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RUSH: Here is Austin in Birmingham, Alabama. I’m glad you called, sir. Hi.

CALLER: Thank you, Dr. Limbaugh. It is an honor to speak with you.

RUSH: Well, I appreciate that very, very much. Thank you so much. Yes.

CALLER: Yes, sir. Well, I’ll get right to my point. I’m a Millennial, I’m 24, I work three jobs, and I’m working towards a master’s degree. I know what it’s like to work hard, and President Trump the other night, he did such a fabulous job with his State of the Union address, and he was talking about the American dream. And I was telling your call screener that the reason liberals are so miserable and a lot of times it’s Millennials, I look on social media, I look in common media outlets and they’re so miserable, is because they don’t take advantage of this American dream.

And you’ve spoken before about being a victim. I don’t want to be victimized by anybody because that means that someone has to save me and then I owe them something because they’re saving me and they’re providing everything I need for my life. And I just think it’s really sad, but I’m a Millennial who has hope for the future. I don’t think that the planet is gonna be destroyed in 12, 15, 50 years. And I’m just excited about life. And I think that’s a nice change of pace, probably, from my generation.

RUSH: I wish more of your generation adopted that attitude. And also you’ve noticed you can’t escape the misery and the anger and the rage, and now the fear that has affected — certainly not everybody, but I mean it’s affected way too many young people. It’s just really a shame. You talked about victimology, and I’m glad you mentioned that, because there’s another aspect of victimology that I need to make clear, and it is a crucial element in all this.

The left has sought to make as many people think they are victims of – listen, when we talk about victims, victims of who? Victims of what? Well, in the modern incarnation of victimology, the bad guys are white people and primarily white men. Not just the patriarchy, not just white male leaders. When I say white male patriarchy I’m referring to descendants of the Founding Fathers.

But the age-old majority in this country has been white people, white men, and since the target of the left now is the country at large and its injustice and its immorality, its unjustifiable existence, America doesn’t deserve to exist because of the way it was founded. It was founded enshrining racism and slavery, for example, and there’s no amount of fixing that will fix any of this, because you can’t go back and erase the way the country was founded. Since the country was founded as a flawed and unjust system, it must be toppled. And that’s become the modern mantra and objective of the left.

So they victimize as many people as they can. I firmly believe that these women in the House all wearing white that stood up cheering when Trump talked about how many of them have been elected, I think that’s the result of them feeling like victims and they have overcome all of these unfair obstacles that this country put in their way just because they’re women.

And so everybody thinks they were applauding themselves, and maybe they were in part, because what really was going on, a bunch of people who think they have been victimized. But here is the added benefit of being a victim. In addition to not being responsible for anything that you’ve done or not done, in addition to being blameless, in addition to not having to have any ambition — ’cause when you’re a victim, as the Democrats have created them and assigned them, it’s impossible for you to succeed because the obstacles in your way are too great. You face rampant, constant discrimination. There’s nothing you can do. So you are a perpetual victim. You’re angry. You are enraged.

I first learned of this by listening to none other than the great Reverend Jackson. Somebody asked him once — he was spouting some really hateful stuff about white people back in the late eighties, early nineties back in his heyday, and somebody said, “Reverend Jackson, isn’t that a bit racist?”

And he said, “No. Black people can’t be racist. They don’t have the power to enforce their racism. So black people can’t be racist.” I said, “Wait. Wait, wait, wait, wait. This means more than that.” What it actually means is that any victim cannot be accused of being a victimizer, meaning no woman who is an acknowledged victim can be accused of practicing sexism.

If you are a minority and if you are a victim of racism or sexism or bigotry or homophobia, then you have a license to behave any way you want and to say about anybody anything you want. You can’t be accused of racism as a victim. Because you as a victim don’t have any power to do anything with your racism!

And so you have a free lunch. You can slander and libel anybody you want, and nobody is gonna call you on it. Because you’re a victim. You have been mistreated. You have been disadvantaged. You have been discriminated against. And all you’re doing is fighting back. All you’re doing is returning fire. All you’re doing is trying to defend yourself.

And since as a victim you are powerless, there are no standards governing your behavior. And this is relevant in terms of the media. This is why Jeremiah Wright, Obama’s preacher, was never held to account for anything he said. He could say anything he wanted ’cause he was a victim. It was understandable that he was enraged. It was understandable he would think when the twin towers fell, “All right. America’s chickens are coming home to roost.” You can’t criticize victims, folks, and they can say whatever they want about you.

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