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RUSH: Now, in the last hour I made a point that I think what’s driving the left on all this is this abject racism, this hatred for Caucasians. It manifests itself in their so-called hatred for the founders. And they never say that, by the way, folks.

They never openly rip — well, some of them do, but just trust me on this. Their animus and the thing that’s propelling the deranged left right now is their belief that this nation is unjust and immoral from the first day because it was founded by a bunch of rich white guys who enshrined slavery into the founding and creation of the United States. They also further believe that these white guys set up a country and government for themselves and their families and their descendants and so that only white males would actually ever benefit, have power, have wealth.

Now, it used to not be. In the sixties’ protests, it wasn’t about that. This is relatively new, and it coincides with the direction that higher education has taken in the last 30 to 40 years in corrupting and poisoning the minds of people about the very injustice of the American founding. This has become an all-out attack on the existence of the United States of America in toto, and it’s being done under the context and the premise that America is racist.

Nothing worse can be said about someone than that they’re racist, right? Racism is a card the Democrats have been playing on Republicans ’cause it works. Obama was uncriticized. Obama was elected by white people hoping everybody would realize they weren’t racists after they voted for him! Race is something the left will not allow to evaporate. They will not allow it to find a level of normalcy. They will not admit that we have dealt with slavery.

They will not admit that we have done more than most nations in the world to deal with discrimination and unfairness, that we fixed a lot of these problems and we lead the world in it. No. To them, we’re still in the 1800s because the very foundation of our founding enshrined all this stuff, and we cannot fix this! We cannot recover! We cannot reciprocate! We cannot erase! This country needs to be transformed. We need to get rid of every aspect of the founding, including the political and economic structure.

Only then will this be a just and decent country, and that’s the objective. If you doubt me, the evidence is everywhere. But I found a story last night on Vox, a Millennial news website, written by a white guy, Zack Beauchamp. He may pronounce it “Beecham.” I don’t know. It’s pronounced both ways. “B-e-a-u champ.” The headline: “Trump’s 2019 State of the Union Was an Ode to an Imaginary America — A kind of faux populism that’s really about race.

Here’s a pull quote: “The tension between Trump’s State of the Union message and his actual record reveals the core of his administration’s thinking: Not populism, but ethno-nationalism. An ideal of a country whose politics center the interests of one ethnic group, the white majority. That is really what the State of the Union was about, and no amount of supposedly race-neutral populism can mask that,” and this whole piece attempts to prove that what Trump stands for is white privilege, while nationalism.

The white majority remaining the white majority. The reason Trump doesn’t want illegal immigrants is because of race. The reason Trump wants people in jail despite his actions on criminal justice reform is race. Everything, they say, that’s rooted in Donald Trump’s success is you, his voters. You don’t want any brown people in your country. You don’t want any black people in your country (except those that work for you for nothing). You want a white majority like it was when you were growing up, when your parents were growing up.

That’s when America was great, when white people ran everything, and that’s what Trump wants! That’s what “Make America Great Again” means to these people: “White people always in power, never losing their power, being able to discriminate, enslave, and do other horrible things to any minority,” and that’s what is animating them, folks. So Trump can deliver a State of the Union last night that details the current state of American greatness, and they hate it.

They’re not even open to the concept that everybody in America can be great, that everybody in America can pursue excellence, that everybody in America can use whatever ambition and desire they have to become the best they can be. That’s lost on them. To them, none of that’s possible. White people prevent anybody else from being able to do any of that. White people don’t want anybody else to succeed. White people don’t want anybody else to be free.

The real interesting thing here is how many people white kids they have convinced of this. The white Millennial population, the white snowflake population largely buys into this crock! So Trump’s “Make America Great Again” isn’t about making America great again. It’s about making sure white people don’t lose control of America. That’s what they think; that’s what they’re telling people. That’s why every group in the Democrat Party is a victim, even these women who are a majority of human beings in America are still a minority.

Because they are a victim of these white guys — imaginary white people who want to have everything for themselves, give none of it away, share none of it, make sure anybody not white lives a life of misery and second-class status. That is what they think “Make America Great Again” means — and they really do, folks. Particularly these young people. They’ve had it drilled into them. This is how they’ve been taught. It’s how they’ve been raised. It’s how they’ve been educated. They’re running around with guilt like you can’t imagine.

They have been given this guilt trip and a sign that if they’re white, they have to be accepted by the new minority class that’s gonna be taking over. The way to do that is to acknowledge that they themselves have white privilege and they want to get rid of it, that they themselves have been racists, that they themselves have been unfair, that their parents and grandparents have. So you get them running down their own families, their own race, the founding of America or what have you. And this is what…

So it’s all about race. And then everything, women and Hispanics and illegal immigrants, they’re all subsets of the primary attack, which is that Donald Trump — and, most importantly, his supporters — they don’t care about America being great. That’s all just a slogan. They don’t care about anything except making sure that they retain control and that they remain the majority. And so if you happen to be white and vote for Trump, guess what?

