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RUSH: As a public service, let me review the Virginia Democrat Party timeline from the last few days.

First: Governor Ralph Northam, Democrat, admits that full-term babies would be killed outside the womb under Democrat legislation that he supports.

Next: Northam admits that a photo on his medical school yearbook page is indeed him in blackface or a KKK hood.

Next: he takes it back at a press conference. But then he admits he wore blackface another time, pretending to be Michael Jackson. He’s about to moonwalk to prove it when his wife stops him.

Next: We learn Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax, Democrat, faces allegations of sexual assault at the Democrat National Convention in 2004. He accuses Governor Northam of spreading the story.

Now: Virginia’s Attorney General, Mark Herring, Democrat, the third-in-line for the governorship, admits that he wore blackface in college, pretending to be a rapper.

We need a scorecard to keep up with the drama unleashed by elected Democrats in Virginia. I can’t wait to see what drops next, but it’s got to be a doozy.

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