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RUSH: There’s a former congressman from Virginia. His name is Jim Moran, and he’s a locoweed. Did you hear what he said about Northam? He said Northam has been “ambushed by a yearbook photo.” Ambushed by a yearbook photo! I think the story going around is that somebody who was just repulsed and appalled… Somebody who went to med school with Northam was appalled at what he had had to say about late-term abortion, day-of-birth abortion, postbirth abortion, and leaked all of this blackface photo and yearbook stuff.

Now Northam’s defenders say he was “ambushed by a yearbook photo,” an inanimate object that by itself cannot move or do anything. He was ambushed by this. “Ralph Northam is denying being in the racist photo, but he recalls darkening his skin in a Michael Jackson dance contest in 1984. He said he doesn’t believe he is either person in the racist photo that appeared in the ’84 yearbook,” which has now ambushed him, “but that he did once darken his face to resemble Michael Jackson during a dance contest in 1984.”

“In a remarkable, hour-long news conference at the Governor’s Mansion in Richmond, Northam defended himself from the cacophony of calls for his resignation, but acknowledged that he had made mistakes on race in his past, like when … he darkened his face” for the dance contest. He was gonna do the moonwalk, too! He was gonna do the moonwalk during the press conference. His wife moved in and stopped him. “I believe now and then that I am not either of the people in this photo.” (laughing)

(impression) That’s not me. I’m not that person. This is not who I am. I — I apologize anybody who might have been offended by it. “He denied that he had ever worn a KKK robe and hood or been drunk enough to forget a moment like this. ‘This is not me in that picture. That was not Ralph Northam.'” The interesting thing is that you remember…? Contrast this with the Trump Access Hollywood video. When that came out, and that was strategically timed, that release. That was before a debate with Hillary Clinton. That was to take Trump out of the race.

He survived it. (interruption) Yeah, he’s got a nickname. Can we say this name?

There are so many parts of this story that I don’t… CNN, when they reported on this over the weekend, put an (R) by his name. Are you aware of that? CNN portrayed the guy as a Republican! Graphically. Instead of a (D) next to his name they had an (R) next to his name. So the Access Hollywood video was supposed to be take Trump out. I was one of a handful of people who knew that it wouldn’t. I knew that Trump’s voters wouldn’t abandon him over this, for reasons I’ve already explained.

But everybody in politics thought that was it. It was just a matter of time and Trump would resign, that his entire support group would abandon him. And many people did. The Republican Party was all over the place, Democrats… You look at the people trying to circle the wagons around this idiot. There are people. Not all of them, but there are some people trying to circle the wagons and save this guy. What he has done here… You cannot ignore what he has done and what he’s trying to ride out and thus defend. He finally has a given up the ghost.

Ralph Northam has made clear for everybody what the pro-choice movement really is.

It’s a pro-death movement.

It has always been couched as a civil rights or human rights or women’s rights issue. A woman’s right to choose. You can’t tell a woman what she can or can’t do with her own body. He has made it clear that the objective here is abortion. It’s sick. Decent people can’t understand it. Decent people cannot understand. What is the political value in amassing a bunch of reporters who want the freedom to kill babies? It’s something that escapes people. These decent people can’t understand this, being a political objective that you use to try to gain supporters. But that’s what this guy has let be known as the actual purpose of the pro-choice (so-called) movement.


RUSH: Franklin, Indiana. Steve. Great to have you, sir. Welcome to the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hello, Rush. I think the reason that the governor of Virginia feels like he’s been ambushed or people think that he’s been ambushed… I think that’s wrong. I think he’s been rescued by having these pictures come out so that they don’t have to talk about his views on abortion.

RUSH: Well, that’s an interesting take. So somebody hears what he says about aborting children on the day they’re born or afterwards, and immediately here comes the yearbook stuff showing this guy to be a Klansman — a white racist, whatever, who has no sensitivity — and that then takes the other stuff off the page?

CALLER: Exactly.

RUSH: I think you’re right to a certain extent. That stuff has taken the actual outrage of what this guy believes regarding abortion. It’s no longer the focal point of the story. That’s actually very true. It’s still out there depending on where you go. In conservative media, they have not dropped that aspect of it. But, boy, the Drive-Bys don’t even want to touch that and instead are focusing on these other things. So it’s a good observation, and I’m glad you called. Brevity is the soul of wit and you got it in there in a minute. That’s even better.


RUSH: Okay. Tracy in Jackson, Michigan. Hi. Great to have you with us on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hey! How are you? Thank you so much for taking my call.

RUSH: You bet.

CALLER: So my thought is this. We have socialism just everywhere in our country right now. We have the government and all these Dems who are trying to give us government-run health insurance. We have all these states that are now passing late-term abortion. It makes me wonder. If all of these things continue to happen, is the next step gonna be forced abortion from doctors when a mother finds out early on she’s carrying a baby that’s not gonna be perfect, that’s gonna have Down syndrome, spina bifida, or some other genetic abnormality?

RUSH: I have long thought that that was going to happen regardless of politics, Tracy. I’ve long thought with the advancements made in genetics, that it’s going to eventually get there. Just like with amniocentesis, we can identify certain birth detects in the womb, and we give parents a choice. When we’re able to identify various other things that people might consider less than perfect… Like a lot of people don’t want a redheaded kid. A lot of people will tell you, “I don’t want a child that’s going to be bullied. I don’t a child like that. So what will that be? I don’t want…”

If the doctor can someday tell you, “Your child has the gene here that we have learned makes it very likely that he’s gonna be battling his weight his entire life…” “You mean my kid’s gonna be fat?” “The odds are, yes.” “I don’t want that!” “Well, if you don’t want the child, there are certain steps we can take right now,” and then they identify others. I think this is gonna happen long before politics got involved. Now you add politics to it, and I think the opportunities for this kind of selection are going to be rampant.