You’re a white supremacist.

You’re “white privilege.”

Doesn’t matter who you are, what you really are.

That’s what you become in the eyes of college professors and high school teachers instructing students and so forth. This is what we’re facing, and so that’s how you get, “Trump’s 2019 State of the Union Was an Ode to an Imaginary America.” That greatness, that economic success, that stuff that Trump detailed last night that’s really happening really isn’t happening except for white people. See? Nobody else is enjoying it. Nobody else is experiencing it. Nobody else is benefiting from it because of racism and bigotry. It is a poison, folks — and it’s been so successfully used that many Republicans are afraid to even speak one syllable of opposition to it lest they be called racist over and over again.


RUSH: Time to get started on the phones here. I’ve had diarrhea of the mouth here for most of the program. So Naugatuck, Connecticut, Patty. You’re next. It’s great to have you here, by the way. Thank you for waiting.

CALLER: Oh, it’s an to speak to you, Rush. Thank you so much for taking my call. Twofold. Last evening was the most outstanding State of the Union speech I have ever listened to, and I listen to them all — and the delivery was exceptional. Second issue, in regard to the Trump shutdown. If Congress is so unhappy with it, they could legislate that shutdowns could never occur again. They could just legislate it right away. Second fold: If they’re so concerned about security, with all due respect, they could actually eliminate the TSA, privatize it, and it could be modeled right after Israel. A win-win. They could take that $7.6 billion budget for the TSA and put it on the wall.

RUSH: Well, you’ve just identified the truth of it. They don’t want government shutdowns to end. In their view, government shutdowns are a political winner for them.

CALLER: Mmm-hmm.

RUSH: Because they have a media on their side blaming Republicans for them each and every time they happen; so they’re not ever gonna be serious about that.

CALLER: It’s a win-win.

RUSH: Would you say, would you say that President Trump appeared presidential last night?

CALLER: Oh, he was eloquent. The delivery was meaningful. The audience was adhered, including privately. I listened to every single word, glued to the television. The guests were so meaningful, heartwarming. The issues were pertinent. He encompassed all the important issues that are happening.

RUSH: Well, it was all of that, but I’m gonna tell you, I want to… I gotta take a break that’s coming up. Well, there it is. Hang on. I got a point I want to make. I appreciate the call. Thank you, Patty!


RUSH: Toward the end of the president’s State of the Union address last night, I got an iMessage from a golfing buddy of mine, and the message was very short and succinct. He said, “Will you explain to me how can anybody watching this not feel good about what he’s saying? He’s basically saying that life is good in America and that the potential is even greater. What in the world is there not to feel good about?” Exactly. Do you realize a lot of people watching that last night were made angry, enraged?

But literally over what?

I mean, what, after all, was offensive last night? Trump did not get partisan other than attacking socialism and promising it would never happen here. He didn’t really go into a confrontational partisan mode last night. He spelled out the greatness of America. But see, it goes back to what I told you, folks. This is why so many people literally can’t understand it. Because to so many Democrats, “American greatness” simply means “white people having all the power, staying in power, and being able to mistreat anybody they don’t like and deny anybody they don’t like.”

That’s the picture Trump painted last night to them. It’s perverse, it’s perverted, it’s nonsensical. It’s inaccurate and not supported by any evidence, and yet they believe it with all their hearts, or whatever they believe things with. But how could you not feel good about the picture painted of America, about our potential? Especially coming out of the eight years of Obama where we were told the exact opposite! We were told that a declining economy was the new normal and we had to adjust to it. We had to adapt to the fact that America’s best days were finally behind us.

A lot of people just ate that up!

“Man, that’s really good.”

Again, it goes back to something that’s not very complicated. You talk about the greatness of America, you talk about all the potential, you talk about the opportunity just waiting? If you have made yourself a victim already, then none of that stuff is available to you. By definition, it’s being denied you by these powerful people, and so you become a victim. You can’t do anything on your own! You have made that clear about yourself. You have announced yourself as a failure before you even try because a political party has made you feel comfortable with that.

So the greatness of America, the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity life in America offers people who live here, the potential, the limitlessness? You know, you’re only bound by your imagination and your dreams — and the tax code — and that’s pretty much it. If hearing that doesn’t inspire you or motivate you, I suggest there has to be a psychological reason. Victimhood, victimology is, I think, one of the large reasons/explanations for that. Because how anybody in the world can hear that last night and be mad at it or disappointed or whatever? It doesn’t make any kind of logical sense, which is why it’s hard for a lot of people to understand it.


