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RUSH: Now, the little funny thing here. Does anybody remember the name Concord Management, LLC? I’m sure some of you do. Way back a long time ago, Robert Mueller and his Robin Hood-type (pfft!) merry band of saboteurs, indicted 13 different people in three different Russian companies for having meddled in the 2016 elections. Yes. Now, these Russians were indicted knowing full well they would never, ever appear in court because the Russians would not extradite them.

So Mueller… These were public relations indictments. These are indictments accusing these Russians of trolling Twitter and Facebook to somehow taint the presidential election, knowing full well that there would never be any trial ’cause these people would never come to court. So Mueller’s charges would never be tested. So he just gets a free pass! He gets to indict some Russians on the basis that the Russians meddled, but he never has to prove it.

Well, one of the three companies, Concord Management, said, “Screw you, Mueller,” and they came and they hired an American law firm! And the American law firm showed up in court and demanded to see the evidence that Mueller had! At which point Mueller told the judge, “We can’t turn over the evidence, Judge! They’re still doing it!”

Which is nonsensical, to say that prosecutors cannot turn over evidence on any crime because the people committing the crime are still doing it? He didn’t turn over the evidence because they hadn’t yet manufactured it. And this is what the lawyers for Concord Management knew. They came over here and then Mueller said they can’t come to court. We haven’t even properly served them. Meaning we haven’t even seriously really indicted them.

So the whole thing was a PR move. It was not serious. It was not real. It was done to allow the media to report that the grand and great special counsel had indicted some Russians in the Russian meddling scandal. Blah, blah, blah. Well, Concord Management shows up, demands a trial, because they didn’t do it, they say, and they want to be found not guilty, and they want Mueller to have to show the evidence. So Mueller is asking for delays and stays of execution, begging the court, “We haven’t even properly served them. We can’t come forward, Judge, they’re still doing it,” and all that.

Well, the Associated Press, which wouldn’t know a sunrise if it blinded them, has a report that they headline with “Mueller Evidence Used In Disinformation Campaign.” This is so rich. “Federal prosecutors say confidential material from the Russia investigation was altered and released online as part of a disinformation campaign to discredit special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe, according to a court filing Wednesday.

“The material had been handed over to defense attorneys for Concord Management and Consulting LLC, a Russian company that Mueller has charged with financing efforts to meddle in the 2016 U.S. presidential election. But the files, which prosecutors say were not sensitive, surfaced online last year in a link posted by a pro-Russian Twitter account. The prosecutors stopped short of accusing Concord of leaking the material, but they argue that the company’s request to have sensitive new evidence sent to Russia –”

So these people request discovery. They want to know what Mueller’s got. They want to defend themselves. And then somehow something is sent to them that ends up on the internet, and Mueller says that they are trying to sabotage him. Mueller says that Concord Management leaked sensitive investigative documents.

“In Wednesday’s filing, prosecutors cited a Twitter account that surfaced last year purporting to have a stolen copy of evidence provided to the company.” The reason Mueller’s upset is ’cause there isn’t any evidence. It’s all made up, it’s all trumped up and Concord Management is continuing to expose this! And Mueller is fit to be tied because he’s being exposed here as having engaged in baseless nothing charges just to get the words “Russia” and “collusion” in a headline in the American media to try to convince people that he’s actually found some Russian meddling when he hasn’t. I’m sorry for yelling, but you know how this stuff irritates me. This whole hoax.

We’ve learned today, folks, you know this Nellie Ohr? She is the wife of Bruce Ohr, FBI guy. Bruce Ohr has testified, the Wall Street Journal two weeks ago, Bruce Ohr testified that he told Comey and McCabe and Rosenstein that the Steele dossier was Hillary Clinton political opposition research. That’s Bruce Ohr. He told them, and they knew that it was not real intel. They knew it was Clinton oppo research, and they still used it to get those FISA warrants to spy on the Trump campaign.

Well, now it’s been learned that Bruce Ohr’s wife, Nellie, the FBI working for Fusion GPS was doing opposition research on Melania Trump and some of Trump’s kids. Fusion GPS. It wasn’t just oppo research into Trump himself that the Steele dossier was. They’re using the wife of a guy at the FBI to do opposition research on Melania Trump.

And I haven’t even discussed the story — U.K. Telegraph ran a story published by Nina Burleigh, formerly TIME magazine. This is the woman that promised Bill Clinton never-ending Lewinskys for keeping abortion legal. She wrote a series of defamatory lies about Melania Trump.

And last week the Telegraph ran this massive apology explaining how all the claims about Melania had been disapproved. They were wrong. They apologized. There was a big financial settlement. It was classic. Melania Trump has been maligned and impugned like the rest of the Trumps in all of this. And the U.K. Telegraph had to own up, and now Nina Burleigh wants to sue the U.K. Telegraph for undermining her great journalistic integrity.

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