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RUSH: Okay. Grab sound bites No. 1 and 2. I want to do a little side-by-side comparison here of applause lines. Up first is Trump mentioning the overall number of jobs created for the American people.

THE PRESIDENT: …5.3 million new jobs and importantly added 600,000 new manufacturing jobs, something which almost everyone said was impossible to do. But, the fact is, we are just getting started.

HOUSE CHAMBER: (wild cheers and applause)

RUSH: Right on. Right on. Right on. Right on.

HOUSE CHAMBER: (wild cheers and applause)

RUSH: It goes on here for about…

HOUSE CHAMBER: (wild cheers and applause)

RUSH: Okay. Fifteen seconds that went on, okay? That’s applauding greatness in America. That’s job creation: 5.3 million new jobs, 600,000 new manufacturing jobs — which Obama and everybody said were never, ever coming back. Now here is Trump referencing all of the women that are now in the workforce.

THE PRESIDENT: All Americans can be proud that we have more women in the workforce than ever before.

HOUSE CHAMBER: (applause)

RUSH: Twenty-one seconds of applause here, 21 seconds.

HOUSE CHAMBER: (applause)

THE PRESIDENT: Don’t sit yet. You’re gonna like this.

HOUSE CHAMBER: (laughter)

THE PRESIDENT: And exactly one century after Congress passed the constitutional amendment giving women the right to vote, we also have more women serving in Congress than at any time before.

HOUSE CHAMBER: (applause)

RUSH: Fifty-one seconds of applause here coming up, folks —

HOUSE CHAMBER: (applause)

RUSH: — including 19 seconds of chanting, “USA, USA, USA.”

HOUSE CHAMBER: (applause)

RUSH: Fifty-one seconds of this.

HOUSE CHAMBER: (chanting) U! S! A!

RUSH: All the women are standing up cheering and applauding what ended up being themselves. I’ve had so many people ask, “Why would they do that? Why would they…?” I’ll explain when we get back.


RUSH: Now, these women and why the cheering for overall American economic success, the rebound of the U.S. economy, I mean, it got its share of applause, I’m not diminishing it, but it was about 16, 17 seconds. You could say it was perfunctory. But when Trump talked about never before have this many women been elected to United States Congress, they couldn’t help themselves. They jumped out of their chairs and they started applauding.

They were applauding themselves. They were applauding their accomplishment. But, again, it looked like they’re applauding Donald Trump. It’s after something he says that they stood up and went nuts. I doubt that anybody ever thought Donald Trump would be able to own a room that’s dominated by Democrats and cause them to act as though they love him and what he’s saying.

But why did that garner so much support? I’ve heard so many people, so many people have asked me, “Rush, do they not realize how bad it looked applauding themselves? Why would they do this?” And, look, I don’t mean to sound arrogant myself here. But I understand what animates the left today. I understand what their objective is. I understand what they hate. I understand what they oppose and what they’re trying to change. And there is one overall thing that has a lot of offshoots to it.

They simply hate the fact that this country was founded by a white male patriarchy, and everything descends from that. Because of that, America’s racist. Because of that, America’s still a slave state. Because of that, everybody else who is not white male has always been discriminated against, has never gotten a fair shot at anything, has always been downtrodden, beat down, ignored, laughed at, whatever. And these women feel the same way.

They are activist leftist women who believe that they have been targeted for discrimination, second-class status. They’re acting as though this is still the 1700s or 1800s, that no changes have happened since then. They have been taught this when they were in school. It’s been fed to them by their leftist parents and grandparents, and they have festered over the years to now they harbor an ongoing daily hatred for the founding of the country, the people who did it and the descendants of the founders. And in their minds the descendants of the founders are white, male, successful people.

Now, there are some who get an excuse. If you’re a successful white male, if you happen to be very rich but very liberal and you support liberal causes, then they will give you a pass. They will think you are one of them. So a lot of these rich guys, in order to protect their fortunes from the people with pitchforks at the moats and so forth, go through this notion that they love tax increases on the rich and that they think it’s all a show just to keep the angry people away from them.

But at the end of it all, women… Like every other group in the Democrat Party constituency, these women see themselves as massive victims — massive victims of a white, male, conservative patriarchy. So the acknowledgment that they have never before been as represented in Congress as they are to them is a triumph over their enemy! It’s not that they are successful and joining the greatness of America. It is that they have been successful in conquering their enemy, white men — and do not doubt me on this.