RUSH: Let me read a paragraph of this column by Zack Beauchamp from Vox. “Trump’s 2019 State of the Union Was An Ode To An Imaginary American.” This is the guy that wrote the piece claiming that there is no “Make America Great Again.” That’s just code language for white privilege, white supremacy, white majority, nobody else gets or has anything unless whites let them have it. This is what Trump wants America to be, wants it to return to. Way too many Millennials have bought into this.

Listen to this paragraph. “This is not, in fact, true. Trump’s tax cut helped the wealthy, not the working class, and his attempt to weaken Obamacare is taking away health care from Americans who couldn’t otherwise afford it. There’s no evidence his trade policies are helping the working class. His policies on immigration have terrorized an untold number of working-class migrant families, who live in fear of an ICE raid targeting their loved ones. If Trump’s goal is to help the little guy at the elite’s expense, he’s doing a terrible job of it.”

So we’re supposed to help the little guy and hurt the elite! We are supposed to make the comfortable uncomfortable. “Trump’s ethno-nationalist State of the Union.” Don’t discard it, don’t discount it, keep it in mind as you seek to understand or explain some of what appears to be insane belief and statement by people on the left.

Here is Jeannie in Littleton, Colorado. I’m glad you called. It’s great to have you with us. Hi.

CALLER: Long-time listener and great admirer. I just wanted to point out that as a successful woman in the private sector, I looked at those women in white last night and it really struck me that they represented what must be the culture of the public sector. I had never seen — I was so saddened for them because they had been supposedly released from some kind of a culture that would not allow women to be free. You don’t find that in the private sector. Thanks in some cases to federal laws or state laws. But these poor women must have been —

RUSH: Well, I need to step in and help you. You could say the same thing about race. We have ended slavery and we have done affirmative action and we have gone so far that the wealthiest woman in America is African-American and the most popular woman in America is African-American. We elected an African-American. But the point is, Jeannie, this doesn’t count for anything!

These women last night, all of these success stories that you know, that you’re about to tell us of women in the private sector, what’s happening today doesn’t count, the successes that have taken place since 1963, since 1880, don’t count. It was the way America was put together that counts. The fact that those things had to be fixed proves that America was unjust and immoral as founded and, as such, needs to be blown up and reassembled.

The fact that there’s been progress is irrelevant. The fact that people have lost their lives in a civil war to end slavery is irrelevant. The fact that we’ve had affirmative action, the fact that we’ve done any number of things to redress past wrong doesn’t matter.

No amount of fixing, no amount of repairs will ever matter because the original sin was the founding of the country by rich white guys who did what they really wanted America to always be. And if we don’t want it to go back to the way it was founded, we’ve got to get rid of the white guys who founded it and their descendants. And that is what this is about.


RUSH: It really is the case. There’s no amount of fixing that will do. There’s no remedy, amount of remedial action that will ever address the original wrongs. We gotta get rid of the people responsible for the original wrongs. That would be the white patriarchy. That’s what this is all about.


RUSH: We’re gonna get into some of the audio sound bites from the State of the Union last night and some of the reaction. But I want to expand on something, a point that I just made, just to illustrate the assertion. My assertion is what we’re up against — and, really, I’m so thankful for that last call, the woman Jeannie. She was saying, “These women in Congress last night were so upset. If they could see the success women are experiencing in the private sector, they wouldn’t be nearly as mad,” and it was like bright light went off all over the place for me.

Like you, I endeavor and I struggle to understand what we’re up against so as to develop ways to oppose it and stop it. It’s crucial to understand who they really are and what they’re really about. And it’s always… I’ve always noted that whatever progress has been made in whatever area of grievance, it doesn’t matter. Whatever progress is made in race relations, it doesn’t count for anything. Whatever progress has been made on feminist-related issues, it doesn’t matter!

There’s never any happiness with it. There’s never any satisfaction, appreciation. There is just a continuing rage and anger at it — and why? We elected the first black president; it has made race matters worse! The most popular entertainers in America, some of the wealthiest people in America, are African-American men and women. Doesn’t count for anything! It doesn’t change what these people feel about their own plights, and it doesn’t change what they think about America.

Now, let’s go back and look at that incident with the Covington High School kid, Nick Sandmann, and the aging, decrepit Vietnam War-era veteran Native-American activist, Nathan Phillips. Do you remember how that triggered these people into an un-understandable and inexplicable rage? Well, I understand it better than I ever have now. Because, you see, there isn’t any amount of remedy that will ever suffice. There’s no amount of affirmative action, there’s no amount of feminism accepted.

There’s no amount of change that will ever satisfy the left, and Donald Trump’s presidency offers the clue as to why. That kid was wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat, and that was the trigger. That sent these people off into areas of deranged irrationality that you and I could not comprehend. The picture had it all. It had what they thought was a smirking, arrogant, sniveling, white supremacist kid wearing a Donald Trump hat confronting a poor, decrepit, aging Indian and laughing at him and mock.

