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RUSH: I mentioned this earlier, and I had emails, “You’re just making that up, right? You’re trying to make us laugh. ” No. Here we go. Audio sound bite No. 4. CNN Tonight, Don Lemon is a guest here with Fredo Cuomo and they’re talking about Kamala Harris.

LEMON: Here’s an interesting thing that’s happening, the whole idea of how does she identify? Does she identify as an African-American? Did you see the thing going on on social media?

FREDO: Yeah, I saw it.

LEMON: “Does she identify as a person of color?” Because when asked by Jake if she, you know, “As a black woman…” she goes, “As a person of color.” You remember that whole thing with Obama, “Is he black enough?”


LEMON: That is different than identifying. But it’s just an interesting conversation to me that I hear people talking about.

RUSH: It’s silly. It is stupid! But it’s precisely identity politics. They’re doing a whole segment here on, “Is Kamala Harris black enough? Is she really African-American? Just like we had to discover about Obama! You know, he wasn’t all that dark,” and then they found out, “Well, he’s half… His mother was white!” “Well, it doesn’t matter, influences are more important than Obama.” Then they start running around and some of the Obama opponents on the Democrat side said, “He’s not down for the struggle. This guy, Obama, does not have any slave blood.”

They were saying this, folks! If you didn’t remember, don’t doubt me. So Obama had to counter this. He had to counter the idea that he had no “slave blood,” meaning that he was not down for the American civil rights struggle. So he’d go down to Selma. Sel-muh! I’m sorry. To Sel-muh. You have to almost cry when you say, “Sel-muh,” and the Reverend Jackson is there, and the Reverend Sharpton is there, and Obama puts on, just like Hillary Clinton when she goes to Selma (screeching), “I ain’t no ways tired.”

And the crowd cheers, does her black-inflection impression. And Obama did the same thing. I forget what words he said. But he started speaking in “African-American type dialect,” ’cause he knew he wasn’t down for the struggle, didn’t have “slave blood.” They’re talking about this all over again with Kamala Harris. “Is she dark enough? Is she really, really African-American or not?” And it’s an important thing. These guys are acknowledging it. So Don Lemon continued this in-depth and very, very important discussion.

LEMON: Being African-American is different than being black. You can be black and Cuban. You can be black and Caribbean. You can be black and Dominican. You can be black and, you know, South African. But the experience is different as an African-American, someone whose culture and experiences are born out of the American slave trade and —

FREDO: Right!

LEMON: — out of Jim Crow is different than someone whose ancestors weren’t and who didn’t have those experiences, if you were born out of that, if you have roots from that particular struggle.

RUSH: See? We’re getting there, folks. We’re getting there. “Kamala Harris? We don’t know yet if she down for the struggle. Obama was not down for the struggle! He did not have slave-trade black anxious,” and he didn’t. He didn’t. So these people are discussing, “Are these black candidates dark enough? Are they too light? Are they really us?” Here’s the… I’m looking here if I can squeeze these things in here in the time I got left. Here’s the next Don Lemon bite. Let’s just see what happens.

LEMON: I think it does matter! I mean… (pause) It does. I think Barack Obama went through that. I do think that is an important distinction, just like there are people from Italy who come from different parts, and they all identify as Italian. And I’m sure the same thing with Jewish people or with Irish people or, you know, black Irish or what have you. So I think that people, especially African-Americans — people who, you know, their ancestors came over on slave ships and had that particular experience as a person of color in this country, their ancestors and then beyond… I — I think that that is an important distinction, do you identify as a person of color, a black person, or as distinctively and instinctively African-American?

RUSH: And there you have it. So these are the struggles that the left is going through now as potential Democrat nominees who are people of color begin to tell each other how they identify. Because, you know, a “person of color” is different than “black,” is different than being African-American, different being Cuban-American, Jamaican-American, ’cause being down for the struggle. Well, this all led… Have you got “Barack the ‘Magic Negro'” handy by there? You know what? I forgot the answer. I know we’re not gonna get it. Take the break first, because I’m not sure the time of “Barack the ‘Magic Negro'” and I’m up against it on time. So let’s take the break. We’ll be back and continue right after this. Don’t go away.