Listen to any feminist talk about the things that make her mad, and it’s always going to have at the root of it something a man — or men in general, white men have done. But the Democrat Party has excelled in making every one of their supporters feel like victims of something. Creating victimology is, in its own way, a brilliant thing, because once you convince somebody they’re a victim, you have absolved them of any personal responsibility. If their lives are failures, if they’re unhappy, if they’re miserable, being a victim of something or somebody explains it.

It’s not their fault. So they don’t have any self-doubt about that. They have nothing but rage and anger. Hillary Clinton is constantly enraged and angry. Sonia Sotomayor, Michelle Obama, the thing that stands out is they are enraged all the time. They’re angry over their plight, over what has been done to them, over what has been denied them. Even while they are making gains and even while they were, quote-unquote, “overcoming,” they can’t escape the rage. Because they can’t escape the permanent victimhood status that they have adopted for themselves.

And they seek to spread this victimhood status to as many people as possible because victims are also helpless. And when you’re helpless, you can’t take care of yourself, much less anybody else. So what do you need? Well, you become dependent. And if they can make every one of these victims feel victimized by the same group of people, then they have created a massive political army, and that’s what we’re seeing. We have a massive political army of angry, enraged leftists who all hate the same things.

And the things that they hate happen to be, in large part, the very things that have led to American exceptionalism, have led to America being the greatest nation on earth. They are objecting to freedom and liberty and the pursuit of happiness. They’re not happy. Do you see a happy liberal Democrat very often? They’re not constitutionally capable of being happy. The happiest they are is when they think one of their enemies is suffering or gets screwed by the legal system or the political process.

That’s when they’re happy, when somebody else is getting theirs. So I don’t think it’s a mystery why this was not ego last night with these women applauding themselves and it was not self-focus. It was the sense of triumph over all of these sexists and all of the obstacles these sexists have placed in front of them. They’ve overcome it. They beat it back! They are there. But rather than be happy about it… The only thing that makes them happy is to be acknowledged to be there. But they go back every day to being enraged about everything or something.

And that agenda is based on that. And, of course, when your focal point enemy is the white male patriarchy, then guess who else you’re welcoming into your group of angry, hate-filled people? Minorities. Everybody not white male patriarchy, not white male descendants, not white male this or that is, by definition, a minority. And as a minority, they too are being screwed and have been screwed by the mythical white male patriarchy. And it’s getting worse. It’s descending even further into irrationality.

But I believe most of it’s psychological. It’s rooted in the quest for meaning and however they define contentment and happiness. But they’re never gonna be able to get it. I mean, look at what they would not clap for last night. Democrat women were clapping for themselves being elected in greater numbers than ever. They would not clap for America. They did not applaud the concept of freedom. They smirked — they smirked and scowled — at the notion of free enterprise. They looked up at those law enforcement heroes up in the gallery with not respect.

Remember when Trump made reference to the fact he was never gonna close down ICE, and they we notice to Democrat people in the audience and they had scowls on their faces! Kirsten Gillibrand rolled her eyes when Trump said he was never gonna get rid of ICE! Because that’s one thing they want. They want to get rid of ICE so illegals will not be caught getting into the country! They did not cheer record-low unemployment for Hispanics. They did not cheer record-low unemployment for African-Americans. They did not cheer the right to life for a baby that’s just been born. But when it came time to applaud themselves (clapping) and how they’ve overcome all of this misogyny and sexism, you could not stop them.


RUSH: Plowville, Pennsylvania. Stanley, where in Pennsylvania is Plowville?

CALLER: South of Redding, about 45 miles west of Philly.

RUSH: Well, great to have you. Thank you very much, sir.

CALLER: Well, thanks for taking my call. Regarding Trump’s comment on Venezuela, Venezuela went from the richest country in South America to a poor country due to socialism. Trump said that socialism is not for America. All applauded except the ladies in white that continued to sit on their hind quarters. They’re for socialism then, right?

RUSH: Yes. Yes.

CALLER: Well, that’s the biggest danger to America. I’m a first-generation American. My father came from Eastern Europe. And I don’t want to hear about socialism in this country. These people have been taught what to think and not how to think —

RUSH: Well, let me tell you something.

CALLER: — like in a group.

RUSH: You may not want to hear about it, Stanley, but we were pretty far along down that road with Barack Obama. And then Trump wins. If Hillary Clinton had won, we’d be there, and — I shudder to think — I literally shudder to think. And then when I realize so many blind Republicans wanted her to win simply ’cause they think Trump is a bad person. They’re just clueless! If Hillary Clinton had won the kind of speech we heard last night from Donald Trump would not be possible. It wouldn’t occur to Hillary Clinton to want to achieve those kind of things, much less do it, and much less brag about it or even talk about it as potential.

