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RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, Fox News has confirmed even new details about the contact between the Department of Justice official Bruce Ohr, whose wife, Nellie, worked for Fusion GPS. She was doing opposition research on the Trump children and Melania Trump during the campaign. But these new details are about the contact between Bruce Ohr and Andrew Weissmann. Now, Andrew Weissmann is the lead investigator/lawyer for Robert Mueller.

Andrew Weissmann, as we’ve detailed many times, was one of the lead lawyers in all of those Enron cases that the Supreme Court overturned. I think he was involved in a bunch of people with Merrill Lynch going to jail for over a year who had done nothing. The guy is just bad news. He is responsible for the predawn invasion of Paul Manafort’s house and likely Roger Stone’s house. I mean, to those of us outside this world, it seems like this is a rogue guy, out of control, drunk on power, who relishes using that power to intimidate people.

From what I’m hearing, Mueller has largely… Pfft! I don’t know how to quite phrase this. What I’ve heard is that Mueller is no longer front and center at this investigation, that Weissmann’s actually now the engine and the fuel behind it. I don’t know that Mueller has tired of it or that it’s just gone on longer than he thought or he’s just emotionally spent or whatever. But supposedly Mueller is… Well, the term I heard was “checked out.” Not that he’s gone, just that he’s not the guy issuing orders every day, that it’s Weissmann.

That’s why I find it fascinating, and Weissmann’s noted behaviors have been reported extensively by Sidney Powell in the book Licensed to Lie, which is now available at Amazon, and it has been for a while. If you haven’t read it, believe me, it is really worth it, particularly in advance of whatever BS report these people concoct after their bogus and hoax-filled investigation. Now, here’s the latest. Fox News is saying that they’ve got “new details on the contact between Bruce Ohr at the Department of Justice and Weissmann.

“Fox News has confirmed that in recent congressional testimony, Bruce Ohr testified that he met with Weissmann in August of 2016.” This is before the election, and this guy ends up on Mueller’s investigative team! Bruce Ohr, DOJ, met with Weissmann in 2016 in August “to share information from Steele and specific information related to,” quote, “the government’s,” Russian government’s “attempt to interfere with the presidential election.” They were structuring this hoax even with the election with people who were to end up on Mueller’s investigation team months before a special counsel had even been thought of being named!

This whole thing has been orchestrated, even down to how to get Mueller appointed, which was Comey’s job, by getting fired. Now, Bruce “Ohr testified that the purpose of these meetings” with Weissmann in August of 2016 “also include Andrew McCabe, Lisa Page, Peter Strzok, Andrew Weissmann and others.” The purpose was to make sure that everybody was on the same page and that they all had the same allegations as reported by Steele, including the golden showers allegation. August 2016! Before the election!

Bruce Ohr, quote: “I think the criminal division officials also wanted to make sure that the criminal and national security parts of the FBI were talking or communicating.” What this does is this significantly moves up the timeline on the handling of the dossier, and it broadens the circle of the people who were involved in it. Christopher Steele asked Bruce Ohr in July of 2016 to get his information to the FBI. So Bruce Ohr became a back channel for Christopher Steele, and Steele covered his bases by making sure that [John] McCain got a copy, and then McCain gave it to the FBI.

Now, the FBI eventually fired Steele because he wouldn’t shut up. They knew that Steele… They thought he had been reliable on previous occasions, but they had told him to stop talking to journalists about this, and he wouldn’t! He kept trying to get his dossier published. He was upset the FBI was sitting on it. So he kept talking to the media people that he knew, and the FBI eventually fired him. But it didn’t matter because Bruce Ohr testified that he continued to function for Steele after Steele had been fired.

So what this does… Remember, they said that this whole thing was triggered… Their first explanation for this investigation being triggered was Papadopoulos in London bragging about the fact that the Trump campaign had Hillary emails in July of 2016. That’s what they said triggered this. Well, we’ve known for a long time now that that’s bogus. What this Fox News report indicates is that this conspiracy was alive and kicking and involving the dossier even before the election. Call it the “insurance policy,” if you will, as Strzok Smirk assured Lisa Page that there would be.

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