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RUSH: Man, oh, man, folks, are the liberals letting the cat out of the bag on a couple of key issues of theirs. It is stunning! It is stunning to me. I pointed that out last week when this Northam business began and the New York State Senate action on post-birth abortion, not partial birth, post-birth abortion, getting a standing ovation in New York State Senate. Ralph Northam basically saying the same thing, and now they’re not even talking about that. They’re covering that up with this blackface business and his lieutenant governor, Justin Fairfax.

So they’ve let the cat out of the bag what abortion really is, and now Andrew Cuomo, Andrew Cuomo, the governor of New York, has let the cat out of the bag on Democrat tax policy. And, in so doing, Andrew Cuomo — and we’ve got the sound bites that the Drive-By Media is not playing from Andrew Cuomo making the case for why I left New York in 1997.

And I gotta tell you this, folks. The deep state, I cannot imagine the total exasperation, the wits’ end frustration, the absolute, after all of this, inability to make a single dent in Donald Trump and his job approval, has got to be driving them nuts. The Rasmussen people put out the presidential approval numbers today, and we know they’re right because of CNN’s numbers yesterday.

Rasmussen has Trump at 48% approval. After all of this! After over two years of 92% negative news coverage multiple times a day, after the coordinated effort of the deep state with the Mueller investigation, the so-called Russian collusion investigation and all of the illegal activity in court to shut down elements of the Trump agenda.

All of the media coverage designed to portray Donald Trump as an absolute wandering shred of human debris, the purpose of which was to get his approval numbers down to the thirties, and they’ve even been fantasizing about twenties because that’s the only way they’re gonna be able to get rid of him. And here he is on the day of the State of the Union, starting the third year of his four-year term, and he is at 48%, two points higher than Obama. This means that in terms of their objective, the actions of the deep state in the past two plus years have to be chalked up as a bomb.

Now, some of you might disagree and say, “Rush, they have inflicted great damage.” I’m not denying that, but the primary objective they had, because, as you know, there wasn’t any collusion. Trump has not committed any crimes, any impeachment high crimes and misdemeanors. They were trying to create all of that. They have been trying to create circumstances where Trump supporters would get fed up and tired and abandon him. They haven’t and they won’t. I told you.

And the reason I know this 48% Rasmussen number is true is because CNN yesterday released their number and Trump is at 40 in their number. And remember we played the audio sound bite of the anchorette infobabe Poppy Harlow expressing complete frustration at it. (imitating Harlow) “I don’t know how this number can be,” she said.

They’re all sitting there thinking every day a number of different things. They’re gonna find the smoking gun that Trump colluded with Russia or that they can say Trump colluded or that they’re gonna succeed in driving his approval numbers down to the point that nobody will defend him and he has to go, and they are bombing out. And when you add on the other side of this the mistakes they’re making that are demonstrating what abortion really is and what their tax policy really is.

Now, we still have a big job and we still have to inform as many Americans as possible. The Drive-Bys are not, for example, gonna tell anybody what Andrew Cuomo has done. They’re not gonna tell anybody how he stepped in it big time, how he is eating one of his shoes right now. They’re not gonna report that, but we will, and we’ll put it in context and make it understandable.

The Drive-Bys are doing everything they can to avoid covering what happened in the New York State Senate, the New York legislature on abortion, post-birth. And they’re working overtime to cover up the real problem with Ralph Northam. The real problem with Northam is not this blackface bus. It’s an embarrassment to Democrats. How can they, you know, not force this guy out when they forced the Covington kids out of the Catholic Church because of what they supposedly did. So a little bit of hypocrisy there.

And Northam, I guarantee you where Northam is, Northam is sitting there saying and a lot of Democrats, “You mean to tell me that because of something that happened in my yearbook way back when where I’m dressed up like Amos and Andy or whatever it is I gotta quit? Well, Donald Trump didn’t have to quit. Donald Trump survived the Access Hollywood video. Donald Trump survived Stormy Daniels. Why should I quit if he didn’t?” That’s what Northam’s telling himself, and that’s what his supporters are saying to themselves. And they’re all saying if we could just hang on ’til the media gets bored, hang on for four or five days and we can survive this.

Now, the lieutenant governor — he-he — Justin Fairfax. The Washington Post took out after this guy because there’s a woman from Stanford, California not far from where Christine Blasey Ford works and lives who claims that this guy sexually assaulted her a long time ago. He’s denying it left and right. The Washington Post did a story supporting the woman, Justin Fairfax, Democrat in good standing cannot understand why a Drive-By Media outlet would oppose him.

The development on this is today — he-he-he-he — the woman in the Justin Fairfax case has hired the legal team of Christine Blasey Ford to go prosecute the guy! They’ve hired everybody that helped Blasey Ford trying to take out Brett Kavanaugh. Oh, yeah, this is setting up nicely today.

And I don’t know if you have heard this. This was just a brief little news flash that happened at about 10:15 today. And let me read it to you in its entirety. “U.S. Justice Department and Homeland Security department conclude there was no material impact from foreign interference on the 2018 elections. Joint statement to follow.”

Does anybody think that after the Democrats win the House that the Russians are gonna have had anything to do with it? Of course there was no Russian interference when the Democrats win! Of course there wasn’t any collusion when the Democrats win!