To the American left, America is a failure! The American founding was a mistake! America is a present failure. It must be transformed. It must be reformed. They’re openly advocating socialism. Bernie Sanders, when the cameras cut to him when Trump promised no socialism ever, he was crushed. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez likewise livid.

In fact, grab audio sound bite number 3. This is today on the TMZ gossip site website. They posted video of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as she was leaving Capitol Hill after the State of the Union. The TMZ reporter said, “I noticed you got all excited when he said women were taking over. What was that moment like for you?”

OCASIO-CORTEZ: It was just this really morose speech. He’s saying all these crazy things. And when he had that moment, I think all of us couldn’t help but laugh.

ANA MARIA ARCHILA: He did not expect it.

OCASIO-CORTEZ: First of all, all the women, almost all the women are on the Democratic side. I don’t think he realized the irony of what he was saying. I think he trolled himself. (crosstalk) It was his own goal.

RUSH: All right. Now, folks, this woman’s considered a star, representative of the future. Did any of you understand here what she — she thinks that when Trump was praising the number of women and acknowledging the number of women in Congress that he was trolling himself. He didn’t realize the irony, he didn’t realize he was really talking about how Trump is responsible for all of us who are gonna wipe him out, he’s out there celebrating it.

She has no idea the trick Trump actually pulled on her and them. He engineers them giving him a standing ovation? That’s what the American people watching this thing saw last night. They saw these women whooping it up and loving what Trump was saying and smiling and laughing at him. But here’s Cortez thinking that he was saying all these crazy things. Wow.


RUSH: Grab audio sound bite No. 4. Up next is Maude Behar and the babes (ahem) on The View. This would be Sunny Hostin, Meghan McCain. They’re reacting to Trump’s State of the Union speech last night. Here again, they are reacting to Trump acknowledging all of the women that have now been elected to Congress, record number of women — and he did so acknowledging it as a positive.

They reacted to it as a positive. They were hooping and whooping it up out there, and Cortez says, “He didn’t even know what he was doing! He was trolling himself!” The disconnect that we have with these people, folks, is not breach-able. We cannot bridge this gap. They have literally nothing common with it, and this sound bite proves it. Listen to Maude Behar and the way she heard that last night…

MAUDE: Okay, so wait a minute.

AUDIENCE: (laughter)

MAUDE: Is he so clueless that he actually thinks that the reason there are women in Congress in these numbers [is] because he did something right?

AUDIENCE: (laughter)


MAUDE: It’s the opposite!


MAUDE: He’s taking credit when he really should take the blame. Am I wrong about this?

HOSTIN: Yeah. They were… I thought they were trolling him.

MCCAIN: I think they were.

HOSTIN: I think they were, right? They ran because they didn’t like his policies.

RUSH: Maybe so, but he wasn’t taking credit for anything. He was acknowledging it! He was out talking about the virtues of women becoming more powerful and how it’s one of the aspects of American greatness and so forth as he sees it. Taking credit for it? I think this is what happens when you have a perverted rationality. It’s so irrational. This is what hatred does to you. It poisons you to the point that you cannot see things in their simplicity. You can’t see them for what they are.

“They were trolling him! They were trolling him! I think they were happy because they got elected because they hate him and he didn’t even know it. What an idiot.” Let me just tell you this, folks. There are Democrats (I’ve seen it) that are scared to death over what happened last night. One of them is columnist Peter Beinart. Peter Beinart said Trump just showed how he can’t be written off in 2020. Charles Gasparino, Never Trumper, I think. “I’ve always underestimated Trump’s talents as a retail politician. I was wrong. He killed it tonight.”

Let me tell you something. Exposing these people going from paid family leave to abortion after birth, and ripping into Venezuela and saying we’re never gonna be socialist… Trolling? These people had their lunch handed to them last night, and they don’t even know it. I think Maude Behar is a little worried that that was what happened and is looking for support for some imaginary reaction to this. But if these women hate Trump so much, why stand up and give that a standing O?

And again, folks, we’ve been bitten by this I don’t know how many times. I have to point it out. What people see as opposed to what really is happening are two different things, oftentimes — and what people saw was a bunch of women standing up and applauding something Donald Trump said. That’s the last thing anybody expected to see last night.

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