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RUSH: I have been focusing, the past two days, on the real objectives of the left, and I think it’s important to know what really is propelling and fueling this move to socialism and this unmistakable anti-Americanism that they now proudly own — and a lot of us have been mistaken.  We haven’t taken it far enough.  We think that the opposition the left has that they mount today is due to modern-day conservative successes. Ronald Reagan. The modern-day Republican Party. They can’t stand Donald Trump.

While all of that is true, it really doesn’t explain why the left has been as they have been for decades now.  It really does trace back to the fact, folks, that they think the country is illegitimate because of our founding.  They do not think anything about America is… Well, not anything.  But very little of what you and I consider to be traditionally great American institutions and so forth… They discount it, because to them the founding was immoral, as evidenced by the fact that slavery was legal during the nation’s founding.

The fact that it’s been fixed, the fact that it’s been ended counts for nothing.  The fact that there have been advances in women’s rights galore. The fact that there have been massive changes in America for civil rights and minority rights. None of it matters!  This is the key.  None of it matters.  Nobody gets any credit for it.  The reason is the left doesn’t want to modify America, as founded.  It wants to trounce it!  It wants to obliterate it.

The reason why slavery being ended with the Civil War is not anything to be happy about is because it doesn’t erase the fact that the nation was founded with slavery.  The fact that women got to vote in the late 1800’s doesn’t mean anything.  Women’s rights, Roe v. Wade, equal pay, all this? None of it really matters because the nation was founded with all that injustice and all of that immorality.  So the objective is to totally transform America into something fresh and brand-new that it’s never been so that it will be clean and pure with no injustices enshrined.

So this is really what is propelling them, and it gives them the opportunity of never being satisfied. No amount of cooperation is ever enough. No amount of working together, compromising, solving problems… It’s never enough, because we can’t fix the original sin that this country’s founding was.  So it’s gotta be something brand-new from the get-go.  Socialist, communist, whatever.  But it has got to be destroyed.  It’s got to be transformed.  Well, I can probably assure you that many people thought I was going a little far in that explanation.

Not as many as I thought, but I still got, “Come on, Rush.  That’s taking it a little far.”  No, no.  The more I think about it, the more I think it does explain why you can’t compromise, why there is… Why doesn’t this country ever get any credit for ending slavery, for the role that we played in ending slavery?  I mean, zilch.  In fact, it gets worse.  Despite the prices that have been paid, now it’s a demand for reparations — and if reparations were paid, that would simply open the door to some new demand.

There is no end. Affirmative action? No end to it.  If you asked people at the beginning of affirmative action, “Okay, well, how much of this reverse discrimination, how much of this reverse racism is it gonna take to fix what you think is wrong?” “Well, never.  You can’t fix it.” “What?” “You can’t fix it.”  I actually had the activist for affirmative action tell me this 40 years ago.  “You can’t fix it.  You can’t even make amends for it.  You can’t fix it.” I’d say, “Why?” “Because it happened.  You can’t erase it.”

“But I thought all of this was tried to, that the purpose was to…” “Yeah, it’s a good purpose, but you can’t fix it.” Meaning there is no happiness.  There is no solution to anything.  There is no solving any liberal grievance, and it’s futile to try.  That’s the thing that the modern-day Republican Party will never understand, the Never Trumpers will never understand. It’s ridiculous to try to solve things.

Because they cannot ever be satisfied because their objective is not what they claim to want today.  Their objective is to totally transform and realign and rebuild the United States, and I have a sound bite here that will go a long way toward indicating that that is true.  It’s Anderson Cooper 360, and he’s talking to the famed movie director Spike Lee about the blackface scandal in Virginia.  Anderson Cooper says, “Hey, Spike, tell us about the history of blackface.”

LEE: (haltingly) It’s, uh, not a good part of American history, and came out of Vaudeville minstrels, performers — mostly white — would darken up and perform skits.  It’s hatred.  It’s pure hatred, and this is part of who we are in America.  We’re in the year 2019, and 400 years ago — 1619 — the first slaves were brought to Jamestown, Virginia.

RUSH:  You see? (impression) “Four-hundred years ago, the first slaves brought to Jamestown, Virginia, and you’ve still got Governor No’tham and his pals running around in blackface.” It never ends.  It never gets solved.  And did you hear him say, “It’s pure hatred. This is part of who we are in America.” This is what America is.  It goes a long way toward proving my point.


RUSH: To Jacksonville, Florida.  Rick.  Hello, sir.

CALLER:  Thank you, Rush. I just wanted to make a comment about the Spike Lee comment earlier about the blackface and remind everybody that that was Vaudevillian. So if you want to know where the real hate is, you can look to his comment.  I think it’s similar to the Wayans Brothers dressing up as two white chicks or Eddie Murphy dressing up as a white guy in New York — and even, for that matter, Pepe LePew acting like a French guy in the cartoons. It’s all really just comedy.  And I think the hater is definitely showing itself more and more every day.

RUSH:  Well, I think you’re right.  Spike Lee, I think, has… That’s what comedy.  Comedy… Left-wing comedy has now become anger and rage, and you try to get applause rather than laughs.  It’s the strangest thing.  If comics get laughs, it means somebody’s gonna be offended, and we can’t have that.  So now late-night comedy seeks to just make the right people mad and cause the other right people to applaud.  But I think you’re right.  Hatred is at the root of all of this.

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