You know what you’re not supposed to say is that Planned Parenthood was founded for this express purpose. “Everybody thinks that Planned Parenthood is about planning families, Mr. Limbaugh. This is so people can know how many children to have and how much it costs to support them and what it’s going to take to raise them. Planned Parenthood’s wonderful.” There’s nothing parenthood about Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood? You know what? With every abortion of a black child, it ought to say, “Margaret Sanger for the win,” because Planned Parenthood was about eugenics.

Planned Parenthood was about eliminating babies thought to be deficient because of some characteristic — and back in the Margaret Sanger days, that was race. I find it fascinating that that charter has been wholly adopted by the Democrat Party. I saw a chilling picture. Somebody sent me an email that had a still shot ad — like a billboard shot photo — for Planned Parenthood. It was three African-Americans, a mother and a father and somebody. It was talking about the magic and the wonders of Planned Parenthood.

I saw it right there.

Planned Parenthood is aborting African-American babies, and the Democrat Party is supporting it hook, line, and sinker. Planned Parenthood is one of the reasons the Democrats need open borders. Most of the people aborted in this country are Democrats, or would-be Democrats. They gotta be replaced. What better way to do it than with open borders and illegal immigration, which eventually will have amnesty and voting rights and so forth. Now you add the Ralph Northam and the New York State law… By the way, it’s not just Ralph Northam!

You know, New York state’s getting a pass, but they are identical to Ralph Northam! They beat Ralph Northam to the punch, in fact! New York state legalized everything Northam’s talking about, including abortion after a failed abortion, death after a birth. And they gave it a standing ovation in the New York State Senate. Now, nobody’s talking about that because the Northam story has dwarfed it. But it’s already begun. Right now, it’s supposedly for the health of the mother, the choice of the mother, or what have you.

But it’s devious where it is headed, because of one thing: For any of this to be happening, there has to be an accompanying decline in the appreciation of the sanctity of life. What it means to me is that there is an accelerating decline in God if the lives of many people. If there’s no God in your life, then there’s no stopping aberrant, murderous-type behavior. If there’s no God, if there’s no judgmentalism, if there’s no built-in morality, if there’s no apparent price, then what obstacle is there to base, depraved behavior? This is where all of this has been already taking us since 1973, I believe.


RUSH: Howard in upstate New York. Great to have you. Hi.

CALLER: Oh, how are you doing today, Rush?

RUSH: I’m doing great, sir. Thank you.

CALLER: Yeah. I was listening to the New York news as I was driving around, and they reported on a woman, unfortunately, that had been stabbed and killed by her boyfriend, but they also reported that her baby did not survive. Now, how can that be? That baby shouldn’t even be in the equation.

RUSH: Well, now, wait a minute. This is gonna be fascinating. In the old days, just so I understand this, she was pregnant?


RUSH: How far along was she, do you know?

CALLER: Five months.

RUSH: Five months. It wasn’t that long ago that you could be charged double homicide for this.

CALLER: Well, that’s not gonna happen now because —

RUSH: Well, no! I don’t know. If you can abort a baby, if you can kill a baby after it’s born, then how in the hell can you be accused — I’ll tell you what it’s gonna come down to — and this is where we are — it’s gonna come down to the intent of the mother. That baby isn’t anything until the mother decides that she wants to give birth to it to keep it up until that moment.

And there’s nothing the father can say about it. The father has absolutely zero reproductive rights. This is according to Roe v. Wade. A woman’s right to choose. And so the determinant is going to be, does the mother, in this case in your story, the five month pregnant woman, did she want the baby. If she did, if everybody thought she was gonna carry it to term, then there could be double homicide here. If she didn’t, then it may not exist.

CALLER: Correct. But who’s to say that, you know, five months along she wants the baby and then all of a sudden when she’s eight months along, “Well, maybe I don’t want the baby.” So how are they gonna prove it?

RUSH: I don’t know. I’m not a lawyer on this. But common sense would say the last expressed act by her would indicate, if she’s doing things to promote the pregnancy, protect the baby then you’d have to conclude that she wants the baby. Then the feminists will come along, you don’t know what might have happened in the next three months. The feminists are gonna be on the warpath. Look. This has already happened too. A great example of this happened. I remember this. It’s coming back to me like crystal clear.

A woman was pregnant, and she became brain-dead somehow. I don’t think it was an assault. But her baby was continuing to grow, even though she was brain-dead. The argument ensued over whether or not life support should be removed from the mother or kept so that the baby could be born. The father — they were not married — the father wanted the baby. The feminist groups said, “Screw you” and advocated for life support being taken off the mother. I think they were lobbying the woman’s family to remove life support.

They did not want that baby born, and they did not want that unmarried father getting it because that would throw Roe v. Wade upside down legally. This is back in the nineties when this happened, some time ago. And I don’t remember how it ended. But I remember the argument and it was vicious. The feminist groups wanted life support removed from the mother so that the baby would die. The father wanted the baby and he had his group of people that were all lobbying for doctors to keep life support connected ’cause he wanted the baby and he said they wanted the baby, her intention was to have the baby.

The feminist groups did not want any way under the sun that guy was gonna get the baby because that would have meant that men had reproductive rights. And they can’t permit that politically. So in a sense, it’s not exactly the scenario that you’re describing, but that happened. And I thought, when it happened, by the way, I thought, “Well, this is all we need. This is going to illustrate exactly who the feminists are, exactly what abortion’s all about.”

And I don’t think it moved the needle at all. And probably the reason it didn’t move the needle is because the Drive-By Media didn’t report this as factually and openly and honestly as I just told you about the story. They cast this in so many different confusing lights that it didn’t ever create solid public opinion pro.

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