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RUSH: I’ve got an idea. I got an idea for Trump’s State of the Union speech next Tuesday. You know what I think he ought to do? I think he ought to call the Democrats out. I think he ought to talk about the infanticide laws that just passed in New York, and make Democrats applaud this stuff in open and in public! He ought to go down the list of everything the Democrats are doing, are proposing. Not saying he agrees with it. “Ladies and gentlemen, this is the State of the Union. Your Democrat Party just legalized the killing of babies if they survive an abortion,” and make the New York delegation stand up and applaud that.

Make them applaud what they do, ’cause that’s what they do! They applaud things they like — or make them boo Trump when he says it, or make them get up and walk out. Whatever. The fact is, call the left out on what they’re do. You got a national TV audience here watching a very controversial, contested State of the Union after the government shutdown. The media’s gonna be driving up audience participation here. They’re gonna be promoting this like crazy.

The president ought to call these people out on all these wacko ideas — on immigration, open borders, sanctuary cities — and make these Democrats applaud it, ’cause that’s what happens. They either sit on their hands or applaud. Call ’em out! The Drive-By Media’s not telling anybody what’s going on here! The Drive-By Media’s not telling people that infanticide has just gotten a standing ovation in the New York State Senate. People who live in New York got up one night and they saw the tops of the buildings lit up in pink and said, “I wonder what that is?” Well, the New York State Senate just legalized infanticide is what that means.

Abortion up to the due date? (clapping) Make ’em stand up and applaud this. Non-medical professionals can now perform abortions in New York? (clapping) Make ’em stand up and applaud this, or make them boo Trump or maybe they will give him grief for mentioning it. Call them out.


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