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RUSH: I have been hogging most of the busy broadcast day so far, so let’s get back to the phones because a lot of people have been holding on since the first hour. Riverdale, New Jersey, Carrie, you’re next. Thank you for waiting and hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Thanks for taking my call. I was calling in reference to these extreme abortion bills that are going through New York and Virginia. And, you know, in most cases, many decisions the woman makes about her body leading up to pregnancy should be, I think, considered. And, you know, there’s other choices —

RUSH: Wait just in minute. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. I want to make sure I understood what you just said. You just said that women ought to be thinking the ways they use their body leading up to pregnancy?

CALLER: Well, those are decisions that they themselves, in most cases, are making themselves.

RUSH: You mean like rather to actually bang somebody or not?

CALLER: Exactly.

RUSH: Right. That’s what I thought you meant. See, those are fighting words.

CALLER: We don’t hold anybody accountable for their actions anymore in the U.S., so I guess I —

RUSH: Well, certain people we do. Certain people, but pregnant women, you’re right, we don’t, but certain people we do.

CALLER: Exactly. But there’s adoption. Nobody even talks about that.

RUSH: Let me ask this. Let’s construct a scenario. We’ve got a woman who’s dilated, giving birth, and here comes a doctor, and here comes the whoever, counseling, “If you don’t want the child, we can take care of it, we can abort the baby.” Where is the adoption option in that circumstance? Why is the adoption option not presented? Why does the Democrat Party not even go in that direction? You have a theory on that?

CALLER: I don’t. Do you?

RUSH: Oh, yeah, I know exactly why. I know exactly why. Adoption does not further the political objective accompanied by every abortion. That’s why Planned Parenthood has people stationed outside adoption agencies, when a pregnant woman is seen walking in one, Planned Parenthood will intercept, interrupt, and try to talk them out of adopting. It’s a money thing too. They get paid for abortions. Hang on. I know I took some of your time so don’t go away.


RUSH: Back now to Carrie in Riverdale, New Jersey. You were on a roll and making a couple points, and you triggered me. I interrupted you a couple times. So I’m gonna back out here and let you make the original point you wanted to make, and that is that we’re not being strict enough or condemnatory enough of the decisions that are being made that lead to these problems in the first place, right?

CALLER: Yes. That is absolutely one of my points. You know, I feel like our culture has declined so much that we offer more protections for baby turtles, as you have brought up, than we do for human babies. It’s just outrageous. And, you know, the clip that you had just played before about the lady that was speaking with Obama. She had her hundred-year-old mother, I believe it was, who wanted this procedure, and under Obamacare they can’t have it? Well, where is it saying that that woman can decide and her doctor can decide what she does with her body? Why is it different in that aspect than it is for someone who’s pregnant?

RUSH: Bingo. Exactly. This is how politics — left-wing, liberal politics — corrupts things. You’re exactly right. Why does that woman have to go to Barack Obama and ask his permission for her mother to continue living? Why can’t her mother and her doctor, if they’ve got the money, decide this on their own? Why? Because Obamacare did not allow you to use your own money. That’s why this special on ABC took place. It was for Obama to explain how his health care overhaul was gonna work.

That’s why people had questions about it, and so here comes the government saying, “No…” You see, the Democrat Party… Note the decision. In the case of the daughter and her 105-year-old mother, “No, we can’t let that woman continue to live.” The baby that’s just born in Virginia? “Nah! If that mother doesn’t want the baby to live, it won’t.” Look at what they are… I don’t know how else to say it. They’re siding with death, and they’re doing it with the elderly as well.

CALLER: You know, ’cause I think a lot of pro-choice people are… You know, they’re okay with it to a certain point. But I really don’t know anybody that’s on board with these really extreme… I mean, the baby is born!

RUSH: Exactly!

CALLER: That is not abortion anymore.

RUSH: That’s exactly right. This is not the mind-set of the American people. This is being done outside and beyond the will of the American people. This is being done without the imprimatur of the American people. This is the Democrat Party mandating all these things. Most of the people you’re talking about, the women you know that are fully pro-choice, have bought the other arguments. They have bought the “woman’s right to choose.” They have bought, “It may be an illness. A pregnancy may be a psychological disorder.

“Who would want to bring a baby into this world?” Whatever arguments that allow women empowerment is what most of the pro-choice women that you know use to support the concept of pro-choice, which is abortion. You notice none of them want to admit what’s going on. They don’t ever want to talk about that. That’s what’s noteworthy about this. The leaders in the Democrat Party are no longer hiding behind any of that. They are just now coming out up front and out loud with standing ovations, applauding what they’re actually doing: killing babies.

That’s what’s remarkable about this — and your point about the sea turtles? Folks, she’s exactly right. There are more pages… You would not believe it. I have some friends who finally got elected to public office down here. I said, “Would you look into this turtle-light restriction? I want to know what I’m up against here.” Not to belabor it, but for eight months of the year, those of us that live on the Atlantic Ocean side of the state of Florida — for eight months a year — we’re not allowed to have any landscaping lighting on at all if we live on the beach.

