a load these people are. What an absolute load. It’s depressing. It really is depressing to realize that there is this degree of idiocy and ignorance so close to the upper ranks of leadership in America.

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