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RUSH: If anybody thinks President Trump is worried about the growing list of Democrats who want his job, guess again.

On CBS’s “Slay the Nation,” President Trump reacted to the latest Democrat to announce his candidacy: Spartacus! Trump said that Senator Cory Booker of New Jersey has “no chance” of winning the presidency.

He didn’t base his assessment on focus groups or some complex political formula. Trump gave just one reason he thinks Booker has no chance, and that is: He knows him.

Spartacus isn’t the only Democrat Trump isn’t worried about. So far, he said, he doesn’t see any announced Democrat who concerns him. He even sent well wishes to one of his biggest critics, Massachusetts senator “Fauxacontas.” President Trump said he’d love to run against Elizabeth Warren.

As for Howard Schultz, President Trump says the ex-Starbucks CEO doesn’t have the guts to run.

He’s supremely confident, he’s not intimidated, and anybody who thinks President Trump will be easy to beat has another thing coming. As to Spartacus, Trump says, “Why do you think you can be president when you destroyed a city?” He’s talking about Newark. It’s a good question.

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