Even if we’re 250 yards from the beach, no landscape lighting and no outside lighting that might be illuminating, say, the roof or the second floor of the house. Because sea turtles… Which (snort!) don’t begin to hatch until May anyway, yet the restrictions start on March 1st. And we get warning after warning after warning from local authorities telling us that the lights have to go off soon and that there will be inspectors on the beach looking and watching. Occasionally, they’ll report somebody and send the cops to the house just to harass them whether or not they’re in violation of anything.

The theory is that lights cause the sea turtles that hatch not to go to the ocean (where 90% of them are eaten anyway), but instead turn inland where they die ’cause they’re supposed to go to the ocean. So I asked some friends, “Look, what are we up against here?” The decision involves about 14 different state bureaucracies and the United States Fish and Game bureaucracy. It involves counties. It involves local voting precincts. It involves the entire state.

The number of pages that are redundant spelling out the regulations are such it would take you 10 years to eliminate them all if you could find any support for doing it! But nobody on the beach wants to bother with it, which is another sore spot. This fear of authority, this never-ending — in fact, rising — fear of authority. “You want me to turn out my lights?” Many people have lights for security reasons. “You want me to turn my lights off so that the turtles don’t get confused?

“Okay, I’ll do it if you leave me alone. If you leave me alone, I’ll do it.” They turn around and want you to do something else, and you say, “Okay, if you leave me alone,” and it bugs me. It bugs me that there is such a rampant fear of authority. I understand it. But this fear, this rampant fear of authority is how they win all the time! But the point is, look at all of these regulations that these different agencies have mobilized to protect sea turtle hatchlings.

A human baby doesn’t have anywhere near this kind of protection. In the sea turtle comparison, there’s not a single person I know that wants the sea turtles to die, the hatchlings. There’s not a single one of us that wants them to die. The Democrat Party can’t say that. The equivalent on the sea turtle side of the human baby side is there are people actively making it possible for a baby to be killed in order to not water down or weaken abortion at all.

And it’s not only the hatchlings.

Once the mama sea turtle (which is a mammoth creature) returns to the beach and lays her eggs, the environmentalist wackos are out there on the beach, and they plant little red flags at every nest, and they have people out there guarding ’em, and people on the beach are not allowed to walk anywhere near where those nests are. “You gotta protect those eggs in the womb,” which is the beach, in the case of the sea turtle. We don’t afford anywhere near this the kind of protection for babies in the womb — and I am not exaggerating at all!

Now, what kind of people are they that could have these inordinate, beyond reasonable demands on the protection of sea turtles or pick your other animal, and be the same exact people who applaud with a standing ovation the killing of a human baby? There’s nothing reasonable about this, and that’s why I’m at my wits’ end trying to convince people what liberalism is and who liberals are and why the only smart thing for anybody to do is to instinctively reject liberals and liberalism. It’s not even worth taking the time to give them a chance.

They are instantly worth being rejected. Their ideas, their policies, the evidence is all over the world what happens to people under the rule of liberalism, socialism, communism, tyranny, totalitarianism, whatever ism you want to call that is a root relationship to liberalism.

I want to show you how the media deals with this. Virginia. Kathy Tran, the delegate, who has admitted that her bill allows for the ending of the life of a baby after it is born. The Washington Post in the Virginia politics section, headline: “Until This Week, Del. Kathy Tran Was Known For Nursing Her Baby On The House Floor. Now Republicans Are Calling Her A Baby Killer.” Not much bias there, is there? We’re not calling her a baby killer. We are pointing it out. Not calling her anything. We’re simply reacting to what her legislation does!

But here comes the Washington Post, “Kathy Tran, until last week, known for nursing her daughter on the house floor. Now Republicans are calling her a baby killer.” See? The lesson is, whatever liberals do, do not call them out, do not be honest about it or we’re gonna come and destroy you. You remember when Barack Obama was talking about his two daughters and at one point he said he wouldn’t want his kids punished with a baby? Oh, yes, he did! He wouldn’t want them punished with a baby. He’s talking about when they’re relatively young.

I think, folks, you could make a case that the Democrat Party and the American left are actually engaged in child abuse on a bunch of different levels in our country. I think abortion is child abuse. And then selling baby parts, I mean, you’ve got to abort the child to be able to do that. I think what has become of our public education system in way too many places with the maleducation, the ill-education, the poisoning of the minds, that’s child abuse.

The trashing of things that work, that are glue that keep societies together, like family and church, the Democrat Party has been attacking and assaulting things. The damage done to children, they’ve been promoting the oddest definition of family. Single-parent family, family with a mother and a father and a third spouse is an animal. I mean, we’ve got all kinds of things that you add it up and it is simply child abuse. It is the denial of any exposure to normalcy!

How about the hypersexualization of young people? Sex trafficking. Sex trafficking is child abuse. Child prostitution, unnecessary gender confusion, gender changing drugs and surgery for children? Not to mention what’s being done to take masculinity out of manhood. I mean, depending on where you look and how you look at things, there’s a massive amount of child abuse going on in the American political system, which means by the American left.

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