And what that told them was what the Donald Trump presidency is. Since there’s no fixing, since no amount of redress and no remedy will ever be enough, what must happen is the original sin has to be changed. The founding, the “white patriarchy” has been destroyed because that’s the root of all of this. And no amount of fixing it will ever, ever change the founding — and since it was founded that way, if we’re not careful, we could always go back to it.

So when they say, “Donald Trump’s populism is really a quest to return to white nationalism, to white supremacy, to white privilege,” they believe it. They live in constant fear that this country is, at some point, gonna revert to the way it was founded and all of these remedies and all these changes are gonna be wiped out. That’s what they see Trump as. “Make America Great Again,” to them, means rolling back every civil rights advance, every feminist advance, every minority advance there’s ever been — because that’s what white people want.

So the only to prevent a return to the days of America as founded, is to overthrow America as founded, and to get of all vestiges of it. That kid, Nick Sandmann, told them… That picture actually encapsulated their fear of what a Trump presidency is, that kids like that are gonna be ruling the roost and determining who gets to be happy and who doesn’t, who goes to jail and who doesn’t, who gets paid and who doesn’t — and he was smirking! The fact that it was an Indian? The original sin goes way beyond the founding of America.

The original sin begins with white Europeans coming here in the first damn place and taking it away from Nathan Phillips and his ancestors! And then taking it away from Mexico! And then taking it away from Cuba and then taking it away from the West Indies. The original sin goes back to Christopher Columbus and that era when this whole area was supposedly discovered by these filthy white Europeans who brought all this pestilence and racism and sexism and bigotry and homophobia with them.

It’s kind of ironic now that these same people look to Europe as the salvation of America’s problems. “We need to be more like the Europeans. We need more trains! Uh, we need narrower streets. We need to drive around little matchbox cars. We need windmills! We need nobody earning more than $10,000 a year. We need this and we need that. That’s the…” But seriously, folks, the key to this is — and the reason why these people have to be defeated and the reason they cannot be negotiated with or accommodated — that there’s no amount of whatever we can give them in a negotiation to make them happy!

There’s no amount of compromise. Electing the first African-American president didn’t do a diddly-squat thing to changing their rage and anger, because then we have the audacity to oppose him. We were opposing of his policies. The fact that Stacey Abrams had Oprah behind her and still lost proves what a racist, scummy place Georgia still is! And it’s all traced back to the original sin.

The fact that we lost 500,000 people in the Civil War to end slavery doesn’t count, doesn’t mean anything, because we were still founded by people who said it was okay — and we can’t ever allow those people to be back in charge. And those people are epitomized by Donald Trump and “Make America Great Again,” which means (to them) all of the original sins that they think are sins of the white population and what they’ve done to this continent returning to power.

And that’s why these women, many of them white, not all, but many, it’s why these women are unimpressed with how much more money women make. They’re unimpressed with how much better life is for women in America overall. Doesn’t matter. Because there was a time when they were all in The Handmaid’s Tale for real. And that’s what white guys really want women to have to go back to. That’s why they make movies depicting it!

So no amount of fix, no amount of remedy, no amount of negotiation. And that’s what their objective is — I don’t care what word you use — “overthrow,” “transformation” their objective is to make certain that this faceless white supremacy majority can never, ever again be in charge of anything, ever, otherwise all these people will be the second and third class citizens that they, in their minds, still are, even though they ignore all of the positive changes, all of the opportunity, all the greatness that’s there to be had in this country. Doesn’t count for a thing.

It’s an unnatural view of things. It’s an illogical view of things. It’s a denial of the reality of things. It’s therefore only possible if people’s minds have been propagandized with this way of thinking or have been indoctrinated with it. And, sad to say, they have. I mean, this has been the way America has been taught for many decades.

We have a couple of generations now who have been taught that this is what America really is, not the old storybook Founding Fathers, greatness, Abe Lincoln, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson. They’re just a bunch of racist, slave-owning bigots who have been romanticized way beyond reality. It’s really a perverted way to look at things.

And, by the way, this view encompasses every minority. Every minority is welcomed into this view that when this nation was founded, they were considered second class. “Really? Well, I’ll show them something.” So all these minorities unify around the central premise that America, unjust and immoral from the beginning and therefore America cannot be reformed under its current founding structure. It’s why it has to go socialist or communist. That’s the only real redress, the only real remedy is wiping out every vestige of America, from capitalist economics to the legal system.

And they’re on the way, they’ve got a two-tier justice system when they’re in charge of it. It’s not just we have differing ideologies and these people can be persuaded. And it’s not that they can be accommodated and various demands of theirs be met. If we admit it, every demand they’ve made that’s been met makes them angrier, makes them more outraged, makes them more primed for a fight. It’s as though all the advances don’t matter because, in essence, they haven’t really happened because they still happened 200 years ago when this country was founded.

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