RUSH: Now, all of this came up during the 2008 campaign of Barack Hussein O, and a guy wrote a column in the Los Angeles Times claiming if Obama was the “Magic Negro.” He was not an Obama fan. He said that what Obama really was… (summarized) “The ‘Magic Negro’ is a Negro that white people can embrace and support and prove that they’re not racist.” So we took what was said in that column — it was written by an African-American columnist — and we put it to tunes. We got Puff the Magic Dragon, and we rewrote it to “Barack the ‘Magic Negro'” and we explained how it all came to be in the actual lyric lines of the tune. This is “white comedian Paul Shanklin” with the vocal portrayal here. Al Sharpton was upset and didn’t like Obama at the time.

WHITE COMEDIAN PAUL SHANKLIN: (via bullhorn) Barack “the Magic Negro” lives in D.C. The LA Times, they called him that ’cause he’s not authentic like me. Yeah, the guy from the LA paper said he makes guilty whites feel good. They’ll vote for him and not for me, ’cause he’s not from the ‘hood. See, real black men like Snoop Dogg or me or Farrakhan, have talked the talk, and walked the walk. Not come in late and won!

(refrain with background singers) Oh, Barack “the Magic Negro’ lives in D.C. The LA Times, they called him that ’cause he’s black but not authentically. Barack “the Magic Negro’ lives in D.C. The LA Times, they called him that ’cause he’s black, but not authentically.

Some say Barack’s “articulate,” and bright and new and “clean.” The media sure love this guy — a white interloper’s dream! But, when you vote for president, watch out, and don’t be fooled! Don’t vote “the Magic Negro” in ’cause… (music stops) ’Cause I won’t have nothing after all these years of sacrifice! Uh, I won’t get justice! This is about justice! This ain’t about me, it’s about justice. It’s about, ummm… (background singers singing chorus)

RUSH: The Reverend Sharpton is unable to stick to the lyric line breaks down in anger. The chorus…

WHITE COMEDIAN PAUL SHANKLIN: There won’t be any church contributions! No cash in the collection plate. There ain’t gonna be no cash money, no walkin’ around money. Barack is gonna come in here and say that he’s authentic, that he’s gonna be in the street in the struggle with the rest of us, down here where all of us struggle! (music fades out) This is crazy! I’m not gonna have nothing!

RUSH: That’s the Reverend Al Sharpton and “Barack the ‘Magic Negro’,” and it all comes from an LA Times column. Every claim in that lyric was written in the LA Times — and I, nevertheless, was blamed for calling Obama the “Magic Negro.” Even the guy that wrote the column in the LA Times started criticizing me for calling Obama the “Magic Negro.” The reason we bring this all up is because the exact same thing now is playing out with Kamala Harris. You just heard it on CNN. “Is she authentic?”

And “authentic” means, “Are you down for the struggle?” meaning, “Do you have slave trade ancestors and/or blood?” And Kamala Harris does not. Her mother was a Tamil Indian. Her father is from Jamaica. Kamala Harris is not, quote-unquote, “black.” She calls herself a woman and person of color, and this is what they were doing. This is a controversial thing on the Democrat side, as you heard Don Lemon attempting to explain it all to Fredo Cuomo before they both got in the boat and went out into Lake Tahoe for the afternoon.


RUSH: To Wickenburg, Arizona. This is Courtney. It’s great to have you on the program. Hi.

CALLER: Rush, I really appreciate this. It’s an honor to speak with you, sir. I’ve been listening since I was a little boy, and I’m 38.

RUSH: Thank you very much. I appreciate that.

CALLER: Yes, sir. I have to tell you, I’m at a point in my life that I’m really tired of this, “Am I black?” or, “Is this person black enough?” You know, this half-and-half thing where, you know, your mother’s white, your father’s black. I don’t see why in the United States this day and age, it isn’t even an issue anymore outside of the leftists really playing on people’s emotions with this thing. I read an article recently on ESPN —

RUSH: Well, let me help you understand it. It’s not complicated at all. The reason why all of this is kept alive as a supposedly crucially important issue to leftists is because this is how they maintain the United States was unjust and immoral from our founding because of slavery, the slave trade. It’s an ongoing effort of theirs to delegitimize the United States as founded. As racist and bigoted, as a nation founded exclusively by and for rich white men. So the discussions of, “Is somebody black enough? Is somebody dark enough? Does somebody have slave trade?” That’s all about promoting the legitimacy of that person’s attack on America.