And notice they put the statement out here, “Justice Department,” which would include the FBI and “Homeland Security.” Granted, these are Trump’s executive departments — executive branch, cabinet-level areas. But they’re putting out the statement that they’ve looked. They’ve looked really hard! They went and they talked to Mueller. They’ve talked to Weissmann. They’ve talked to all these investigators. “Do you see any evidence the Russians tried to tamper with the 2018 election?”

Nope! Nope! Not a shred, in fact. Not a shred. Not even a suspicion. Not even down there with Brenda Sykes. Not one bit of concern about the Russians interfering materially or impacting the 2018 election. Somebody sent me this after I had seen it. “Man, man…” I’m convinced that they misread it and saw 2016 when it says 2018. So I wrote back. I said, “No, no, no. This is 2018, and what did you think, that they’re gonna be running around saying the election was fraudulent after the Democrats win it?”

Isn’t it amazing how the Russians, after so wildly succeeding in 2016…? I mean, look at what they did. They got Donald Trump elected president! Look at how they outsmarted the smartest of the smart in the Washington-and-New York deep state. They were so successful, they were so amazingly deeply able to penetrate the American electoral system that they just didn’t even try two years later. Isn’t that amazing? But that is what they are asking us to believe.


RUSH: This is on CNN with Don Lemon. This is what distracted me was seeing this clown’s name. Last night… Jack Quinn was the White House counsel for Bill Clinton, and so Don Lemon says, “Now, Trump is going into his speech saying the speaker of the House is bad for the country. We have to get the wall, and I’m gonna declare an emergency if I don’t.”

QUINN: At this point in Bill Clinton’s presidency — I was there — his reelect number right now going into the second term was 39%. So he was well underwater as well, and he made a decision to reset. And he reset essentially by moving toward the opposition, the Gingrich crowd, working with them, essentially stealing victories that mimicked some of the policies that they were espousing. The question here is, “Will Donald Trump see the need to do a reset now?” That, to me, is the question. He has an opportunity now to reset. I suspect that he’ll follow Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh and not do what a Bill Clinton would do.

RUSH: All right. Let’s review this. We got what Clinton did in the next bite. We’re gonna play it, number 5. Now, there’s a big difference here, though. Donald Trump’s not at 39%. He’s at 48%. Barack Obama, when he was delivering his State of the Union at this point in his presidency was at 46%. Trump has a higher job approval than either Bill Clinton or Barack Obama.

So Clinton’s at 39%. The bottom had fallen out for Clinton. The Republicans won the House for the first time in 40 years. This is before the Lewinsky stuff. This is still the Paula Jones and Gennifer Flowers stuff and the Whitewater stuff and Hillary trying to take over health care stuff. So Clinton had to make some kind of a — 39%, I was being rejected by the American people. Trump isn’t. I hate to tell you, but a 48% approval number, given the negative coverage Trump has had, he’s not being rejected by the American people. And the deep state knows it, and they’re fit to be tied.

As I said at the top of the program, the exasperation the people from the Mueller team to the DOJ to the FBI to everybody involved, Clapper, Brennan, Comey, all these people have been trying to destroy Trump, and he’s at 48% approval today? That’s exactly what he had when all this started. They haven’t done one bit of damage in the poll that counts. And the poll they were hoping to whittle down to the twenties or thirties to be able to get rid of him. But Bill Clinton was at 39%, so what did Clinton do? Some of you are gonna remember this. Bill Clinton did not mean this, Bill Clinton did not act on this, but this is what Bill Clinton said.

CLINTON: Big Government does not have all the answers. We know there’s not a program for every problem. (applause) We know and we have worked to give the American people a smaller, less bureaucratic government in Washington. And we have to give the American people one that lives within its means. (applause) The era of Big Government is over.

RUSH: Yeah, right. What a crock. “The era of Big Government is over.” But that’s what Jack Quinn was saying that Trump should do, exactly what Clinton did. He moved to Newt. He moved to the Republicans. Thirty-nine percent approval. He was losing. He had to move to where the American people were. And Trump should do the same thing.

Trump is not at 39%. Trump has not lost the American people. The American people looking in poll after poll after poll want the same thing Trump wants. Immigration fixed, want to keep the economy rolling. I mean, Trump is not off the reservation. Trump is right smack dab in the middle of what a majority of the American people want.

It’s the Democrats who are out of step. It’s the Democrats in the minority. But they don’t act like it, they don’t realize it, the media doesn’t treat them that way, so they live this constant illusion that they represent the majority of thinking in the country. And that’s how we get Chuck You Schumer this morning on the Senate floor.

SCHUMER: It seems every year the president wakes up and discovers the desire for unity on the morning of the State of the Union. Then the president spends the other 364 days of the year dividing us and sowing a state of disunion. Whether that’s using public servants as political pawns, the president’s false equivalence after Charlottesville, his attacks on the federal judiciary, the free press and the rule of law, or his near daily Twitter provocations. The blatant hypocrisy of this president calling for unity is that he is one of the chief reasons Americans feel so divided now.

RUSH: In your dreams, Chuck You, in your dreams. But that’s how they’re acting. But the idea that Trump has to be the one to move is not true. Trump is the guy that won the presidential election. Trump has still got his coalition solidly behind him. At 48% job approval on the day of the State of the Union. There’s no reason for Trump to move, at least not for the reason Chuck You says.

Now, if Trump wants to extend the friendly hand, see if these people will join him in bipartisanship and all that, or at least make the show of asking for it, that could well happen. We’ll find out. But you see Chuck You is already prepared to reject whatever Trump says even before Trump has said it.

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