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RUSH: But now something else has happened. Elizabeth Warren has apologized twice now. The first time was last week. She apologized to the Cherokee Nation for taking a DNA test.

Then yesterday she apologized for ever saying that she was an Indian, for ever saying that she was a Native American. “Elizabeth Warren Apologizes for Calling Herself Native American.” This was in the Washington Post, and it’s kind of textbook. The Washington Post reported they had “uncovered a registration card for the State Bar of Texas on which Elizabeth Warren identified herself as “American Indian.'” The Washington Post says, “It is the first document that shows [Fauxcahontas] claiming in her own handwriting to be Native American.”

It took the Washington Post 255 words to actually get to their scoop. Instead, they tried to make the lede the fact that she has apologized for it. So I was watching CNN today (not by choice; it’s just on in here. It’s kind of like duty) and they had some reporter named Harry Enten on there, is a CNN reporter. And the anchors were breathlessly asking:

“So do you think this is going to have a lasting impact on Elizabeth Warren’s presidential hopes?” And you would not believe the tortured conversation. (sputtering) “Well, you know, it’s — it — it — it — it — it could. It’s a little early to say right now, but it could. Ummmm… Uh… You mean, yeah, it — it — it… I wouldn’t want to be Elizabeth Warren today. We’ll just have to see if she can survive.”

It could? The woman has admitted making up the fact that she’s Native American and she lied about it on an application to be certified in the Texas bar so she can practice law there. She got a gig at Harvard based on this? She owes a lot of people a lot of money. Harvard ought to be getting a lot of money back. She has actually secured financial positions on the basis of this lie or fraud. But the fact that the media does not want to pronounce her dead politically. “Well, it’s very early.”

And one of the things that’s guiding ’em is — don’t forget this — Trump survives the Access Hollywood video. That turned these people upside down. Now, to them there are new rules about what politicians can survive. And that’s another reason why Ralph Northam of Virginia is not leaving ’cause he’s sitting there saying (imitating Northam), “Hell if I’m gonna go anywhere. If Trump didn’t leave ’cause of that Access Hollywood video, why should I have to because of some yearbook photo? I ain’t going anywhere.” Ralph Northam also knows the Democrats don’t really want him to go anywhere. They’re just saying it ’cause they have to. They’re thinking everybody, if enough time goes by, everybody will forget this.

“As Warren undergoes increased scrutiny as a presidential candidate, additional documents could surface to keep the issue alive.” See, they think she’s now buried the issue, gotten it behind her and it’s no longer a factor. The fact that for the past what number, 10 years, she’s been trying to live off the fact that she was Indian — we’ve got a sound bite here, I want to remind you. Let me see if I can go back and find this thing. It is number 23. May the 2nd, 2012, Braintree, Massachusetts. So this is about six and a half years ago, Elizabeth Warren held a press conference where she said this about her Native American heritage.

WARREN: My Aunt Bea has walked by that picture at least a thousand times, remarked that he — that her father, my papaw — had high cheekbones, like all of the Indians do. Because that’s how she saw it, and she said, “And your mother got those same great cheekbones and I didn’t.” She thought this was the bad deal she had gotten in life.

RUSH: Okay. So this is the very beginning of the Fauxcahontas saga. Her explanation of her fake native roots. And they’re asking, has she put it behind her? Well, if we’ve got this ad, if we’ve got this audio, the Republicans clearly do, or some Democrat that might run against her does. She’s admitted now that all of this the last six years has been a lie and the Democrat media is trying to calculate how she may be able to recover from it?

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