CALLER: Rush; so why is it that, you know, England as a superpower, during the slave trade when they were taking people from Africa and putting ’em all over the world…? I mean, I would venture to say most people who are black in color, you know, originated from the African slave trade for the most part. Why isn’t England seen as a problem in beginning this thing? It’s not like this was our original struggle. This is after we became a nation, this is where we were at. I don’t understand why we continue to beat the United States down when this was an England problem that we inherited it as a nation once we became the United States of America.

Nobody ever talks about that. I mean, you have people in Africa. You have people in Jamaica… I mean, all over the world. I remember Bob Costas referring to Usain Bolt during the Olympics as an “African-American.” I thought, “What an ignorant person.” This man is a Jamaican representing his country, and yet Bob Costas is stupid enough to call the man an African-American. I’m like, “When are we… The United States is the ones… You know, we’re the ones that are still talking about this. The world doesn’t talk about this. That man’s a Jamaican. If you’re from France and you happen to be black, you’re French.” We really have to stop this hyphenated-American culture that we have.

RUSH: I agree.

CALLER: It’s destroying us.

RUSH: But the left will not succeed in advancing their agenda. They purposely want us divided, Courtney. The left is not about unity and coming together. The left is about snuffing out opposition, delegitimizing their opposition. Not defeating us, not in debate. They are seriously focused on eliminating opposition — and, as such, discrediting the opposition, delegitimizing it is one of the many ways they go about this. And despite the fact that when you talk about the United States, we actually went to war, and 500,000 Americans died in the quest to end slavery.

You think that counts for eh? Not a whit. Not a whit. They have made movies about William Wilburforce. William Wilburforce is credited for being the prime mover ending slavery and related treatment in Great Britain. Who is credited…? Where are the great movies and books written about the ending of slavery and discrimination in the United States? There aren’t any because as far as the left is concerned we’re still a slave state, Courtney. That’s what you have to realize. We’re still a slave state. Blacks are essentially still enslaved.

They are still the recipients of bigotry and racism. That’s why all the focus on crime against blacks gets linked to this inherent injustice that is the United States. It’s the left keeping this alive and now the Democrat Party keeping it alive, for the express purpose of dividing us — and the ultimate objective is to transform America out of and away from what it was founded. It really is no more complicated than that. It may sound like, “Rush, that can’t be true,” or “They’ll never succeed.”

They may not, but that’s what the effort is. That’s pure and simple what the objective. Here’s Roger Goodell. We have one bite from his press conference today. Remember, now, the sports Drive-Bys to want hear whatever Goodell’s gonna say about how the NFL botched that call. Here’s how Goodell… I don’t know if this was the opening of the press conference, but it was pretty much near the beginning of his statement.

GOODELL: It is only fitting that we are here in Atlanta, a city of milestones, a city of progress. Atlanta is a pillar of the civil rights movement, the birthplace of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. In the helm of civil rights icons like Congressman John Lewis and Ambassador Andrew Young. We are proud to devote much of this week to honoring that legacy, the men and women who fought it and contributed so much to our country.

RUSH: So you see, Courtney, this is the National Football League, and it is their biggest week of the year, the Super Bowl, and it’s all about race. That’s what the commissioner of the NFL wants people to know is on the minds of the powers that be at the NFL. It’s not as though Dr. King and Andrew Young and John Lewis and the others have not been honored. They are honored repeatedly and over and over and over again. There can never be too much honoring out there. There can never be too much time spent remembering all of the pain and suffering.

So, you see, we’re not allowed to get past it out there, Courtney, much less acknowledge that we ended it, much less that the Constitution was written with the mechanisms contained to end it. No. It must be maintained that nothing has changed in the United States since the founding, and that’s why identity politics now as identified the real enemy. It goes back and forth right now. It’s primarily white males, and then add “Christian” to the end of it and you’ve pretty much encompassed the target.

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