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RUSH: Last Sunday, passengers on a Queens, New York subway saw a horror show.

Three young men began arguing on the train. The argument got physical and spilled out onto the platform. Suddenly, one of the men pulled out a gun and shot another guy he was fighting. The victim took a bullet to the head and then five more shots.

This all took place in broad daylight, with passengers capturing the fight on their phones. When it was over, the 20-year-old victim was dead. The shooter was apprehended by police.

It turns out that the gunman is a member of MS-13. You know, the extremely violent street gang that routinely commits murder and other horrible crimes. The thugs that President Trump warned are truly “bad hombres.” The gang members that Speaker Pelosi defended as having “sparks of divinity.”

Now, folks, this is New York. It’s a sanctuary city for every kind of criminal. But not sanctuary for babies in the womb. This is all about illegal immigration and the Democrats not wanting to stop it. MS-13 gangs is what you get in part.

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